Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Lapdog Presstitute Media's Big Fat Spin


Okay, Kittens All, last night the Kougaress listened and watched the live stream of the townhall meeting in Burns, Oregon via the Youtube channel, WeaponizedTalkRadio, which is part of Revolution Radio There were occasional glitches, so she didn't catch absolutely everything that was said... HOWEVER ... 

The stupid, conglomerate-controlled media snippet-report on the meeting was ABSOLUTE GARBAGE... sure, there were those who wanted Ammon Bundy to leave... AND! There were those who stood with the ideas Bundy was putting forth, and even some folks who spoke, who DID NOT WANT Bundy and crew to leave... so the news bite—which only showed one side and called Ammon an armed militia [NOT TRUE]— was essentially a blatant lie BY OMISSION. 

So, what were the highlight-observations of what occurred, and what are the key issues-points that this Big Cat witnessed? So, Judge Grasty [the judge who forced the Hammonds to serve a sentence for a crime THEY NEVER COMMITTED] led the meeting, wearing this ridiculous yellow, button-down shirt... nothing against that shade of yellow... but what was this evil weasel thinking??? Of course, he is the typical tyrant-coward, and there is that insult "Yer yellow" ... meaning yer a downright coward... this corrupt criminal judge did a whole lot of posturing...did a whole lot of POOR ME... did a whole lot of *let's bring the community together...that schtick* AND when asked the tough questions by the people... well, HE JUST NEVER ANSWERED... and the sheriff-guy, who doesn't seem like a totally bad guy... well, he doesn't HAVE A REAL CLUE about even being a real sheriff... When challenged about the fact that the FBI said he was in charge, and they had to follow his lead... well, this sheriff kept saying HE HAD NO CONTROL over the Ammon Bundy situation... it was pointed out TWICE that he had the power to tell the FBI to leave, which he does, but that seemed to go OVER THIS SHERIFF'S HEAD. 

Anyway, an elderly Paiute woman had her say about the fact that this bird sanctuary refuge building had a lot of artifacts from their people's tribe inside... and she was worried about them harming the local vegetation [probably a bit hard to do in the middle of winter] ... anyway, a man stood up and said he'd never been out to the wildlife refuge, or spoken to Ammon Bundy, but that he'd be glad to escort her there to retrieve those artifacts. OF COURSE, that was promptly ignored... and what this Big Cat finds sad is that this tribe has to look to BIG BROTHER GOV to protect the lands they were thrown off of originally. Yep, IT'S STOCKHOLM SYNDROME BIGTIME... and ALL OF US are brainwashed to look to AUTHORITY figures to solve everything, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY ABUSE AND MURDER US... Heck, the Paiutes need to speak with Ammon and join with him to retrieve their lands. MUCH LATER, there was this major incident, where a woman who said she was a Paiute [and her features bore this out] and that she'd lived in town for a long time, anyway she has a highschool age son, who was evidently threatened, and told to go back to the Res... this woman was rightly livid, and she ended up saying she'd have her rifle handy and if anyone came to her door, she was going to shoot them...who can blame her? 

Really, if you want a *microcosm* of WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LIVE UNDER MASSIVE CORRUPTION AND TYRANNY, ***WHEN LIES RULE INSTEAD OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE***, watch this video... this is how society degrades... the people attack and destroy each other... even though, there were a lot of good people simply attempting to bring the community together... you know what, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN until the insane level of corruption going on in that community is addressed. Ultimately, that's what is TRUE about our WHOLE COUNTRY. If WE THE PEOPLE refuse to stand and band against CORRUPTION... well, we all fall. 

The most poignant and VALID point made in the entire meeting, in this Big Cat's opinion... ONE WHICH WAS SIMPLY DISMISSED AND NOT ADDRESSED BY THE *POWERS THAT BE* IN THE COMMUNITY... was the incredible evil being done to the HAMMOND FAMILY... as this woman speaker pointed out the evil weasel judge was ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT HIMSELF, and getting back to ***his*** life. HE DIDN'T GIVE ONE RIP ABOUT THE HORRIFIC PAIN AND SUFFERING of the entire Hammond family because of the unconscionable injustice HE DID TO THEM. And he wasn't about to help the Hammonds in any way whatsoever. Or allow anyone else to help them. No surprise there... huh? 

You know what, here's a bottom line TRUTH. AN INJUSTICE DONE TO ONE IS AN INJUSTICE TO ***ALL*** OF US... As long as INNOCENTS are persecuted, allowed to be persecuted, and wrongly punished, Humanity as a whole WILL NEVER RISE beyond enslavement. 

But, watch for yourself, darling kittens, and make up your own mind. 

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