Saturday, July 30, 2016

The LIAR Revolution Is Here...American Are Ingenious

WOW...Kittens All...some of the people are not taking the whole DNC STEAL of the nomination for president...well hell, they AREN'T LYING DOWN... and they are calling Hitlary Rotten Out... this Big Cat loves it... she loves their ingenious strategies, too! ~wide, wide grinz~


"Liar" signs perfectly illustrate Democrat disarray

California Democrats seated with their delegation at the Democratic National Convention altered signs to say “Liar” instead of “Hillary” Thursday ahead of the former First Lady’s speech.
Meanwhile in the California delegation, "Hillary" signs being changed to "Liar." 
Photos from the DNC show multiple Bernie supporters holding up signs with blacked out letters used to form the word “Liar.”
A concentration of @BernieSanders supporters in the California delegation. Shirts: "Enough is enough" 
Folks have taken their "Hillary" signs and filled in the letters so a four-letter word remains 
Pro-Bernie delegates wore yellow shirts Thursday after DNC efforts to suppress anti-war protesters by blacking out sections of lighting which would have shone on them.
DNC shuts off lights over Bernie protestors chanting "no more war" during former defence secretary Panetta's speech.
The yellow shirts glowed and stood out prominently when lights went out during the event.
Bernie delegates' shirts glow in the dark. Should be quite a visual effect during the main program.
Other Bernie supporters also wore shirts with #DNCleaks stamped on them, in an effort to call attention to a trove of leaked documents released last week by Wikileaks showing clear favoritism for Hillary on the part of the DNC.

The “liar” signs are more evidence the Democrat party is not unified but instead coming apart at the seams, despite DNC efforts to put its best face forward.

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