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Gigundis Wind Craft

THE KOUGAR'S POST for May 12, 2011

He's just lookin' too good right now!

Late night yowls, my Springtime pouncing Pussycats... yes, the tame prairie is fast becoming a jungle... with the warmer temps and the rain, and the extra light... omy! Yep, the heebie jeebies have this Big Cat by the scruff of the neck... normally, or let’s say in her past, she wasn’t that kind of shiver-shiver cat... not at all... but, in these times... yeah, she is...

The Kougaress heard a great thing yesterday... the guest on Coast to Coast am... just said whenever her 94 year old mother goes to the doctor and he/she wants to prescribe a medication for her, she says, to paraphrase... let’s look up the side affects... then she asks, would you give that to your mother?

From COAST TO COAST AM ~ Good Health Stuff!!!
Date: 05-11-11
Host: George Noory
Guests: Julia Schopick, Dr. John Neustadt, Dr. Robin Falkov

Writer and medical advocate, Julia Schopick began studying alternative medical treatment after her husband developed a cancerous brain tumor. She discussed several promising types of treatments that the medical profession has yet to accept for various life-threatening ailments such as MS, epilepsy, and terminal liver disease. The late Dr. Bernard Bihari originated the idea of low doses of Naltrexone and was able to boost immunity in AIDS patients through this treatment, she detailed, adding that it's also been used successfully against autoimmune diseases like MS.

The Ketogenic Diet, which was popular in the 1920s as a treatment for epileptic children, has seen a resurgence of late. But the high-fat, low carbohydrate, low-protein diet must be uniquely calibrated for each patient, she noted. For non-healing wounds, sometimes seen in cancer surgery patients, Schopik recommended the Silverlon dressing, which uses silver ions to stimulate healing.

She also cited intravenous alpha-lipoic acid as a regenerative treatment for liver poisoning or disease. Dr. Robin Falkov joined in the discussion during the last hour, and endorsed the usage of intravenous Vitamin C therapy for certain problems including inflammatory viral conditions.
Nutritional Medicine

First hour guest, Dr. John Neustadt talked about his practice of alternative and nutritional medicine, and in particular his treatments for osteoporosis. MK-4, a specific from of Vitamin K, has been shown to decrease fractures by promoting bone collagen and flexibility, rather than just density, he reported.

News segment guest: John Hogue


Honest Medicine
A Revolution in Health Part 2: How to Take Charge of Your Health
A Revolution in Health through Nutritional Biochemistry

Gigundis Wind Craft ... early this afternoon one of those strange unexplainable events occurred. This Big Cat was standing in the dining area, and the internet radio program that was on did the buffering thing, so there was no sound. All of a sudden this blast-of-wind type of sound began, as if this colossal turbine engine started up... whatever the craft was... it flew by like a super jet... no, the Kougaress didn’t get any view of whatever type of craft it was, but it blasted just south of the house in a straight line. It was low, possibly not that far above the treetops. Two seconds later it was gone. That sucker was so fast, it was almost unbelievable. Never has this Big Cat heard that gigantic blasting whoosh of sound. There was no wind. No storm. The trees weren’t blowing, or disturbed. So, what the hell was that?

Yeah, right someone’s going to speak up and tell the Kougaress what that was... oh, sure, email her if you don’t want to comment.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

4:44 am... 2:12 pm... 11:11 pm... 12:12 am... BACKLASH, BACKFIRE, BLOWBACK on anyone and everyone participating in trying to trigger the New Madrid fault. So be it.

Folks, IF ‘they’ succeed in blowing the New Madrid... please, please, please DO NOT go to the FEMA camps. Do whatever you have to do to avoid anyone from FEMA, or the gov... no matter how nice or earnest they seem, even if the person truly wants to help you... DON’T DO IT... band together, if you are able, and go into whatever type of survival mode you need to... it’s a good idea to head for the hills, so to speak, if you have no other place to escape... homestead in deserted parts of the country.

Why this seemingly *insane* warning? The New Madrid is being bombarded by extremely high tech microwave arrays. And, the BIG DRILL is about to start. Be careful out there. This Big Cat loves ya... yeah, even if she is crazier than a coot.

Authoress news and mews ~

Yes, the Kougar is writing the next chapter of her WIP ~ White Fang, Ace Reporter... but, it’s been slow going, given everything going on.


THURSDAY 13: Cleaning and purging
by Becca Simone

My purse fell off the counter this morning and most of its contents spilled out onto the floor. Rather than just shove everything back in, I took the opportunity to clean and purge. Something I rarely do (in my purse or my house LOL).

Here are 13 somewhat unusual things I found in there:


Moon of Mars May be a UFO
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mars has two moons-- Phobos and Deimos--and astrophysicist Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky thinks the orbital motion of Phobos reveals that the moon is artificial and hollow--in other words, a UFO. Why can't we go there ourselves and check this out? In 1998, a mysterious little man that Whitley Strieber calls the Master of the Key burst into his hotel room in Toronto and told him all kinds of things he didn't know--but when he checked them out later, he found out they were TRUE. (one of the few (The NEW, revised edition of The Key, with a foreword that talks about how many of his statements later turned out to be true, will be in bookstores May 12). One of the few things that Whitley could NOT check out was MOTKE's provocative statement that we are stuck on this planet because the parents of the child who would have given us the ability to travel into space was killed in the holocaust.

There are other things about the moons, which were first discovered in 1877, that puzzle Shklovsky: They are small (no other planet in the solar system has moons as tiny as the Martian moons). Also, their origin is unknown--they're orbits are wrong and they are too close to Mars to be captured asteroids (as most moons are). Second, their origin bothered him. Were they captured asteroids as others assumed? No, they could not be! Their orbital plane was all wrong. And they’re too close to Mars. Much too close. Most puzzling of all: Phobos changes its speed occasionally. From all these (and other) indications, Shklovsky thinks Phobos is hollow.

If Phobos IS a UFO, is it empty--a discarded vehicle left out in space? In UFO Digest, Dirk Vander Ploeg quotes Shklovsky as saying, "Can a natural celestial body be hollow? Never! Therefore, Phobos must have an artificial origin and be an artificial Martian satellite. The peculiar properties of Deimos, though less pronounced than those of Phobos, also point toward an artificial origin."

AUTHORS ON FACEBOOK ~ Info from Dawn of Love Romances Café

~ ~

Thanks to Tess Mccall for pointing this blog out on the new facebook rules in regards to contests through them.

All I can say is "WTF Now?"

FB has changed the rules in regards to having contests on your author pages, etc. Find out all the information at ~ ~

Seems to me facebook likes doing this to their users. What's next....charging to post pictures in our photo folders?



~ ~

12 May 2011 Last updated at 08:55 ET

Facebook exposed in Google smear campaign

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has faced criticism over Facebook's own privacy policies

It has been revealed that Facebook embarked on a smear campaign against rival Google.

The social network has admitted that it hired a PR firm to plant anti-Google stories related to user privacy.

The details came to light when one blogger approached by PR firm Burson-Marsteller published the e-mail exchange.

Burson had been touting stories on behalf of an unnamed client about the Google service Social Circle.

Blogger Chris Soghain did not want to pursue the story and later released the e-mails he had exchanged with Burson.

When the e-mails were published there was a mass of rumours about who the client could be, with Microsoft and Apple in the frame.

Surfer dudes

Let's not forget we are talking about two companies that have spent billions in positioning themselves as 'nice, cuddly, sandal-wearing, Californian surfer dudes'”

Richard Merrin Manging director, Spreckley PR

It was down to US-based news website, the Daily Beast to uncover that the client was in fact Facebook.

Facebook has confirmed that it used Burson-Marsteller to expose things which Google was doing that "raised privacy concerns".

Burson told Mr Soghain, among others, that "the American people must be made aware of the now immediate intrusions into their deeply personal lives Google is cataloguing and broadcasting every minute of every day - without their permission."

A Facebook spokesman later told the Daily Beast that it resented Google's attempts to use Facebook data in its own social networking service.

It is a very public play-out of two net giants who have become bitter rivals as they fail to agree on ways to share data.

Both have faced scrutiny over their privacy policies.

Tactics like this are never a good idea, said managing director of Spreckley PR, Richard Merrin.

"I am just trying to imagine the conversation that took place between someone at Facebook and the PR agency in question. I always advise clients that the one thing they must not do is attack the competition," he said.

"This alleged PR smear campaign is the latest highly public example of what many in the industry believe to be the biggest grudge match going in corporate America," he added.

While the revelations will be highly damaging for Burson-Marseller, they will do little for Facebook's image either.

"Let's not forget we are talking about two companies that have spent billions in positioning themselves as 'nice, cuddly, sandal-wearing, Californian surfer dudes.' This has in fact resulted in blowing that carefully constructed image out of the water," said Mr Merrin.

Both Facebook and Google declined to comment further on the story.

NOTE: If??? Facebook and Google are at war, it’s a battle for your INFO so they can sell it to anyone who wants it, corp and gov... or whoever. However, it could be a publicity stunt by both of them... a good cop, bad cop routine. Whatever the truth, and whatever the projected results are over this, IT AIN’T IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS!!!

BTW... Big Brother has taken over your smartphone and your gps. And Google plans to take over your house... lordy, lordy, where is Luke Skywalker when you need him to take out the Death Star?

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Happy Flower-blooming days of May ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Heebie Jeebie kisses from the Kougar...

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