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On the Eve... Chrontropolis begins...

Good late evening, my lovely Big Cats, the Kougar is forced to wonder why her tires don’t like her. Yes, they are expected to travel on gravel roads, although, not that often. Yes, they roll through the mud... well, because the roads are muddy with Spring rains. But yowling-heck, moi doesn’t kick them or claw them, or even gnaw on them for sport. Yet... they keep flattening themselves. The Kougaress has never had this much problem with tires as she’s had this last year. Why... purrrrr-rumble, she’s never even cursed her tires.
Then, when she bothers to have a little inflater, the one that is powered by the cigarette lighter... well, damn and roar, the stupid latch-on thing doesn’t work and just lets the air out of the tires... plus, the hand pump doesn’t work for the same reason... so, the eventual solution... spending three hundred dollars for free delivery of a small air compressor, tire inflation stuff *which she had, but not enough of*... and a stock up on other supplies, thankfully, needed... and happy-yep, small compressor worked!!!
On the Eve... Chrontropolis begins... yes, the Kougar is paw-dancing excited about the release of
HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES - ~ from Siren’s Menage Amour line.

Here, for the Big Cats, is a Sexcerpt. The Harbinger-altered supermen of Chrontropolis have become more primitive and *insatiable* in their sexual needs and desires, especially when they bond with their one woman, who generally undergoes her own sexual change to super-charged.

Sexcerpt ~

“Do what you want.” Zotorro slid his hands beneath her, seizing the globes of her creamy voluptuous ass like a primitive. “I know what I want. Her butt filling my hands while I stroke inside her tight little hole.”
Zavier trained his gaze on Zotorro, as did Zent and Zion. A split second later, he asked what the three of them wanted to know. “You were with her?”
“You f—” Zion compressed his lips, looked down at her, then spoke. “All the way?”
Zotorro regarded them for the barest instant. “Once.” Blinking, he stared down at her kwim, his whole body tightening as hard as his cock. “Not like this.” He struck inside her swiftly, then paused, seemingly savoring the moment as if bliss itself wrapped around his rod. His entire face was a picture of rapture. “God, I want her. I’ve always wanted her. Wendra, I want you.”
He plunged again, deep, then halted. His hands worked the beautiful flesh of her ass, molding and squeezing possessively. “Next time I’m tonguing your clit, baby.”
Deliberate and with no compromise, he speared his cock in and out of her, his rhythm fast. His jade eyes burned like live coals and remained on her face. She had thrown her head back as far as she could, her expression one of abandoned pleasure. Zent and Zion fondled the swells of her breasts, idly pinching her nipples. They roved caresses along her sides, reveling in her shape.
Manacling her wrists in one hand, Zavier captured her hair, twisting the heavy silkiness around his fist. Kneeling, he pulled downward just enough to keep her trapped the way that would give her more pleasure and make her utterly theirs at the same time. She moaned, a fragile sound of feminine helplessness, a surrender to her need for them, for what they could do to her and make her feel. At her core that’s what she wanted. Though, he knew there was still a part of her that wanted to fight for her independence. Her ecstasy kept her a willing hostage.
Zavier devoured her lips with his gaze. They were ripe like juicy strawberries, their shape both sexy and adorable. Her mouth was a luxury he wanted use of, often—beneath his lips and on his body.
“That’s it. Do her.” Zent’s growl was crude, carnal. He scraped his nail up her teat.
Zavier merged his awareness with Wendy enough to gauge how she reacted to Zent. Bursts of new arousal coiled through her overriding her shock.
“Give it her.” Zion followed with his own growl, caught up in the heathen rut Zotorro performed, his cock owning her kwim. Bending to her bright red nipple, Zion lightly bit down several times.
She cried out, her eyelids winging open fast. “Yes. Oh God, yes, more.”
“That’s it, Wendra princess,” Zotorro roughly sang to her. “How hard do you want it? Harder?”
“Harder.” She was barely able to speak beyond her raging ecstasy.
“Give it to her harder. Make her tits dance for us.” Zent tweaked her tall rigid nipple, then sank his nails in. He pulled her teat straight up and tweaked hard, alternating over and over again, as Zotorro increased the pace of his long wicked thrusts.
“Shake her for us,” Zion darkly encouraged. Raising his head up, he clamped her nipple between his fingers and twisted.
“Harder, Wendy, I’m going to give it to you harder.”
“Please.” She panted.
“Yes, baby.”
She screamed softly and continued with each pounding lunge of Zotorro’s cock. Her gorgeous body jiggled and shook with each thrust, an erotic enticement that had them all groaning low in their throats.
And had them all planning on what they were going to do to her next. Zavier knew, witnessing it on their stone-carved faces, and in the fierce, hot way they handled her body. Hell to the Almighty, he knew what he wanted to do.
And he knew what he wanted to make her do. Once he took care of her and made certain she was okay.
“Just a little harder, Wendy,” Zotorro harshly rasped. “And you’ll be flying in flame around my rod.” His body gleamed with sweat, his muscles defined as splendidly as any ancient god’s in their exertion.
“You never thought you’d want it this hard, did you?”
She gurgled a scream of bliss. The flushing stain of her climax traveled up from her mound.
“Did you?” Zotorro demanded. He sank his cock inside her, a final ruthless thrust. His orgasm glowed over his physique, and glowed his eyes to white fire. Then he nearly collapsed, his pleasure so overwhelming he nearly lost consciousness.
Springing up, Zion and Zent grabbed his arms, supporting him.



Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 124 ~

Sylva basked in the dance of their tongues together. Feeling like a seductress, she moaned and increased the sensual tempo until he groaned, a desperate sound a man made when he wanted his cock inside a woman. Lessening the play of their lips and tongues, Sylva flowed her palms down her cowboy’s taut gloriously-hard torso. She cupped the large strong point of his manhood briefly. Gentling her mouth from his, she whispered, “Is that bronco ready to buck inside me?” She let the weight of her hand drift down the brute length of his straining cock. He sharply yelled a groan.
Zeke clenched his eyes in pure heaven and pure hell, his need for her excruciating. “Ready,” he growled through gritted teeth. Unerringly, he opened his pants so his engorged shaft would ease toward her. “Yes,” he heard her murmur, mere impassioned breath. Slowly, lightly, she stroked her palm up his cock, then molded him with her hand. “Mmmmm...” she hummed. “One little taste first.” Her lips feather-touched the top of his cock’s head, and settled softly. Zeke mentally turned himself into a statue to keep himself from ramming inside her. Dang, he was a luck y son of a gun.
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A personal thought from the Kougar... moi remembers back in 1976 when the so-called swine flu raised its ugly head... she graduated college that year... the flu vaccine, instead of saving people, killed a lot of people who took the shots... NOT this Big Cat Girl who hates needles and has never had a flu shot in her entire life... and now there is some evidence to suggest that particular vaccine killed people years later... please, be careful, my darling Kittens...
No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...

Happy Aquarian Age
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Chrontropolis kisses from the Kougar...


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