Sunday, May 22, 2011

Storm Watching and Anubis

Sunday into Monday meows, my Springtime sparkling Pussycats... last night the Kougaress did a lot of storm watching... in part because she wanted to know if she needed to shut down her computer... and because it was an absolutely amazing sight... the lightning flashed above... at the same time fireflies danced above the pasture... to see these lightning bugs and the lightning flashing together was eerie and gorgeous... however, as she watched, the Kougaress didn’t realize the tornadic devastation that occurred, and occurred later during these storms.

Blessing to ALL who were affected.

Wow pow, is this Big Cat author learning more than she bargained for about the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Great stuff to know for Z’Pasha, the heroine of her WIP ~ White Fang, Ace Reporter. Also, the Kougarass’s free Anubis reading was fascinating, and helpful.


Wednesday May 18, 2011
Egypt: a New Direction

William Henry and Nikki Scully are teaming up to lead tours to Egypt this winter, and here they discuss the esoteric meaning of Egyptian alchemy and religion. When touring, they will be utilizing exclusive private visits to the sacred places in order to perform group ceremonial without big crowds. Here, they discuss the powerful reality and real meaning of the Egyptian gods and the power of the sacred science that the Egyptians used to access the vividly alive level of reality that they inhabit. We are in the process of relearning these ancient skills, and William Henry and Nikki Scully are at the absolute forefront in bringing this ancient science back to life. Fascinating, moving discussion!

Nikki Scully's website is
For a FREE Anubis reading from Nikki, go to

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

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Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is writing a 1,000 word flash. More on why later.

Featured at Lindsay Townsend’s THE PINK BLOG ~

We're Reading and Writing More Short Stories
by Celia Yeary

The reason is obvious, isn't it? Our Twenty-First Century Lifestyle almost demands that we do. For one thing, we're involved in more activities and tasks than ever before, and we probably won't slow down. Our time for leisure reading becomes shorter and shorter.


~ ~

Teeny-Tiny Drone Fires Teeny-Tiny Missile (Gulp)
By Spencer Ackerman ~ May 20, 2011

TAMPA, Florida — Never let it be said that small isn’t powerful. A Northern California company has just built commandos perhaps the smallest drone that can kill you. Underscoring the point, it’s even painted camouflage, like Stallone in Rambo.

The Arcturus company built its eponymous drone as the unmanned aerial equivalent of a compact car. Its wingspan is just over 17 feet, making it slightly smaller than the Army and Marine Corps’ Shadow drone. Arcturus is “primarily” a spy plane, says engineer Eric Folkestad. Emphasis on “primarily.”

Because the life-size Arcturus on display at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference here has a conspicuous add-on under its left wing. That’s a Saber, a 10-pound laser-guided missile (.pdf) manufactured by MBDA. In tests, Arcturus discovered that the wings of its drone can carry 22 pounds’ worth of cargo, making it a candidate to wield MBDA’s missiles. “No one else can do that in our size category,” Folkestad says.

Not for lack of trying. For years, both the Army and Marine Corps have tried to weaponize the Shadow, an attempt to make it the pint-sized Salacious Crumb to the Jabba the Hutt of drones, the Hellfire-armed Predator. If it works, a battalion commander won’t have to call headquarters for unmanned air support. He’ll have the air support himself.

So far, though, armed drones of this size haven’t made it out of the testing stage. And that includes the Arcturus.

Folkestad says his company has shipped 12 of the drones to the Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force in the past 18 months. They’re still in evaluation. But if it gets the thumbs up, then ever-smaller units will command their own flying killer robots, another step in the proliferation of drone warfare.

Unlike the other “tier-2 class” drones, Arcturus is intended primarily for commandos. Like the Shadow, it’s launched from a pneumatic catapult, and doesn’t need a runway to land. Unlike a Shadow, the Arcturus is a modular design: The wings and the tail snap off of the 100-pound plane for portability by small special-operations detachments behind enemy lines.

Hence the camouflage. The camo might look a little silly when the Arcturus is up at its max height of 15,000 feet. But that missile is no laughing matter.

If that sounds a little callous, consider this: Arcturus shares its company name with a fantastically dark Norwegian black metal band. Folkestad doesn’t need reminding: “You Google us; you get them.”


geez, oh please... you can’t purchase anything these days for fear an ad will pop up for it... on her last shopping trip this Big Cat purchased Bumblebee tuna after reading labels to finally discover this brand has NO soy oil in it... most soy oil is GMO and definitely bad for your health... having never purchased this brand before, nor seen an internet ad for it before... well, whatever... but, why does big brother corp have to pop up an ad on yahoo for this brand so soon? It’s not like the Kougaress is going to rush out and buy more. What annoying idiots... not to mention, unwanted, privacy-invading spies.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Happy Flower-blooming days of May ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Storm Watching kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Oh yes, blessings indeed and many positive vibes for those affected by the tornados!

Ancient Egypt is definitely an amazing and overflowing topic!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yes, positive and loving vibes to ALL!

Exploring ancient Egypt now on the internet, is a whole new world.