Saturday, June 17, 2017

Once Upon a Time, the Kougar Committed To Knowing the Truth

Thank you, Ben Garrison! 
The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth ... No Matter What ... Well, most darling of KitKats, this *true committment* she made to herself somewhere in the mid 80s HAS NOT BEEN A FUN TRIP, to yowl the least ... however, at the time, she was dedicated to knowing/realizing the TRUTH about herself ... THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY, THE BEAUTIFUL -- thus, to transform herself, and thus, to make that kind of transforming impact on the world at large -- for the betterment, the GOOD of US ALL.

And yes, this commitment also covered knowing/realizing THE TRUTH about her world ... you know, TAKING OFF THE ROSE-COLORED glasses, so to speak, or WAKING THE 'F' UP to all levels of real reality ... IT'S BEEN A HORRIFIC, AMAZING *VERY GOOD AND MIRACULOUS* AT TIMES TRIP   however, not necessarily recommended!!! ... this Big Cat bit off way more than she could ever chew ... the TRUMAN-SHOW reality she lived in fell apart at the seams in every conceivable way, and is still FALLING APART everyday ... for, once you dare dive down this TRUTH rabbit hole ... well, good luck!!! Because the conspiracy-rabbit hole is damn endless... and only gets bigger and badder ... yet and still, with more DIVINE OPPORTUNITIES ...

So, dearest Kittens, if you want a PEAK deep down into ***part of the rabbit hole*** listen to this vid of Alex Jones [no, its not even mostly about the pathetic sex viper, Megyn Kelly] ... but know this, he doesn't pull his punches about the world around us.


Media attempt to deceive public exposed

NBC and Megyn Kelly are in damage control after their attempt to deceive the public was exposed:

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