Sunday, July 24, 2016

OMYGAWD...Now Go-Ogle Can't Read Scientific Studies

Kittens All, THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! In the extreme. There are some medical doctors who are promoting 'natural methods' to prevent, and to improve Alzheimer's. There are scientific studies indicating good results from using natural therapies to prevent and improve Alzheimer's disease. WHAT GIVES GO-OGLE the right to make a medical determination, especially when 'real science', as in real studies, suggest otherwise??? Who is Google, the god of all medical wisdom? Yeah, NEVER MIND THE TRUTH. 

Google censors Alzheimer's prevention info; says disease is "not preventable"
Mike Adams
The censorship of nutritional wisdom has gone into overdrive at Google, where the internet gatekeeper has now gone all-in for Big Pharma by censoring Alzheimer's prevention information.
The reason for this outright censorship and lunacy? According to Google, Alzheimer's is "not preventable" and therefore any information that promotes prevention is no longer allowed.
Google has truly become the medical Gestapo.

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