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Flash Your Favorite Pirate

Argh... me hearty Big Cats, it was Pirate Flash-ing goodness today at the Liquid Silver SEx blog... Romance author, Roscoe James hosted, presenting all sorts of piratey terms for those who are uninitiated about the high seas of romance.

Here’s the Kougar Space Pirate flash-ing ~

Zambrono drastically reduced the speed of his space hawk jet. He’d launched from his Galleon cruiser mere minutes ago. Someone was about to steal the cargo he’d already claimed with his own eye via his senors. On his galleon’s main screen he’d watched a three-person Slip, a small battle cruiser, flash-shoot toward the heavy-bellied transport craft being escorted by a fleet of six warships. Whoever engaged the warships must have balls as heavy as dense black matter because the other galactic pirates he knew would have given it a wide berth without enough attack ships. Zambrono growled, his lip curling.

Selendra streaked her Slip between two of the warships, blasting them both with one of her secret weapons. Streams of diamond-fed plasma disabled one warship and significantly damaged the other. Looping above them, she dove toward the warship on her tail and fired hydro-shots into its central energy core. That would slow it down until she could finish it off. Zigzagging past the limping warship, she flew beneath the whale-like transport and targeted the bay hatch. Her red cutting beams seared away the magnetic-hold field. Having dispatched two warships already, she spun her ship like a top, searching... oh, no!

Zambrono caught the core of charging warship with his gold suspension rays, leaving it floating helplessly close to the transport. While he roared a laugh of triumph, he watched the Slip halt its amazing spin, then lock on his hawk jet with a particle scan beam. A second later the balls-brave captain slid the Slip up and to the side of the transport, out of his firing range, unless he wanted to take a chunk out of the transport’s cargo hold. “Later,” he snarled the promise. Corkscrewing the jet toward the warship still able to attack, he gold-coated the core.

Selendra’s innards flinched for an instant. Her scan didn’t lie. That was the hawk jet of the man known as the Buccaneer King. Well, frizzle frazzle hell, he wasn’t getting her hard-won cargo. Avoiding the pulse cannons peppering space around the third cargo bay’s entrance, Selendra carefully wove toward her real target, located within the bay she hadn’t attacked. Keeping one eye glued to the jet hawk’s advance, she unsealed the tiny bay’s field and cruised her Slip inside the instant the door cracked open. She re-sealed the door enough to allow for some gravity. The ten giant cases settled.

Zambrono barked with irritation. The Slip had vanished from his sensors and not within the bay that had been opened with red cutting beams. With the warships useless, he aimed for the guts of the transport and fired his plasma ice ray, freezing the four energy cores to gelatinous goo. The cores would reform in a short time powering the transport again. He grrrrrd, then sneered. What the black hole hell was the other pirate captain up to? His curiosity engaged and his wrath, Zambrono combed his sensors over the transport looking for the balls-to-the-space-walls captain. He found him, departing.

Selendra sidled the Slip close to the cases, filled with the red diamonds that had been stolen from the Juijitts, then illegally sold, and now on their way to a weapons’ manufacturer. Swiftly placing on her breathing helmet, she opened her own holding bay. She seized her magnetic grappler and jogged the short distance to her bay. Waiting for the atmosphere to stabilize enough, she hauled ass outside and rapidly attached the beam-lock to the cases, loading them one by one. About to enter her hold, she felt muscular arms latch onto her waist, and squeeze unmercifully. “What the hell...”

Zambrono finished, “you’re a girl.” His new prize twisted like a fairy fiend, seeking any way to hurt him, and escape. He kept his capture of her, barely. Her exceptionally rounded ass attacked his engorging cock without mercy. Her soft, beautifully firm breasts were no easier on his forearms as he carried her to his hawk jet. The heels of her boots struck his booted shins. And he would have laughed heartily at the way her arms flailed seeking his harm, if he could be certain of his hold on her. Tossing her within, he dived on top of her.
Meow... it’s happened on the ninth day, my Lovely KitKats, HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES has slipped to fourth position on the Siren-BookStrand’s bestseller list. Still amazingly good, actually. And the best, those reader ratings of FIVE are growing, for which this Big Cat is utterly grateful. THANK YOU! PURR-SMILE AND TAIL-HIGH THANK YOU! Everyone!

Roarin’ Raging Rant ahead... MARKED FOR EXTERMINATION
Yesterday, my most beloved KitKats, the Kougar’s lair was marked for a future extermination... the same way the Jews were marked by Hitler for extermination... so it felt down to her sleek-running bones. Yep, her front door was GPSed for the so-called 2010 Census. Or, GPS ~ Government’s Permanent Spy ~
Yowling-despite the fact, that this Cat girl actually has a working mailbox, which is well known to the Post Office.
This Big Cat has to say she feels violated and raped by this unwanted intrusion into her precious privacy. No, the Census worker wasn’t objectionable as a person. However, no one bothered to ask any manner of permission. And THIS, THE GPSing of everyone’s home IS DEFINITELY NOT CONSTITUTIONAL. The only info which is constitutional is how many residents there are. That’s it. Every long-numbered code or whatever supposed law that is cited is pure intimidation ~ these codes and laws are only lies masquerading as legal and meant to deceive us into believing the GPSing of our homes is, indeed, a legal act. It’s not. The Constitution trumps every law and code passed by Congress or as an edict from the President.
Of course, if you dare speak this truth you’re likely to be fined and/or thrown into jail for whatever reason that can be concocted against you. At worst, you’ll be labeled a terror**t, and thrown like a steak bone to Homeland Security.
The other truth ~ this is not an actual Census program. No, it’s roots are at the UN. Sniff out the paper cyber trail, my darling Kittens. Yep, the UN wants the exact GPS coordinates of your front door. Why? Well, the Kougaress could easily speculate on many scenarios. However, she won’t. Here.
Question: Do you really want those at the UN to know your exact location on this planet? Even if you favor the UN, do you believe this info will never fall into the bad guys’ hands? Gee and sarcastic meow, how many laptops have been lost by US government workers? How much info on computers has already been hacked and stolen?
Number One, your personal info CAN’T be kept safe... Number two, your private info WON’T be kept safe. This Big Cat dares to say your info is for sale to anyone who pays a high enough price under the table or by passing laws which supposedly now make it legal to let everyone know exactly where you are and the nature of your household.
Do you know there are military weapons which attack by GPS coordinates only? What if the wrong people, evil powerful people get hold of everyone’s GPS info... what then? Is any one of us safe, then?

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues....

Part 141 ~

Sylva seated herself at the vanity. Maybe being a woman here was far more enjoyable than being a woman on her Earth... maybe? At least, femininity seemed to be appreciated and respected, even encouraged in a positive manner. Still, she didn’t want to be forced to be ‘feminine’ all the time. Though, Zeke had mentioned his sister and her being a Lady Wrangler. Sylva examined the pots, then checked her face. Improvement definitely required. She stroked on light coverings of the subtly shimmering makeup, then used a similar shade of lip cream. Yep, she could become spoiled to this luxury.

Zeke pressed the cheroot into the sand, thinking of his Sylva. “No, it doesn’t interfere,” Carlson answered. “Let’s coordinate efforts soon, Vintorr. Now, I’m thinking I should let you get back to your honeymoon.” The Judge grinned. Zeke gave a curt nod, then shook the Carlson’s hand. “Later, Judge.” Pivoting away, he headed for a private cubicle. Whatever was brewing wasn’t on the verge of breaking loose, or Carlson would have called a general County meeting with the Sheriff, and called out the militia troops if necessary. Still, dang and hang it, he’d have to set his plans in motion.
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...

Have a Merry Month of May...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

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Oh my, Lady Kougar...your flash is making this kitten yowl with pleasure! Meowwwwer please!!

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Wouldn't that be a fun, bodice ripper, space opera to write or flash?
time... time... I need more time!

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OMG, I love it -- a space opera! Oh the many and varied ways you could go there!! More time would be a definite blessing!! LOL