Thursday, January 28, 2016

This Would Be Freakin' Hilarious...

If it weren't out and out TREASON... but then that's what the redcoat FBI and redcoat fed agencies do to the people EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY in these times... well, well, well... hoisted by their own stinky butts... for all the vid world to see... The ***CRISIS ACTORS*** working for the feds are caught being asked to sign 'talent releases' ... isn't this SO interesting?
And yeah, last night the Kougar caught part of this live feed where the ugly idjit pretending to be a patriot was doing his *scare everyone about the militia* thing... it looked and smelled like an act... and obviously it was, as proven below...
So, it becomes even more painfully obvious at this point that the good-hearted Bundys were led into this fed trap by infiltrators, by JUDAS GOAT creeps who convinced them to do the 'occupy the refuge' thing. After all, the mutant pufferfish, Harry Reid, has to have his REVENGE... especially after his deal with the Chinese to take over the Bundy land for minerals and a solar farm were EXPOSED ... That is one of the silver linings of all this terrible abuse of the Bundys, and the good-hearted, righteously standing patriots who stood with him... or those who truly love America, and freedom, not just for themselves, but for ALL OF US. Any, Hitlary Rotten Clinton has been EXPOSED as part of the scheme to steal land from the Oregon ranchers, then sell the Uranium to Russia. As secretary of state, she had to 'okay' the deal, and she got mucho bucks for it, for her Clinton Foundation... Another SILVER LINING to all of this terribly sad situation, ALL OF THE MASS CORRUPTION that has been EXPOSED happening in Burns, Oregon -- in Harney County -- in the state of Oregon...
ALSO, the most important thing, the Bundys and their true supporters have educated the local ranchers in their RIGHTS... in fact, when they were ambushed by the redcoat FBI/police, the Bundys were on the way to a meeting in another Oregon county, to talk with area ranchers... and really, WHO ELSE WAS STANDING UP THE HORRIFIC ABUSE/UNJUST IMPRISONMENT OF THE HAMMONDS, who are completely INNOCENT of any crime whatsoever, and have already PAID for a crime they didn't commit... This is the country we live in today, one so completely and brutally unjust that there is barely a breath of freedom, of true justice left anywhere... THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE. That is why this Big Cat is continuing to declare... THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT THIS SITUATION WILL BE COMPLETELY EXPOSED, AND QUICKLY!!!

January 28, 2016

This Is Something We Can Never 'Unsee' - Free-For-All Armageddon Or Crisis Actors In Oregon? You Be The Judge!

'Militia' Asked To Sign 'Talent Releases' In Oregon


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Every day we get more and more signs that there are those who are intentionally pushing America towards a civil war and the disarming of Americans and nowhere has it ever been more clear than in the sequence of events we'll witness in the videos and story excerpted below. Is this more proof we can't believe everything we're being told?

With a lone group of holdouts at the Oregon refuge pushing other Americans to join them, why would a live video that one of the men was making capture a series of events and statements that we can never 'unsee'? When you take a look at the videos below and actually HEAR these men being told they'd need to sign a 'talent release' and then READ the words coming from the lips of one of the men in this story from, we can clearly see that Americans and US patriots are being set up. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! First, from and the few stragglers left in Oregon.:

In a video posted Wednesday to Fry's youtube account, defendyourbase, Fry could be seen with a gun over his shoulder while a backhoe operated in the background.
On the same video, another man with a gun said, "The media has been ordered to leave. That means they're coming to kill us. They're going to murder all of us, and the medias are cowards."

The same man also urges people to join the occupation and shouts into the camera, "This is history in the making. There are no laws in this United States now. This is a free-for-all Armageddon. Any military or law enforcement or feds that stand and don't abide by their oath are the enemy. If they stop you from getting here, kill them!''

While ANP has been reporting upon the breakdown of the rule of law since we launched, especially by those who consider themselves to be 'above the law' and who largely inhabit Washington DC, we all have to be very careful who we're listening to and taking advice from. Anybody who's telling anyone else to kill others is obviously someone NOBODY should be listening to and following orders from, especially after watching the video below.

Why would those still left in Oregon be told they need to sign a 'talent release'? Why, once they realized what they were being told, would they suddenly run to cut off the live feed as we can clearly see in the videos below? The 2nd video is the actual live feed from the 'DefendYourBase' YouTube channel and ends just as we see it in the 1st video. 

We are incredibly grateful to the true American Patriots who continue to strong-willed and peacefully stand up to government tyranny. However, how can we really tell the difference between those who love America and those who may want to harm America? Of course, we cannot guarantee that the people we are witnessing below are 'crisis actors' rather than patriots but something about this video reeks to high heavens. Why did he run to cut off the feed after he realized what they were being asked to do? After watching this, we'd love to know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. 


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