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Western Erotic Romance ~ Wolf's Tender by Gem Sivad

INTIMATE STRANGERS by Gem Sivad is a finalist for Best Western Romance 2009 at the 2010 EPPIE AWARDS.
Yay! Yippee! You go, cowgirl.

It’s here, my cowboy lovin’ Big Cats, the second release by historical western romance author, Gem Sivad, from Liquid Silver Books.
Looks like that cad, Charlie Wolf, is about to be tamed by the last woman he ever thought could give him a proper ride.

Wolf’s Tender


Book One: in the Bounty Hunters series

Rough and tough Charlie Wolf McCallister knows he needs to get laid, when even a spinster school teacher with a sharp tongue, starts looking good to him. But, cad that he is, he operates on the philosophy that a bird in hand is better than no bird at all. And so he offers to trade service for—servicing.

When Naomi Parker's students are snatched from their school by marauding Comancheros, she can't believe that she hid like a coward and let it happen. The only way to ease her conscience, and get the girls home safely, is to hire half-Kiowa bounty hunter, Charlie Wolf McCallister. His price seems a bit steep, to prim and proper Naomi who must choose between her virtue and her students’ lives.

When one straight-laced spinster, tenders her body, to one cynical sometimes savage, the unexpected bounty, is love.


“You’ve been following me all over town.” The woman didn’t even deny it, leaning toward him instead, patiently waiting as he took her measure—thin face with brown hair skinned into a tight knot, straight teeth, and nose spattered with freckles across burned skin. Deep exotic cornflower-blue eyes met his.

Charlie’s gaze came back to the eyes for a second look.

“My name is Naomi Parker.” If it weren’t for the unusual shade of her eyes, Miss Naomi Parker would be written off as old-maid material. She was a tall, skinny female, past the first flush of maidenhood, with prim and proper written all over her.

Not being a prize himself, nor considered civilized, he rarely came in contact with females of social standing, but he recognized one now. He intended to run this one off as quick as possible and get on with his bath. Knowing what he did of her kind, he didn’t think it would take much.

She held out her hand and for a moment he wasn’t sure what she wanted. Then he realized she intended it as a greeting. He grabbed the extended limb and pulled hard, rolling her down his arm, and into his embrace before she realized she’d been captured.

He pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her like bands of steel, pulling her so close her chin brushed his bare chest. The contact sent a frisson of heat coursing through him which made no sense since her body was encased in iron, or at least something that felt like it.

“What the hell kind of contraption do you have on, Miss Parker?” His hands automatically fell to her hips, holding her against the swell of his erection, stealing a moment’s pleasure.

Accept for the slight mound of her breasts, she had the body of a fifteen year old boy—thin for his age—but a tall stripling. He noted all of this unconsciously, surprised that his cock had roused with fierce interest. Jesus, I need a woman.

His shirt and handkerchief were smashed between them. She tilted her head to glare at him as she struggled against his hold. Her hips moved in his hands and in her struggle, she accidentally rubbed against his arousal. She froze.

“Stupid to offer your hand to someone you don’t know,” he admonished her even as he blatantly rubbed his swollen flesh against her hip.

Her breasts that were, as near as he could tell, about the size of robin’s eggs, were nevertheless heaving, and she was pissed not scared, as he stared into eyes that had darkened. He wondered what color they would be when she came, and then flinched at the thought.

Jesus, all pussy’s the same in the dark. What the hell difference if she’s a dried up old prune. His cock demanded, Fuck her.

Old maid material or not, his cock was erect and urging him to make friends.

“You’re lucky you survived the raid. Think about that, instead of wallowing in guilt, and let the law take care of your friends.”

He had a cigar and the rest of a bottle of good whiskey waiting for him and minutes before he’d thought that was enough.

He’d meant to scare her away so he could climb into that tub of hot water while it still had some steam coming from it. Instead he had a woman wrapped in his arms and his body seemed determined to keep her. His cock said this woman could service him just fine—and she could do it now.

It was pleasing the way she fit up against him, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. His first assessment that she was skinny, gave way to new knowledge. She was a slender armful, her softness hidden under the iron casing she’d wrapped around her flesh. The thought of her long white legs sliding around his hips while he sank into her, filled his mind.

He let his thoughts play over the impossible possibilities for a second, before he let her go, allowing inches between them and dropping his hand that had been stroking her back.

“I’m planning on being in that tub of water in two minutes, naked as the day I was born, whether you get out of here or not.”

He released her abruptly, expecting her to hurry from the barn. Instead, she continued the connection between them, pressing her body against his, her unwavering blue eyes staring up at him. Her lips trembled for a moment, and then she repeated her request.

“I need your help.”
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CONGRATS to all the authors who are EPPIE finalists!!!
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Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 323 ~

Sylva couldn’t believe how utterly wonderful and savage Zeke’s strikes inside her felt. Not primitive, but long, devastatingly smooth and always plunging to her core. She panted in long gasps, her hands rapidly stroking his shoulders. “Oh, wicked, absolutely wicked.” Her own breathy purr surprised her. His dark brandy eyes locked on her face. “Wickedly beautiful.” His growl stormed through her, awakening more ecstasy. “Yes, ride me, cowboy.” For a moment, he captured her lips with a blazing kiss. “Count on it,” he rasped. His highhandedness turned her on more, even though she squirmed inside with the thought it shouldn’t.

Zeke lunged his cock deep inside his woman’s glove-tight, hot-as-fire hole. ‘Count on it,’ he chanted mentally. He knew he would do whatever it took to keep her this carnally spirited with him. The feel of her body beneath him, clinging like a determined bur, was driving him stud mad and he increased the pace of his thrusting shaft. Still, he concentrated on riding his Sylva, only as much as her sheath could endure now. She took his pumping cock, her passion rising to the heavens and incinerating him. With a keening whimper, she opened her body more to him.
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Serena Shay said...

Wolf, Wolf, Wolf!! I can't wait to get my hands on this one, too...
Gem is certainly bringing back Western's to their glory!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ yes, she is! That Charlie is gettin' under my skin with his cad way.

Gem Sivad said...

Ladies Charlie (and I) thank you. I hope you're right about westerns because Lozen *grin* seems comfortable in the 21st century and shows no inclination to go back to muse-land.

Thanks for the wonderful send-off.


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh Gem, you're most welcome. I have to find time to read Wolf's Tender and Serena's The Challenge... plus others I have waiting.

Lozen is such an intriguing muse! I have a feeling she'd make herself at home wherever she decided to be.