Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nightmare Blogger & the Love Vibe

 the plot of a Steven King novel, the error, whatever it is, continues to win, despite all the ways the Kougar has attempted to correct this shrieking-terrible situation. Including changing her password.
Imagine, if you will... all access is denied to the words of your friends. From afar, you see their faces, their lips moving in conversation and their animated bodies...yet, you aren’t allowed close enough to say hi, or join in with any matter how often they excitedly wave you over...
You are imprisoned by a mischievous error which could be corrected if only those in the know would help you, save you. But, no, despite having the answers, they allow no contact...a cold shoulder of *we don’t care* how many times you have to run the same old boring frustrating maize of no answers.
The moral of that story ~ often the new ways of technology are crap when compared with the ease of how things used to work. Like getting actual answers and assistance.
The night sky remains stunning, my Big Beautiful Cats, with the Moon and Venus heralding the upcoming day of love, Valentine’s Day... and heralding the dawning of the age of love.
While love is in the air and saturating the Earth as cosmic rays... darkness, deep, deep darkness will come before this dawning. Yet, this heightened ability to love and be loved is available to us all...and will be so, more and more. It is the Kougaress’s belief this love vibe will show up in music, in art, in all forms of creativity, especially the artistic endeavors which reach large groups of people.
No, this will not usher in another era of fan worship for the so-called ‘stars’. That will change, if gradually, toward everyone appreciating everyone, with those closest to them receiving the most admiration.
Don’t believe moi? Venus, the planet of love, shone with such magical intense brightness above the western horizon this evening, this Big Cat girl could only stare in utter awe and purring-know love is on the way.
Lisa Andel’s Australian blog at the Liquid Silver SEx blog ~ if you want to gander at some fabulous pics of Sydney, where Lisa just visited...stride on over, my gorgeous Big Cats.

Today, the Kougar managed to answer the questions for the Love Romances Café blog, which will feature the authors at the Happily Ever After blog on February 8.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 37 ~

Sylva felt his male satisfaction at her words. She’d never been a woman who wanted to hurt a man just for the sport of it, as she’d seen done. Not to mention the stomach-nauseating stories her female co-workers had told on themselves and on their friends. Still, if she had to. He was more than welcome to ramrod her pussy, he wasn’t welcome to ramrod her into anything else she didn’t want to do. Even if she was stuck in a parallel land as a stranger. Was she stuck here? “My bride,” he rasped, his tone so loving, Sylva gasped.

Zeke roused himself at her startled gasp, enough to shift his weight off her. He rolled them on their sides, glad his bed was so large he had no concerns about the edge. She didn’t resist, cuddling against him as he gathered her close. How did he woo her? She was right as rain. They didn’t truly know each other, a fact he intended to remedy and darn quicker than a wild horse trying to escape his lasso. “It’s the custom here.” He paused, threading his fingers in the tumble of her hair. “For a man to court his bride.”
TO BE CONTINUED as Happy Valentine’s Day... courtship on another Earth

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Today, Bekki Lynn posted a heart-precious blog about her son’s upcoming wedding. Wednesday, Lindsay Townsend posted about her award for A SECRET TREASURE from CataNetworks and thanks to all the ladies at the
HAPPILY EVER AFTER blog, the Kougar introduced BLACK CAT BEAUTY, and expounded a bit about the romance in one scene.
Also, for the next part of the Never Ending Story ~ ~
Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~

May your most romantic dreams come true...

Love vibe kiss from the Kougar...

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