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Rebel Rouser ~ the song...

Pic from Coast to Coast am ~ Nuclear Sunset

On May 25th, I left the house to meet up with a friend. When I turned east onto the main street out of my neighborhood, I was struck by this image in the sky. Given the state of unrest in the Middle East, and indeed here on our American soil, my first thought was 'is that a silent nuclear bomb that went off in Atlanta?' Thankfully, it was just the setting sun playing off an extremely majestic cumulous cloud. I pulled over by the Dart Bowl and snapped this shot. I saw others doing the same. Were they thinking what I was thinking? Hopefully the next mushroom cloud I see will be just that...a cloud. Pray for peace.

-- Adam N.

Nighttime meows, my Springtime spunkin’ Kittens... another cool wet overcast day on the tame prairie... omy yowls, what another wacked-out, wonky whirl of a day... yeah, stuff gets done, but doesn’t... despite two downloads the Kougaress hasn’t been able to solve opening her edit file so that it works like it should. ~sighs~

Hope you are having a good Memorial Day weekend, my darlings.

Rebel Rouser ~ the song... by artist, Duane Eddy... here’s a bit of search info ~

The master of twang! Eddy had 5 Top 40 hits between 1958 and 1963, I think this track was one of the first, in 1958.
~ ~

Back in the good ole days, the late 50s and early 60s, so much of the music, and the lyrics, were about freedom... the freedom to travel unhindered throughout this great land of ours... the freedom to discover life as a great adventure, and your place in it... the freedom to be a rebel artist and creatively fly higher than previous generations... it was about freeing the mind, and being footloose over the road and in your life, until you decided to put down roots...

The songs of that time were ‘rebel rouser’ songs, and born from a generation who yearned to roam free, in mind, body and soul. That’s gone, now.

All gone... like that iconic novel title, GONE WITH THE WIND... only this could be titled, GONE IS THE WIND IN YOUR FACE.

Nowadays, there are only plastic-doll pretenders on the pop-trendy scene who don’t own an effing clue what that type of freedom is all about. Truth to tell, this Big Cat didn’t fully appreciate that ‘freedom’ either. She wrongly thought freedom would grow, blossom and ripen like delicious fruit.

And, it would have, if intentional social engineering and ruthless scare tactics hadn’t been used by ‘those powers that be’ who hate humanity, and hate anyone being truly free. Did you know that Charles Manson was a product of a black-gov mind control program, and had a covert-ops handler?

Yeah, ole Charlie wasn’t just an evil charismatic creep who preyed on the innocent. At least, not all on his own. He was created for the job by the enemies of the people.

Oh, for the freedom to travel across this gorgeous country, like it was in the good ole days...

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:12 am... 1:11 am... 2:12 am... 3:33 am... 12:12 pm... 2:22 pm... 4:44 pm... 5:55 pm... yeah, so the moon has water... who didn’t know that already? Of course, there’s an atmosphere. And, wow, a civilization, too. NASA ~ Never a Straight Answer. But, hey, they’re just following their Nazi, Operation Paperclip, roots.

Authoress news and mews ~

BTW, Free File Opener will ‘not’ open the comment bubbles on your edits. The Kougar spent $20 to find that out. No, she’s not a happy camper right now. Okay, she’s archaic and uses Wordperfect because she doesn’t like how Word works. And, a .doc file, even if it is before .docx, that is created in Word 2007 won’t open in Wordperfect. Gee, how fun is that? So, she spent most of the day looking for solutions, and she’s not even close to tech-savvy. Now she’s attempting to download OpenOffice... yeah, on dial-up. ~lots of sighs~

From the Kougar’s Writing Den ~ White Fang, Ace Reporter

*Unedited Six Sentence* progress on the latest WIP novella...

Chapter Nine ~ Dangerously Feral

White Fang had to wonder if the catwoman sultrily stalking him a woman who made his dream woman look like Talbot Peak’s gossip columnist, Maggie had been sent by unknown enemies.

Mind probing Pasha would likely be a mistake, even if he could manage to concentrate. He scented goddess blood, the same ambrosial fragrance he’d caught a whiff of in the courtroom.

His overriding question, had she told Dante the truth? Given the werewolf biker was nobody’s fool, had the catwoman beguiled him with her alchemical prowess?

White Fang drew her scent in deeply.


Blatant Promo-Solara Gordon News
by Solara

Happy weekend everyone! I'm working on edits and revisions for next month's release. You've had time to drool over the cover and blurb. I'm running a contest over at a friend's blog along with an interview. Stop by and you can win an arc of RED HOT. You can enter by leaving a comment along with your email. Hurry up cuz the contest ends on Sunday.

~ ~
Featured at Lindsay Townsend’s THE PINK BLOG ~

The beauty of short stories and novellas
by Lindsay Townsend

To my mind, short stories and novellas have advantages whether you write them or read them.

As a reader, you can explore writers new to you without investing too much time or expense. You can take a chance. You can explore new genres. If you’re short of time, novellas and short stories can be a wonderful way to switch off.
Featured at ROMANCE WRITERS BEHAVING BADLY ~ Authors! Check this out.

Book Buzz
by Gem Sivad

There's a buzz in the author loops I thought I'd share that is pretty exciting for readers and authors both. Two new technologies are entering the ebook market.
#1 Great Idea: An Ebook on a Card to sell in stores:


Feel is More Powerful Than Think
by Kayelle Allen

Feel is more powerful than think. What a thought! Here's another to go with it. Don't fear the fear that others fear.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Happy Flower-blooming days of May ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Rebel Rouser kisses from the Kougar...

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