Monday, February 9, 2009

Flash of Valentine's Day on another Earth ...

Oops, my Big Kittens, the Kougar goofed. She forgot to mention all of us authors at the HAPPILY EVER AFTER blog were interviewed this Sunday for the Love Romances CafĂ© blog ~ ~ So, pad on over if you’d like insights into what makes all us HEA authors romantically tick.

Today, Nina Pierce, fantastic erotic romance author, hosted Flash Fiction Sunday at the Liquid Silver SEx blog. Dear Big Cats, you’ll want to racing-trot right over, if you want some Valentine’s day sex fun and erotic flash-ing.
Moi could not resist claw-penning this scene in two hundred ~

Sylva and Zeke ~ Valentine’s Day on another Earth

His loins ablaze, Zeke carried the fistful of red roses up the winding stairs to his reluctant wife’s sitting room. His Sylva surely wasn’t reluctant when it came to their passionate romping. Still, she was more stubborn than a flat-eared mule when it came to believing she belonged to him. Entering, he paused, hungrily staring at the picture she made. The red leather, heart-shaped corset shoved her creamy breasts into a confection he wanted to devour. Fancy snow-white layers of lace showed off her full hips and thighs. Smiling like a temptress, she crooked her finger. “No underwear...yet, stud.”

His cock and balls heavy as a bull snorting to mount a cow, Zeke approached. Quickly shoving the roses into a vase, he plucked one out and stroked the large bloom over the swells of her breasts until she whimpered constantly, until he smelled the sex perfume between her thighs. “Want to use that bulge, cowboy?” she naughtily crooned. Reclining on the pink divan, she lifted the short lace skirt, baring her privates for his use. When he caressed the rose over her curls she winged her legs open. Slowly, he brushed the rose petals over beautiful red engorged petals.

Yes, meow, the Kougar remains hard at revision-work... with all progressing well ~

Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ a snippet scene from HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES ~ romance is in the air... even in a world torn apart by weather wars ~

She raised her face, meeting his gaze, her eyes sparkling with tears. It was his undoing. He always melted for her, gooey as molasses.
She swallowed, nearly choking on her tears, then murmured, “Fire princess, I can’t remember the first time you called me that. It’s been so long ago.” She leaned into his hold, vulnerable and soft, reminding him of how the first breezes of Spring felt, before the weather wars.
He wrapped her closer. God, his Wendy had always been like a bewitching caress that begged him to follow. He’d even written that to her as a teenager, and never given her the love note. But he’d always kept the words engraved in his heart.
Her tentative breaths touched his throat, as she rested her cheek against the curve of his shoulder and neck. “So much has happened. I...I blanked out a lot of the memories.”
“I kept every memory of you,” he whispered.
“It was all too unbearable. It’s been too painful to remember the good times. I think I just didn’t want to know it was gone forever.”
Zotorro understand. “Knowing you were alive, Wendy, gave me the courage to endure, despite the horrors.”
She sniffled, her delicate hot tears landing on his skin where his flight suit ended.
“Facing things the way they are ” Her voice trailed away and she molded her body more closely against him.
“I remember the first time I called you ‘fire princess’.” Zotorro slipped his palm upwards, cupping her head. He splayed his hand, stroking gently. “The gown you wore to our first Autumn dance together. That was the first time, Wendy.”
She nodded, an ethereal movement. “Red with gold threads, and slinky. I was in the mood to try out my seductive wiles.” She giggled a bit through her weepy little voice.
“You looked like a fire princess to me, and you felt like it in my arms.” Zotorro bent his head, his mouth near her ear. “I whispered it in your ear at the end of our third dance.”

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Flash of Valentine smooch from the Kougar...

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