Monday, May 11, 2009

Still at Two... Wahoo! and Flower Flash


Yes, my darling Big Kittens, at the last check this afternoon, HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES was holding at the #2 position of Siren BookStrand’s bestseller list... oh, the gnashing of teeth, the longing to pace nervously... but, no, the Kougar has too many writing irons in the fire, plus a rejection to deal with, one that totally confounded her because of the reasons given.
Alas, moi thinks she’s figured it out, at least, partially. For some people owning a gun like my heroine does equals immaturity and no depth of character. However, consider if you will, my KitKats ~ you are rancher riding over your land on your trusty horse.... all of sudden, hiss... rattle... hiss... you catch a glimpse of a rattlesnake’s tail... now, if you’re lucky enough to be far enough way you can escape. If you’re not, you can attempt a communication like an animal psychic and hope Mr. or Ms. Rattler responds in a positive manner. Or, if you have to ~ to save your horse or yourself, or anyone else close enough to be attacked... yep, you shoot because you’re a damn good shot. Somehow, I doubt pepper spray or a taser would work on an attacking rattlesnake. Although, a taser is supposed to neutralize the venom.
One other note, a personal preference only. The Kougar is not into the whole ‘flawed’ character thing. Nothing wrong with it. A lot of wonderful and exceptional romance authors pen stories about their flawed heroes and heroines. That particular story device just doesn’t purr this KitKat’s romantic nature, the exception being when it is truly organic to the story as in Gem Sivad’s fantastic INTIMATE STRANGERS.
So... on to greener publishing pastures.

Today, on the
Liquid Silver SEx blog, Nina Pierce, incredible erotic romance author, braved Mother’s Day with the theme of flowers. Some intense flashes and lovely flower flash-ings, my Kittens, if you want to stroll over for a glimpse. Oh, and moi stole her pic... the one up above.

Here’s the Kougar’s flower-inspired flashie...

~ I am to Mate Today ~

I stand beneath the spring-flowering tree, alone. My arms are outspread, my eyes closed and my face uplifted. The falling blossoms delicately caress my naked body, blown by the gently whirling winds. I am to Mate today. The first man who finds me will take me as his own. Where I have been placed by the High Priestess remains a mystery to me. Yet, it must be in the land of many valleys since the petal-fragrant trees surrounding me live only here. I open my eyes and also my senses, basking in the sheer loveliness of the floating snowdrop flowers.

Their centers glow with a spot of cherry pink coloring, often hidden by the glistening white petals. Slowly, I whirl, embracing the graceful rain of flowers. The sensation against my skin is dream-splendid and I wish these moments would last for a long while. As I raise my arms and spin like a dancer, a tidal wave of hope surges through me... the hope that my husband will be one I can love with my whole heart. It does not always happen. For, pairing and coupling in my world is devoted to the creation of magic, the constant generation of life.

Every breath of every creature and plant depends on what is called the Vigorous Magic between a woman and a man in union. Such love as I dream about within my innermost soul, the desire for love which beats inside my heart like hummingbird wings, is considered vital, yet not of highest value. Passion between Mates ~ the fire, the water, the wind, the earth in their most passionate expression, that is what spins our majestic world and maintains the delicate balance where all beings thrive and evolve swiftly. Still, I hope. Though, I know it matters not much at all.

In truth, I fear I will be matched with a man who blazes my sun-fiery temper... a husband who will raise savage storms within my breast at his pleasure... a mate who will cause my flight through the magnificent skies to become ever fiercer, ever faster, a competition to the wind itself. He, who will make me seethe with the ardent desires of the Goddess ~ She, who manifests herself as our corporeal world. The fertility of her loins, the divine milk of her bosom, and the spiritual awareness of her mind, all nurture us, care for us and enlighten us.

I halt my dancing twirl, sensing his footsteps before I hear them. He approaches. My One Mate. My heart quickens in wild anticipation, and with dread... and with the tiniest of my chaotic emotions... hope. Suddenly, I cannot turn toward him. My flesh is painful with its own rapid breath. “As I desired.” His deep-timbered voice appreciates the site of me. “You are the loveliest of the Goddess’s creations.” I shiver, for I know his voice. He is a Dragon Mage, a black-red dragon shifter of extraordinary power. “Come, take my hand and be my One,” he invites. I cannot.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 134 ~

Sylva leaned forward feeling like a supple temptress as she slid her hands over the wickedly hard muscles of her cowboy’s chest.“I’d better go in,” she whispered, once their lips parted, “before I cause a scandal.” His hands settled over hers and pleasure coursed through her like shocks of electricity. “How do you do that?” she asked. His chin rested on her forehead. “Do what, darlin’?” Sylva pressed her cheek against his irresistible chest. “Make me feel so ridiculously wanton,” she answered, snuggling closer. “It’s the family lineage, all of us men are virile as stallions at breedin’ time.”

Zeke eased his arms from her as she wiggled to gaze up at him. “Is that so, all of you?” she softly challenged. “Okay, you,” she granted, then smiled bewitchingly at him. Turning toward the door, she gripped the handle. “Later, cowboy,” she sassily crooned. Zeke watched her enter with a lovely swish of her gown, then headed for the Gentleman’s Lounge. Dang, he walked on springs. Entering through the fancy black door, he inhaled the heady aroma of cigar and cigarette smoke that swirled through the fan-circulated air. “Zeke.” Carlson hailed him with a wave of his trademark cigar.
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...

Have a Merry Month of May...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

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Serena Shay said...

Beautiful flash, Savanna!

Well of course a rancher would have a gun ~shakes head~ I wonder if it would have been a big deal if the hero was the one with the gun? :-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I'm not sure... it's a guess on my part. However, given the hero has alien powers he doesn't need a gun.

I was trying to figure out from her comments, which were off base, what was really going on... ?

Serena Shay said...

~sigh~ That's frustrating. :-( Sounds like that editor just doesn't get your work. :-) Good thing there are lots of pub housed to work with!