Monday, February 2, 2009

Emergency Flashers Required... Big Beautiful Cats, and yowl about perfect synchronicity...this was on one of moi’s author chat loops...a purrr-fect gift, since Blogger has not solved the Kougar’s and other’s problem in accessing blogs under the adult content restriction.
Moi did discover another author with the same problem who also has Embarq as her phone carrier... coincidence or the problem?
Yesterday I had a flat tire on the interstate.

So I eased my car over to the shoulder of the road, carefully get out
of the car and open the trunk.
I took out 2 cardboard men, unfolded them and stood them at the rear
of my car facing oncoming traffic. They look so lifelike you
wouldn't believe it!

They are in trench coats exposing their nude bodies and private parts
to the approaching drivers.
But to my surprise, cars start slowing down looking at my lifelike
And of course, traffic starts backing up.
Everybody is tooting their horns and waving like crazy.

It wasn't long before a state trooper pulls up behind me.
He gets out of his car and starts walking towards me.
I could tell he was not a happy camper!
"What's going on here?'"
"My car has a flat tire', I said calmly.
"Well, what the h*ll are those obscene cardboard men doing here by
the road?"
I couldn't believe he didn't know.

So I told him, "Helloooooo, those are my emergency flashers!'

It’s the magical mystery tour...right here...for the love number TWO ~ for the details take a gander at Volcano’s Angelic Forecast ~ here’s the beginning ~

February 2, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXII

“Okay,” I murmur, “the 2's definitely have it. Here.” I feel astounded to say the cosmic-least, as I stare THE NUMBERS. All the numbers.
“Two, the magical and mystical I love you.” The Heavenly One has popped out of the ethers beside me.
“It must be all about love,” I say, entranced by the sight of Venus, hanging high above the western horizon, and so amazingly bright in the night sky, I can scarcely believe it.
“February, the second month, ushers in new horizons for love...for being loved.”
Suddenly a glistening shower of itsy bitsy pink hearts fall before my eyes.

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Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Valentine’s Day... courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Silva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 39 ~

Sylva moved restlessly, feeling torn in half. Gently he eased his cock from her, yet kept her embraced against him. She sighed inside, disappointment and relief battling it out. Good god, she definitely liked the way his manhood filled her, way too much for her own damn good. A moment later, her stomach growled. She flushed with embarrassment, even though it was silly. “You are hungry,” he rasped. Sylva turned her face from his broad perfect chest enough to mumble, “I didn’t eat much today...before I arrived your world.” Then she remembered. “Do I smell like garlic?”

Zeke smiled, despite his rabbit-ready lonesome cock. Separating himself from her, only enough to tenderly take hold of her chin, he murmured, “You smell like my woman. And a man always takes care of his woman.” He touched the tip of her sassy little nose with his lips. “What kinds of food do you like?” She squirmed again, her eyelids slowly lowering, then opening to reveal the uncertainty shimmering in her eyes. “Are there menus? What do I wear here?” He was about to tell her, he could purchase a gown, when she asked, “Can you have food brought here?”
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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Emergency Flashing kisses required from the Kougar...

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