un vehicles 2

“Parts One and Two of a previous series I published, described how the United Nations is poised to take over the United States…” 
Editor’s Note: The UN began to stockpile UN material for use at a future time. That time is almost upon us.
“….At a future date the UN will be responding to a “humanitarian need” the American military will have a very difficult time objecting to and opposing the takeover by the UN. The policing of the US by the UN is merely a move to gain a foothold for control over this country. When one looks at the wholesale movement of UN military vehicles, it is easy to conclude that their mission will not be humanitarian, in its totality, but this is lining up to be a military mission. As bad as the crisis on the border will be, this is just the opening act. What follows will allow the UN to assume complete policing powers in all 50 states and the assumption of jurisdictional control over all state and federal agencies.”