Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bundy Update ... Hitlary Holds Washington Hostage... She'll Tell ***All*** If Arrested

Hey Kittens, finally, the FBI opened up communication with Ammon Bundy. The Kougaress watched a vid of the phone conversation. Ammon is an American Hero. The vid is at  the Youtube channel: WeaponizedTalkRadio ... YOUTUBE

On the Breaking Front: NiteHawk of Revolution Radio ~freedomslips~ reported that files were discovered inside the wildlife refuge that show the incredible levels of corruption and coercion used to steal massive acreages of land from the people of Harney county, Oregon.  
Of course, Judge Grasty is up to his slimy eyeballs in payoffs, according to these files. 

Also, Ammon Bundy and his people, are reaching out to the Paiute tribe to return artefacts stored inside the refuge center. Apparently, a lot of the artefacts HAVE NOT been taken care of very well. 


Hitlary Holds Washington Hostage... She'll Tell ***All*** If Arrested 

Larry Nichols was on the Alex Jones show ... according to his intel, Hillary has said that if she is prosecuted over her treasonous emails that she will TELL ALL about those in congress ... you just know she and her mafia-thug peeps have tons of dirt on everybody in congress that can be released at an instant's notice... in fact, she likely has MAJOR DIRT on everyone in the whole rotten government structure. You know, like cross-dressing J. Edgar Hoover had in his possession. 

BLURB: "On this Thursday, January 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we break down the ongoing collapse of both the economy and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Clinton is now actually doing something very foreign to her: work! She's having to work for every vote as her supporters begin to abandon her due to her involvement in Bill Clinton's sex crimes and Emailgate. Clinton insider Larry Nichols explains why this could be the end of Hillary's political career. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen also explains how neo-conservatives have been hijacking the U.S. intelligence community for several years and how it can potentially lead us into another world war! And in other news, the Dow Jones crashed yesterday and oil is also trading at a 12-year low: $27 a barrel." 

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