Wednesday, April 5, 2017

...what a hellacious-event day...

Night yowls, darling and most daring KitKats ... what a hellacious-event day for this Big Cat, including major internet connection problems -- which hopefully will be solved because centurylink is sending an updated modem -- that took a couple of hours to finally accomplish ... then, a huge dead tree, about three feet in diameter got water logged by all the spring storm rains on the tame prairie, and fell over the neighbors fence and onto my drive ... which is somewhat of a problem, but hopefully can be solved without a great big hassle ... good gosh! this was the kind of day you definitely don't want to wake up for... ''cause a lot more *not fun* stuff happened!

So, the Kougar is too worn out to expound on much of anything even though there have been bombshell revelation after bombshell revelation the last two days ... also, she feels for all those who were victimized by the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg... she sends her deepest condolences to the Russian people.

Then, all this *on the brink of war* stuff with North Korea and Communist China... whatever, let's just create a world that works for everyone on the GOOD SIDE.... and the nasty big fat FALSE FLAG in Syria, all to take out Assad for NO GOOD REASON AT ALL ... except the globalists bad guys/gals want him gone to complete their nefarious plans, and enslave the Syrian people... and really most of those who are being called Syrian refugees, AREN'T!!! The males are Muslim infiltrators and terrorists...oh, and it seems that all those *we love refugee*  Swedish women are now FLEEING the no-go zones to save themselves. About time...huh?

Trump calls Putin to extend condolences after St. Petersburg blast

April 04, 3:24updated at:April 04, 3:27UTC+3
The subway blast in Russia's St. Petersburg claimed 11 lives


YEP, STORIES OF INTEREST ... don't forget the earthquakes are ramping up crazily ... obviously that is not being reported by the enemy-msm. 

In the first vid it might be wise to question what the heck Kushner is really up to??? 

In the second vid, Millie Weaver reports on her pedo-investigation out in California ... this is one of many outstanding reports. 

In the third vid Alex has a fascinating discussion with the notorious Bilderberg expert, Daniel Estulin... wow! 

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