Friday, January 29, 2016

Heartsick ... What's Behind the Murder of Mr. Finicum

Okay Kittens, the Kougaress is still just completely heartsick over the cold-blooded murder of Lavoy Finicum... yes, despite the redcoat FBI edited vid, IT IS OBVIOUS to this Big Cat that the man was MURDERED.
In fact, the Kougaress is absolutely heartsick over ALL of the MASSIVE CORRUPTION that has and is RUINING so many people's lives in Oregon, some of which is reported by David Knight in the vid below. This is what INJUSTICE, what OUT OF CONTROL GREED, and BULLY NAZI TACTICS does to society, to a community.
 Any injustice done to anyone at anytime that is not resolved, and the truth told [as has been perpetrated against the Hammonds] results in a lesser society, a sick society that only becomes ever more cancerous the more such injustices are ignored, covered up by the corrupt authorities ... and, when good people do nothing.
 Over the years of her life this Big Cat has done her best to stop such injustices, standing up for others as much as she could... she has also been severely victimized by lies, by an unjust, untrue accusation that ruined her life to the point she has never been able to emotionally recover -- and will never recover ... truth is, she just moved forward because she cared about others in her life...
 Anyhoo, the devastation that has been wreaked upon the people and the land in Oregon ... because of the vast wealth of minerals on the land... because of Hitlary Rotten Clinton and her underhanded deal with Putin for the uranium mines in this area -- it's ALL so unconscionable this Big Cat can't even fathom this level of sheer evil involved...
Published on Jan 29, 2016 Joe Biggs & David Knight call in from Oregon to give the latest on the refuge standoff. With one dead and key organizers arrested, what could happen next to those still at the refuge?

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