Saturday, January 9, 2016

The People In Burns, Oregon Stand Tall

Okay Kitten lovelies, the Kougaress listened to a direct feed of a sort of townhall meeting in Burns, Oregon... this was via NiteHawk What was so profound about this particular meeting... yep, THE TRUE AMERICAN SPIRIT IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL... not that everyone agreed... that wasn't really the point... people were speaking freely... and often from their hearts... anyway, this was a committee meeting, the upshot being the PEOPLE want their land back from fed's illegal seizure, and they are going forward with legal measures to reclaim their land... this committee also wants Ammon Bundy, and his group, to leave... although, there was recognition that Ammon had opened their eyes to what was really happening in their county...
So, this is the Kougaress's thought... maybe not a good idea... but under the dire circumstances of the fed seizing everything... one ultimate plan for big brother gov... anyhoo, , why not OCCUPY every EMPTY fed building with those of Ammon Bundy's caliber and character?
In this ROBIN HOOD SCENARIO of the King and the Sheriff of Nottingham, THE PEOPLE ARE STANDING AND DEMANDING the return of the PEOPLE'S LANDS.

Here's a good summary of current events...

Additional armed Patriots from other states have begun arriving in support of the seizure of a federal complex in Oregon! Local citizens are bringing supplies to the Militia and showing support for their protest against federal tyranny!
Members of a group from outside Oregon arrived on Friday at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to "secure a perimeter" around the compound and prevent "a Waco-style situation."
The arrival of the "3% of Idaho" was the latest development in the situation outside Burns, where an armed occupation of the refuge by an Ammon Bundy-led militant group entered its seventh day.
"They just keep an eye on everything that is going on" to make sure "nothing stupid happens," Bundy said Friday afternoon outside refuge headquarters.
"If they weren't here," Bundy said, referring to the Idaho group, "I'd worry" about a Waco-style siege by federal officials.
The group's website says it stands for "freedom, liberty and the Constitution. We will combat all those who are corrupt." The website displays the motto, "When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty!"
The Mahleur Wildlife Refuge was "taken" by armed militia over the tyrannical treatment of local ranchers by the federal government.  The full "back story" with all the details can be read HERE.
Brandon Curtiss, the president of the 3% of Idaho, would not reveal in a phone interview how many people his group was sending, although a handful of them had already arrived at the bird sanctuary. Some had what appeared to be handguns on their hips. Curtiss said he was on his way to the refuge.
He also declined to reveal specifically whether the group would circle the refuge headquarters or form some other sort of perimeter.
Curtiss and Chris McIntire, another group spokesman, called the situation a "double-edged sword" – the perimeter is meant to protect the occupiers from an outside attack but also to protect the Harney County community from those who arrive in solidarity with Bundy's cause but may be prone to violence, they said. The Idaho group is here to keep the situation "peaceful" and reassure the community that it isn't in danger, they said.
McIntire said the majority of the group's members would be heading for Eastern Oregon on Friday.

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