Saturday, November 7, 2009

Feeding the Soul With Fire

Good and loveable Big Kittens, All... it has come to the Kougar’s attention that there is a huge need for soul recognition in our beloved world, this current life on Mother Earth ~ despite the *Chicken Soup for the Soul* series of books.
This is a deep, deep subject... one that this Big Cat will probably handle awkwardly... so she is asking for your understanding and forbearance.
Yep, baby paw steps are needed here... in this process of recognizing and tending to the soul. To the best of her ability, as *part* of her upcoming bloggies, the Kougaress will offer her own experiences, the seeing of her soul through her eyes, through all of her senses, actually... her sixth sense included.
Much, of course, has written about the soul throughout the ages... what it is, what it isn’t... does or doesn’t it exist?
This Big Cat has always known the Soul existed. One of those sacred knowings she was born with. Understanding the soul, and her soul in this world and this culture... is a whole other matter... that’s taken a long lifetime and is an ongoing work-in-progress, a never-ending novel of life.
For example ~ Feeding the Soul With Fire ~ in one of those ah-ha moments, brought about by several convergent ideas, moi realized her soul is nurtured, actually fed by fire... watching candle flames, feeling the heat of a fire in a fireplace, smelling the fragrant smoke of different woods, hearing the whispering rush of the sinuous flames as they live, consuming oxygen.
No, not surprising, given she’s an Aries. However, a fireplace with a roaring dancing blaze is not only an enjoyment, but is something much more profound... it is a sublime and fierce energy that feeds her soul. As Whitley Strieber ~ ~ put it, to paraphrase... the soul is actually another organ, one, we as a culture haven’t recognized and certainly don’t tend to.
This may be a radical thought for some, though, for this Big Cat, it rings true inside, as if every beautiful church bell is ringing, in fact. It also makes sense, given what moi has experienced in life, the result of her journey, thus far.
What else brought about this ah-ha moment? The Kougar’s author friend, Lindsay Townsend, posted a blog at
HAPPILY EVER AFTER, titled ~ Time for a roaring fire ~ Here’s the opening...

“After a rainy and recession-dampened Bonfire Night in my neck of the woods, I began to think wistfully of enormous medieval fireplaces, logs cut from the woods by peasants in grubby tunics, the warm glow of a winter fire.”

Lindsay’s wonderful thoughtful blog triggered in moi something this Big Cat hadn’t known about herself, not at a *here I am* conscious level... just how much the Kougaress’ soul needs to be taken care of with fire. She needs a fireplace or maybe lots of candles. Yes, having a fireplace would mean, not merely lighting the logs and watching them crackle to life... but understanding and taking care of the hearth itself, a time-consuming chore that could become a ritual, one that also feeds the soul.
How much have we lost in our *rush here, rush there* lives where we often forego these kinds of rituals, the ones that nourish us and our soul?
It appears to the Kougar that we have lost an awareness of our soul, and that most of us are running on empty because we didn’t fill up our souls. Succinctly, we don’t know how. In fact, most of us were never taught. Instinctually, we will try to care for our sublime organ, the Soul, and many individuals are naturally good at it... yet, what do we need to know and learn about caring for our precious souls?

Here’s a poem, mentioned in Lindsay’s blog, that captivated the Kougaress, in part, because it speaks simplistically to the soul ~

The Firewood Poem

Beechwood fires are bright and clear
If the logs are kept a year,
Chestnut's only good they say,
If for logs 'tis laid away.
Make a fire of Elder tree,
Death within your house will be;
But ash new or ash old,
Is fit for a queen with crown of gold

Birch and fir logs burn too fast
Blaze up bright and do not last,
it is by the Irish said
Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread.
Elm wood burns like churchyard mould,
E'en the very flames are cold
But ash green or ash brown
Is fit for a queen with golden crown

Poplar gives a bitter smoke,
Fills your eyes and makes you choke,
Apple wood will scent your room
Pear wood smells like flowers in bloom
Oaken logs, if dry and old
keep away the winter's cold
But ash wet or ash dry
a king shall warm his slippers by.

The firewood poem was written by Celia Congreve, is believed to be first published in THE TIMES newspaper on March 2nd 1930
. ~ ~

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Zeke mentally scowled at his own ‘sense’ of what had occurred. “Is that when you woke up, darlin’?” She shook her head ‘no’. “I escaped that area, those bee men. But then, I was flying above this enormous dry riverbed. There were cliff caves and suddenly these four bee men streaked toward me. They were bigger, stronger and looked a whole lot meaner. I don’t know where this came from, but I imagined a rainstorm pouring down on them... maybe because it’s been raining. Anyway, they couldn’t fly and dropped out of the sky.” She drew in a shaky breath.
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Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Soul with fire kisses from the Kougar...


Lindsay Townsend said...

Beautiful blog, Savanna! Very soul-inspiring.

Serena Shay said...

Incredible blog, Savanna! Right you are in that our Souls have become so beaten down of late and so-so many do not have a clue how to bring back that vital part of us into the light...

I can't wait to read more tending of the soul blogs! ((hugs))

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, thank you!

Serena ~ hopefully my intention to continue soul tending blogs will work out... I do feel strongly about this... yep, down to my soul.