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Flash of the Peacock Moon Sorceress

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Flash Fiction Sunday at the Liquid Silver SEx blog, it was ~ Behind the Mask ~ with
Jeanne Barrack ~ FLASH FICTION: “What if the costume was real?”

Yep and some penning pep, here’s moi’s Mask Flash ~

Peacock Moon Sorceress

I avoid looking at my reflection in the shop’s window. Why torment myself? In my book aging is just plain stupid. Still, I catch a glimpse of an elaborately feathered mask, stopping. Gorgeous doesn’t describe it’s beauty. ‘Peacock Moon Sorceress’, I read. “Yes,” I whisper in agreement. My pulse quickens as I continue staring. I hear the shop door’s bell and glance over. It’s a man costumed as a devil, a damn good-looking man, his sinew and muscle in all the right places. He’s fiery red from head to toe. I can’t help wondering if his costume has a forked tail.

“Come on in,” he invites with a devilish smile. “I don’t bite, at least, not like a vampire.”
I smile. I can’t help it. Besides, his manner is engaging and the woman I still am comes out to play with him. “Oh, I bet you do.” I flirt with words. “But, no thank you. I have no place to wear it.”
“You can wear it for me. No one has tried it on yet. The woman who created it will be so disappointed.”
“No one?”
He shakes his head, an alpha movement that has me mesmerized for a moment. I stare.

“You’ll be the first.” He widens the door invitingly.
Why not? I tell myself. What can it hurt? Unless he does bite... “I doubt I’m the first,” I teasingly say as I move past him inside. Heady from his masculine smell, I feel somewhat disoriented, as if I’m walking on clouds.
“No.” I hear his smoky voice behind me. “However, you’ll be the last.”
Before I can reply, or even turn around, he’s holding the mask before my gaze. “It’s so bewitching,” I murmur. My feet are rooted to the floor.
“Yes, bewitching. Come, let’s go over to the mirror.”

“Mirrors are no longer my friends.” Acid edges my tone, despite the weird tingly sense that for some reason, ‘devil man’ finds me attractive. I put it down to my over-active imagination. I’m just an aging boomer who desperately desires to feel beautiful.
With the gentle urging of his fingertips on my shoulder, I move toward a gleaming full-length mirror. Everything I’ve heard about the mystical powers of mirrors zooms through my mind. “Bonfire incense?” I ask, the potent fragrance filling my nostrils.
“Hellfire incense,” he darkly rasps. His fingers stroke from my shoulder as I stand before the mirror.

Swiftly, he places the mask before my face. “Please,” he intones like I imagine a wizard would, “put it on.”
I am aware only of the mask, it’s stunning colors, the elegant and ephemeral sweep of the feathers. I’ll never have this chance again. “Do you have a tail?” I ask. “I mean does your costume have a tail?”
“Put on the mask and I’ll show you,” he tempts like the devil himself.
The reflection of his smile in the mirror is my undoing. Worse, his dark blazing eyes match. Both are sexy, and an enticement that promises extreme passion.

I take hold of the mask, then press it to my face. Amazingly, it remains in place as I reach to secure it. “Oh-my-god,” I mutter. Inside the mirror, a scene takes shape as if I’ve turned on my TV. Men and women in opulent costumes dance with each other at a masquerade ball. Magnificent candle-lit chandeliers illuminate them. I gasp at the sheer splendor.
“Shall we dance?”
I whirl around, surprised by feel of a gown. Devil man holds his glistening forked tail in a cavalier manner, his arm presented to me. Suddenly, glorious strains of music surround us.

Authoress news and mews ~

Over at THE PINK BLOG, an incredible excerpt ~

Keta and Tara: Joaquin's Realm

Tara Nichols and Keta Diablo, co-authoring a series of Angel and Demon novels under the name of JOAQUIN, finaled in Stella Cameron’s prestigious Scarlet Boa contest with their PARANORMAL entry. We are thrilled to have placed in the final ten among over 148 entries. The voting will continue through October 31st and the winning entry will be read by an editor from MIRA publishing.

The book, currently under the working title, The Fall of the Black Phoenix, is coming along nicely. It features zombies, werewolves, vampires, and most of all angels and demons. We’re making our characters walk a tightrope of suspense, action, adventure, and sizzling erotic scenarios as they do battle in the urban gutters of Vancouver, the heavens and beyond!

Here is a small taste:

Ayr stepped into the winter night as another clap of thunder split the air. Strange, he thought, looking up at star-filled sky. Deep in the heart of winter, a thin layer of frost clung to the hardwoods and pines, and rain-laden clouds loomed overhead, poised on the brink of unleashing a torrent upon his head.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 309 ~

Sylva yielded to the slow burning bloom of her orgasm as her cowboy husband groaned, his cock plunging to the hilt inside her. As ecstasy saturated her, Sylva caressed Zeke’s sweat-slickened back, reveling in his strength and in the power of his orgasm. God, could it get any better, than feeling him finally settle on top of her, their body’s joined, bathed in the same afterglow. “Sylva.” His lips grazed hers. “Zeke,” she whispered. Sylva ran her hands over as much of his back as she could reach. For long moments, their gazes flowed into each other, wordless and impassioned.

Zeke beheld his bride. The sweet glow of her eyes kept him enthralled, even though he knew he should roll off her. Already slumber claimed her. Touching his mouth to hers again, he eased from her, then quickly surrounded her with his arms. He pulled her close, spooning his body around her. “Go to sleep, darlin’.” She nodded sleepily. Turning in his embrace, she pressed her back and her perfect rump against him. “It’s been a long, long day,” she murmured. “But this is the best way to end it.” Zeke nodded on her shoulder. “It is, isn’t it, my woman.”
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Serena Shay said...

Awesome flash Savanna! What fun to find such a lovely costume, but then to get the hottie that goes along with it...yum!!

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Serena ~ the devil hottie... light my fire, baby...