Friday, January 8, 2016

Bundy Protest and Impeachment Zeitgeist


Kittens All, NiteHawk of Revolution Radio just gave a report around 5:45 pm CST [January 7, 2016], about the protest situation in Oregon with Ammon Bundy. Pete Santilli has been ramping up things trying to get everything stirred up... He tried to sabotage a Vox news interview. Also, the FBI has cut off communication signals in remote area, as in no cell phone, etc. 

ALSO, Joel Skoulsen was on with Alex Jones today. He says he knows Ammon Bundy, and stands with him. HOWEVER, he is advising Amman to basically leave the public building in Oregon while the getting out was good, and to speak about his stand as an Occupy Protest, which it is... and to live to fight another day. That is sound advice, *if* Amman and the good guys involved can get out without FBI harassment, arrest, etc. The Oathkeepers might be able to help them leave without being arrested, etc. Who knows? At this point... The Kougaress is still standing by her declaration that anything the gov does against Amman Bundy, and those protesting with him, WILL backfire on them exponentially. 

ARTICLE: Oregon occupation leader rejects sheriff's bid to end standoff
Reuters - The leader of a group of armed protesters occupying the headquarters of a federal wildlife refuge in southeastern Oregon met briefly with a local sheriff on Thursday but rejected the lawman's offer of safe passage out of the state to end the standoff. Ammon Bundy and other occupiers left the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in two vehicles and traveled to a neutral location along a remote Oregon roadside to meet for about five minutes with Harney County Sheriff David Ward. During that meeting, which was attended by two Reuters reporters, Ward told Bundy that he was seeking a peaceful resolution to the nearly week-long standoff and offered to escort the occupiers out of Oregon. But Bundy, saying that the sheriff had not addressed the occupiers' grievances, declined. 

PREVIOUS ARTICLE: Oregon occupiers: Not quite time to go home yet
Reuters - "There is a time to go home, we recognize that. We don't feel it's quite time yet," protest leader Ammon Bundy told a news conference at the refuge on Wednesday. "We feel like we need to make sure the Hammonds are out of prison, or well on their way. We need to make sure there is some teeth in these land transfers. And also that those who have committed crimes, those are exposed as well." Bundy said the group was compiling evidence to clear the Hammonds, who began longer prison terms this week for setting fires that spread to federal land. Bundy said witnesses told them the blazes were started by federal agents. "We believe we have enough of this to exonerate the Hammonds," he said. "If that is the only thing that is accomplished, then it will be well worth our effort." 

Amman Bundy Is the Next Davy Crockett

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