Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Are the Feds About To Make Amman Bundy a Martyr?

Hey Kiddo Kittens, something big could be going down now, or soon tonight... looks like the FBI has gotten on their big fat high horse, and are possibly planning to go in for the kill with their *warrants* ... it was also revealed by Joe Biggs, infowar reporter, that the Hammands had been trying to save their land and home from fires started by the BLM, who were trying to get them off their property. This IS A SETUP DEAL!!! To steal the Hammonds Ranch... most likely for the vast amount of mineral resources, including gold, silver, and uranium. Check out this vid by Joe Biggs... and anything other info you can find. Amman Bundy was scheduled to be on Revolution Radio with the owner, NiteHawk.... just now at 9:30 EST... however, when they finally got Amman on the phone for the interview, he told them he had credible intel the FBI was on the move... and had to get off the phone. GOD BLESS HIM, AND ALL THOSE WITH HIM... except for the infiltrators/agent provocateurs.

Bundy's Warn Of FBI Attack On Compound

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