Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Return of the X-Files... Yes, the Kougaress Is a Fan

Late night yowls, Kittens All ... when the Kougaress watched TV... she doesn't these days for several reasons ... anyhoo, one of her all-time favorite shows was THE X-FILES, which, at the time she devotedly watched every episode ... why? you might ask... the subject matter intrigued her to the nth degree, and the whole cinematic tone of the show, the stories, the main actors and the acting... everything was most excellent and intensely compelling in her view... and also haunting... often, this Big Cat would ask herself, while watching, if the stories were actually true... because the show had that *ring of authenticity* as if you were watching TRUTH disguised as fiction... well, it turns out, many of the scripts were stories the CIA wanted done... don't believe it? Well, an internet search would pull that info up... and remember the LONE GUNMAN... the first episode: the plane about to the hit NYC... that in and of itself constantly nagged at this Big Cat ever since the towers went down, you know on 9/11...
So, the Kougaress might have to find a way, given the two trailers she's seen for the new X-FILES... she might have to find a way to watch... we'll see.

ALSO, on the Ammon Bundy front, the Kougaress listened to Dave Hodge's interview, and was impressed by Ammon and what he had to say... yes, she still stands with him, in his stand against rampant gov corruption and greed and their total disregard for the Constitution of these United States of America...

This Big Cat hasn't heard the latest on the situation out in Oregon... however, two things... one: NiteHawk, owner of Revolution Radio is deeply involved, and is looking for someone, expenses paid, to to be an embedded reporter for a week, staying at the refuge center with Ammon and the other patriots.
ALSO, a man called into the Alex Jones show today while David Knight was hosting, and began reading infowars the riot act over NOT sufficiently covering Ammon, and the whole Oregon situation, where tons of corruption is being uncovered... TONS!!! ... Anyway, David, who reported on the original Bundy Standoff, and was on the front lines, took offense BECAUSE Ammon had made several promises to be interviewed by Joe Biggs, then cancelled them all... so who knows precisely what was going on there??? Were the *infiltrators* convincing Ammon not to trust infowars??? Were threatening situations around a possible FBI raid causing Ammon to devote his time and attention elsewhere???
WHATEVER THE TRUTH, there is a non-violent revolution-evolution happening in Burns, and in that Oregon county. People are standing. They are exposing more and more of the TRUTH. The Kougaress prays they will be successful... and her personal stand remains: that whatever the feds/FBI/other gov agencies do against Ammon and ALL those involved on the GOOD SIDE... will backfire brutally on the feds/fed agencies for all the world to witness.
And, the Kougaress further hopes that somehow Ammon, and his people, will reach out to infowars. Get this crucial stand even more into the public light.

Fox Show ‘The X-Files’ Goes Alex Jones

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Creator says Infowars inspired show themes
January 13, 2016
New show will cover such issues as NSA spying, chemtrails, police militarization, FEMA prison camps and more.
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