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Flash for Happiness...

A dancing parrot named Snowball has shown researchers that birds really do dance to music. Dr Aniruddh Patel, of the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, California, was so 'stunned' by a popular YouTube video of Snowball moving in near-perfect time to the Backstreet Boys' song "Everybody," that he went to see the sulphur-crested cockatoo in person. Patel increased and decreased the music's tempo and found that the bird is in fact listening to and following along with the beat.

*Happiness* was incomparable erotic romance author, Mima’s theme for Flash Fiction Sunday at the Liquid Silver SEx blog. Gem Sivad’s sex-hot flash led the way...
Below is the Kougar’s creation, one she had no idea would turn out the way it did... well, meow-except for the fact she pens erotic romance...


“Happiness,” I repeat, then loose a long breath and rest my chin on the heel of my propped up hand. “I’ve always found it elusive and, in the end, an illusion. What about you?” I lower my eyelids languorously gazing at the Roithiq man seated across from me. We sit at a small table in the intimate area of an interplanetary entertainment club where I perform my poetry to music. I don’t know him, only knowing he’s frequented the club recently.
“The more happiness is offered to one who truly desires it, that is the happiness I seek,” he replies.
His voice is resonant, quiet as still deep water, yet the sound floods through me, a sensual possession from my womaness to a place near my soul.
“I’m not certain that qualifies as a real response.” I shift positions curling my body so my arms comfortably hug my legs, all the while keeping my gaze on him. He is tall, his body build all lean ruthless muscle. Yet, his comportment is grand. I would guess he is from one of the Roithiq ruling families, who are known as real rulers, not tyrants who rule for the sake of power itself.
“Actually,” I stab my voice toward him, “ it sounds like a way to get the woman of your choice into your impassioned clutches.”
He allows himself a slow blink of his eyes as he regards me. In the semi-darkness of this area I cannot see the color of his eyes. Even the teal tint of his skin is hidden in the dim light and he appears to be a dark shade of bronze. “It is, in one respect,” he concedes. “It is also a truth I abide by.”
I nod a bit and consider whether I should converse with him.
I’m in the mood for an exploration of his mind, of his soul. Yet... how dangerous is the water I swim in, if I satisfy my gnawing curiosity. Will the whirlpool that he could be snatch me beneath the surface for too long? I know I have limits, even though I step over them every now and again, at my own peril.
“You are aware,” I begin, “this room in the club is for a meeting of the minds, for a discussion between us. No invitation to carnality is allowed.” I lean forward slightly, tightening my arms around my legs.”
Blatantly, I peer at his angular striking features, which fascinate my artistic eye... hoping he doesn’t leave.
“This is where you are. So this is where I am happy.”
He’d spoken the word ‘happy’ with a slight hesitation. I knew it wasn’t his racial accent in using the common language of this galactic sector. Still, I consoled myself with the thought that he’d made no overt offer to bed me. In truth, I could have gone a hundred different directions with his words, feasting on the richness that was his mind and soul for as long as he allowed it.
Yes, I could have mentally ravished him for as long as he engaged in our conversation... until I understood what he was composed of as an individual. I even sensed he wanted that from me. But he desired something else I didn’t want to give him.
“Mercy,” I softly utter and eye him directly. “I offer you mercy. Either I can leave the table. Or you can leave.”
I watch his eyes narrow after my words. I couldn’t detect if any other part of his body moved. His power, the power he was at his core, reached out enveloping me.
Not as a way to harm me, or to convince me. Although, I knew he would, could use it to persuade me, if he so chose. His power, it was simply who he was, especially in this kind of situation. It was who he had been trained to be by his upbringing and by his life.
I realized, also, I brought out his power. His force. The force of his being. Straightening against the back of the simple chair I observe him consider his next move for far too long.
“Mercy is not what I desire from you.” He pauses.
His gaze reminds me of slow-motion lightning, the type that flashes on the mountaintops of my homeworld. From a pinpoint in the dark sky, it gradually surges, becoming an immense globe of light, and often blazed in magnificent prism colors. “My happiness,” he continues, “depends on your desire to learn about me.”
“That is only part of the truth.” I fire my own lightning, far too impatiently, and restrain my urge to move restlessly.
He grants me a flicker of a smile. “Few know me to any depth.”
“That I can believe.” I lower my legs in an easy movement.
“Am I supposed to ask, why is that?” I challenge. My chin returns to the heel of my hand. I blatantly study him, searching for what remains hidden inside his boldly shining eyes... like obsidian in the dimness. I assume the man prefers to be enigmatic, whether for a good reason or not, I don’t know. However, I imagine it is a valued skill in his realm. How could it not be?
With latent grace he slightly shakes his splendid mane of hair, an imperious gesture and at the same time, one that is a primitive sign of his power.
“What question may I answer which will ensure your happiness?” His tone is the deepest black of night.
I admit I didn’t see that strategic move coming from him. Obviously his arsenal of counter-moves is huge. Yes, learning about someone else is often like warfare, or swordplay, a long series of countering strikes until victory is achieved, or defeat is acknowledged. Or it ends as a draw between the combatants.
I go for simplicity after a tornadic spin of looking for the most advantageous strike. “Why are you here tonight?”
“I am here, my beautiful poetess, to offer you happiness.”
I begin to rise slowly, as if he is a deadly panther stalking me. Keeping my every movement slow and flowing, I deliberately stand. “I cannot accept the ‘happiness’ you are offering.”
His eyes blaze, stunning colors that flash by too swiftly to be properly identified, “Are you certain?” His tone is confidant, yet cautious in its natural arrogance. “I am voyaging to Crestlilyth. I wish you to be my companion.”
Companion... the word cuts a mighty swathe though my body as I pivot away from him. Companion means virtually his enslaved woman, his to pleasure and take pleasure from.
Before I know it my body bends forward as if a laser weapon has cut across my belly. No, never mind I’ve wanted to travel to Crestlilyth since I learned about the golden-bright world, a paradise for thousands of animal species.
I hear him leap up and feel his concern. “You are not well. May I assist you?”
Sensations twist through me. None I understand. I feel as though a sweep of wind could carry me away.
“Please, let me assist you.”
I sink to my knees watching the floor rise to meet me.
He kneels down beside me rapidly.
His gaze pierces me as he takes the measure of my face. Gently his hand flattens on my back and it is as if his touch sustains me. When he places his other hand beneath my elbow, I am compelled to rise beside him as he elegantly and powerfully stands.
“Crestlilyth,” I say breathlessly. I swear every ounce of my intelligence has deserted me.
“Happiness,” he purrs. The seductive vibration teases the flesh of my ear, tempting me in all those places I don’t want to be tempted. I almost whimper.
“Yes.” The whisper gushes from me. “I want happiness.”

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 127 ~

Sylva took what he gave her, panting like a wanton. “Oh, Zeke,” she cried out several times, her bliss excruciating. The tightness of her gown’s bodice on her breasts added to her delirium of pleasure, the constant friction turning her nipples into buds of ecstasy. In contrast the building ache around her clit was fast becoming unbearable. “Zeke,” she pleaded and tried widening her thighs. Leaning over her, he trapped her knees, pressing down. She gripped the arms of the divan and reveled in the hard thrusting ride he delivered to her pussy. “Yes,” she chanted, her orgasm rising, spiking.

Zeke drank in her impassioned features and the gorgeous carnal movement of her breasts above the gown as he pummeled her sheath. God’s own breath, he’d never felt like such a fierce stud. He knew it was not only her aroused beauty that had him even more ravenous for her, for what he could give her, it was also how much she desired him, how much she craved his powerful mounting of her. How much she enjoyed what he took from her. She was all flaming and yearning woman. All his. She bloomed before his eyes, beautiful with her orgasm.
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