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Torture by Ribbon

Evening, my verra special KitKats... it’s Free Comic Book Day... snarling-gee, is that synchronicity or what? with yesterday’s release of HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES, a superhero and superheroine erotic romance.

Today, the Kougar has been claw-clicking busy on the Siren-Bookstrand loop ~ ~ for most of the day... enjoying the excerpts and the chatter-ings. One of moi’s greatest pleasures in life, other than erotic passions... is the varied ways authors and creative types express themselves... the sheer variety is intoxicating and uplifting. Meow-say Jimi Hendrix in contrast with the recent phenome, Susan Boyle. Humans, as they are on Earth, are endlessly creative. When one depth of expression occurs, is reached, another one is created.
Okay... purring... more esoteric than the Kougar intended... however and tail-flicking yawn... moi’s creativity spills forth like a veritable geyser at times.

Thusly, FIRST for the Big Cats... before it is posted tomorrow during the time set aside for erotic romance... a scene which takes place between Kalypso and Zryphus after their written love story in MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS ~

Torture by Ribbon

May 1, 2051 ~

Zryphus watched his Kalypso saunter back inside their bedroom. She’d been outside caring for her horses and having what he called a wild thing romp with her dogs. Instead of grabbing her as he often did and beginning their own wild carnal romp, he remained sprawled on the immense bed he’d imported from his world, his head resting on his locked hands.
She slanted a glance at him. “You’re not getting dressed.”
Ignoring him, she pulled the band from her ponytail, then languorously shook her hair. The thick luxuriant waves of golden strawberry cascaded down her back, the ends brushing over the blatant thrust of her butt.
“This is the first day of May,” he rumbled, taunting her.
“I suppose you expect me to dance merrily around ‘your maypole’.” She flipped her gaze to him, saucily planted one hand on her hip and perused his sentinel-standing cock briefly. “I’m getting dressed for the picnic.” Half-turning, she tossed her loose hair over one shoulder. Looking back, she gave him a Mae West smile. “Besides, there’s a larger maypole waiting for me.”
“This is a private maypole,” he seductively purred the way he knew turned her inside out for him. “IT only wants one woman dancing merrily around it.”
She rolled her shoulder in a ‘so what’ gesture, yet her cheek flushed prettily pink with her arousal. “IT doesn’t always get what IT wants.” Her tone was stern and she tilted her hip, a sumptuous feminine move, as she prepared to shrug out of her large shirt, then slip off her shorts.
Picking up a long length of pastel blue ribbon, Zryphus dangled it above his chest. “Your own private maypole,” he tempted.
Whirling around, she glared at him, then frowned at the ribbon. “It would serve IT right if I ‘only’ merrily wrapped the maypole, then skipped happily on my away to enjoy the picnic where everyone is expecting us... you know, the Sheriff and her personal Private Investigator.”
Zryphus fastened his half-lidded gaze on her. “Teach me a lesson, gorgeous.” He’d kept his tone serious while he grinned on the inside and wiggled the ribbon invitingly.
“There is no teaching you a lesson, you lout,” she accused, marching toward him. Her eyes glittered beautifully with her ire, causing his cock to strengthen. She snatched the ribbon from him. Her entire posture changed to sultry challenge as she stroked the ribbon between her thumb and finger with a dainty finesse.
An instant later, she let the ribbon sinuously dangle above his cock’s head and smiled like a feline who decided how to torment, then play with her prey. With agonizing slowness, she lowered it, until the satiny end barely touched the tip flesh of his straining cock. Her touch utterly delicate, she brushed the end over his cock’s head teasing his slit.
Zryphus felt the cords of his neck tighten like a son of a gun. Still, he kept himself from encouraging her in any way. That would guarantee him she’d leave him with only the ribbon for company. Hell’s blazes, already pleasure razored through him.
“Torture by ribbon,” she naughtily crooned. Lightly, she circled the end over his cock’s head and gradually swirled the ribbon downward.
“Torture,” he barked. Groaning, he didn’t move as she gracefully swirled the ribbon beneath his head and around the thickness of his shaft. Gods of Eros, her ribbon torture was exquisite. The silky slipping of the small strand jolted through his loins.
“Here we go ‘round the maypole,” she sang teasingly. “‘Round the maypole. Here we go ‘round the maypole.”
She circled the ribbon down the entire length of his cock with a daintiness and a deliberate sensuality that surprised him and made him ache to launch inside her fire-sweet sheath. His cock jerked and oozed with his seed.
“Come here,” he growled.
“What”s the matter, big bad boy? Can’t take a little winding of the maypole?” She spiraled the ribbon up his cock a little faster. The sensations spiked through his balls and up his loins, killing him with ache and pleasure. Still, he didn’t move, didn’t grab for her like a lewd barbarian. Not yet.
“Kalypso.” He grunted, forcing his hands not to claim her goddess-small waist, then haul her next to him.
“Here we go ‘round the maypole, the maypole,” she seductively sang, her tone tongue-in-cheek.
Wrapping his cock like a barber’s pole, she tightened the ribbon, then pulled upwards, slowly dragging it over his shaft. The sensual eroticism paralyzed his body while pangs of ecstasy spun up his middle.
“This is fun,” she enthusiastically drawled, her gaze locked on his throbbing desperate shaft. “I wonder...” Using both hands she carefully wrapped the long ribbon around his cock, turning it into a mummy. “Hmmm, that is pretty.” She slipped the end beneath a lower band, and gave a tiny tug. Stepping back, she gazed at her handiwork. “Pretty as a Spring time picture. Yep, pretty in pastel blue. Who needs pink? Besides, you’re a boy.”
Giving a satisfied toss of her head, she whirled around to leave him.
“Kalypso.” Zryphus launched off the bed, his beribboned cock swinging like a heavy pole. Capturing her with ferocity of a viking, he tossed his woman onto the bed, then landed beside her. “Time to unwind the maypole,” he growled.
“I like IT the way it is,” she protested, shoving at his chest. The more she pushed against him, the farther her body moved backwards. “Damnit, you big Zerculeon beast!”
Sweeping his arm beneath her, Zryphus rolled above her and made her delectable mouth his captive. He kissed her with all the passionate savagery boiling through his blood. For her. Only for her.
“Unwind the maypole,” she panted, once he’d freed her ardently punished lips.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 126 ~

Sylva felt the support of the divan as she reclined back, opening her thighs wider. It was obviously designed for enhancing sex. Oh god, his cock struck... amazingly heavy and strong. Her whole body ached and sweltered deliciously for what he could give her. Sylva had the fleeting thought her soul ached for him as much as her womanhood. Powerfully, he plunged... and she was reminded of a javelin thrown, sliding inside her... claiming her in the most intimate way... also claiming her at the most primal level. Sylva had a feeling her cowboy would always claim her this way.

Zeke lunged, owning his bride’s sheath one inch at a time. Her wet blazing juices slickened his cock to a new version of heaven. It was her branding of him and he loved it. Though, he doubted his precious wife knew how boldly her femininity claimed him. Zeke pumped deeper, his insides seared with pure pleasure. He wanted her woman’s essence gloving him the way her quim gloved his stud shaft. He wanted to feel her at every level of who he was. “That’s it, my little Sylva, take what I can give you,” he rasped. “Ride the bronco, darlin’.”
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Gem said...

Savanna, both planets are populated and will be repopoulated. With men like yours, a woman would stay playing ribbon games or couch love scenes all day long in a world of luscious lust.

Serena Shay said...

Oh my! This kitty must find a ribbon to wrap her very own alpha's maypole!

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem ~ a world of luscious lust. I luv it!

Serena ~ yep, I'm bettin' your' alpha's maypole will be quite appreciative...