Friday, January 15, 2016

Do NOT Rush the FBI Trailer ... Bankster Gangsters At Work

Okay, Kittens All, this is what the Kougaress has heard about the Oregon standoff situation... NO, she doesn't have the latest info ... anyway, from NiteHawk at Revolution Radio more corruption is surfacing, along with recent THREATS made by the feds against ranchers who are standing with the Ammon Bundy ... looks like there's a federal judge and two marshals on scene ... however, they have declined to give an interview ... also, NiteHawk found a woman who is heading up to Burns, Oregon to embed herself with Ammon Bundy at the refuge center ... *if* she's successful, there will be a live stream at ~ ALSO, there are reports of Pete Santilli trying to start this STUPID thing of rushing the FBI's on-scene trailer... really??? Come on, HOW DUMBER THAN DUMB IS THAT????????????? 

A NOTE about the presidential candidate CIRCUS CIRCUS debate ... okay, this Big Cat only saw bits of it because she watched RAND PAUL on his live feed that was on his facebook page... and no, she's NOT in complete agreement with Mr. Paul about all the issues ... HOWEVER, overall, he is superior, in her humble opinion ... in part, because he's REAL, a real person, that is ... not some cutout idjit with a suit on... and it was refreshing to listen to him actually get to answer questions from those on Twitter ... What was also cool though... Rand Paul ***top-trended*** on Twitter while he was live ... so, it appears as though, he will use the internet as his platform rather than mess with the Republican party elite. 
Also, THERE IS ONE thing this Big Cat is in total agreement with that DONALD TRUMP addressed... that is, he's ANGRY over how ridiculously this country has been managed... well, the Kougaress is claw-ripping ANGRY too, at the destruction of her beloved country by these *new world order criminals* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay, obviously the STOCK MARKET is hitting the skids right now... as was stated in this week's Angelic Weekly Forecast by Volcano. This vid report by Alex Jones outlines the REAL situation well... yeah, THE BANKSTER GANGSTERS AT WORK ... 

Emergency! Economic Collapse Is By Design

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Global collapse imminent
January 15, 2016
Alex Jones breaks down what the closing of 269 stores across the world means to the global economy.
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