Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dear Ivanka, GROW UP!!! ... And The Real Global-Zoid Traitors To America Come Tumbling Down ... By Divine Decree

Later afternoon fierce yowls, gorgeous and mighty KitKats ... yes, during the next two months several of the neo-zoid-con traitors to *America First* will be super-exposed, and will come tumbling down amid the helter-skelter dismay of the ENEMY-MSM ... this straight from Volcano, the carnal cherub himself, and star of WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ... for years, the Kougar wrote Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecasts ... but cicumstances have stopped that ... regardless, she delivers messages when she's able ...

So, how do WE THE PEOPLE stop the DEEP-STATE takeover of Trump's administration?


Dear Ivanka, GROW UP!!!You're a beautiful woman, and far more accomplished-successful at business than the Kougar could ever be ... however, if it's true that your tears influenced the attack on Syria's airbase, YOU NEED TO GROW THE HELL UP, and care about the chemical-attacked, sick and dying children right here in America ... children are massively dying from mandatory vaccinations ... children are dying because of cancer-causing GMO Frankenfoods ... children are dying from fluoride, lead, pesticides, and other horror chemicals in their tap water ... children are dying because of a chemical soup of pollutants in the environment, often called *sick building* syndrome and multi chemical sensitivity ... children are dying because of all the estrogen-mimicking chemicals in plastics, etc. ... children are massively dying because of the Medical Industrial Complex's killer drugs that rivals the Nazi regime in cruelty and death [btw, the stupid RyanCare [aka OBAMACARE LITE] bill would ***NOT*** HAVE SAVED-HELPED THE CHILDREN OF AMERICA] ... children are dying because they don't get the sunlight and nutrition they truly need to grow up strong and healthy ... children are dying from brain tumors, and other cancers, due to their addiction to cell phones, due to cell towers, and other digital technologies ... children are being raped by pedophiles, murdered in snuff films en masse ... children are dying because of being homeless, because they're hungry and malnourished – because their American parents don't have jobs, or a real chance at starting a successful business ... CHILDREN ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THE MONSTROUS LEVELS OF NEFARIOUS CORRUPTION throughout these united states of America ... child protective services are ***stealing*** children, selling them to pedophile sex rings, selling them for gawd-awful medical experimentation, and for GOD KNOWS WHAT sadistic horrors ... children are being tortured, brutally murdered in satanic rituals here in America, and by the pedo-killers in the DEEP DARK STATE [ask Hillary Clinton about that] ... and how many children are being raped and murdered by illegal aliens every effing day??? ... FACE IT, beautiful children are being chemically murdered-genocided everyday in America by just what's in the air, in the water, in the food ... hey, why not bomb Monsatano, Dupont, and other GMO horror conglomerates??? Why not bomb the pesticide chemical factories??? ... why not bomb the factory-produced chemicals that are killing off the bee population, so we don't have an abundant supply of healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts for the children, for their parents to feed them ... oh, and the barbaric, Babylon, BANKSTER GANGSTER financial system that is ***fraud upon fraud upon fraud*** is killing prosperity and thus killing our children – WHAT ABOUT THAT??? Oh, and gosh, what about the diabolical cruel CHEMICAL-BOMB ATTACK STAGED AT WACO under the ***Clinton*** administration ... how many innocent children were terribly burned-murdered??? Do you know why David Koresh was really taken out by Clinton, on Hillary's orders??? Oh yeah, because David Koresh was monitoring the illegal drug traffic, the illegal CIA-RUN drug traffic, and because he stumbled onto the CIA-RUN sex-human trafficking that was happening ... oh, and gee, how about RUBY RIDGE, yeah check out that child-murdering military operation – all because Randy Weaver refused to be a snitch for the gov, and they set him up for NOTHING!!!! If you really want to help children, and cry over them, HELP CHILDREN HERE, HELP THEIR PARENTS, RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA ... and let's not even get into the American Indian children that are dying at a high rate ... yeah, with high suicide rates ... why,  BUREAUCRATIC-EVIL CORRUPTION AND OPPRESSION OUT THE WAZOO... oh, and how about the nuke-radiation [not just from Fukushima poisoning the entire Pacific ocean] but from uranium depleted American weapons, used extensively in the Mideast, that are killing us all over the world, yes, children included.

By the way, what about the preemie babies that are being killed everyday because nurses are forced to give them vaccinations and stand ready with shock paddles to try to save their lives when they go into severe convulsions??? How many of those helpless babies die? What about saving those beautiful babies ... why are they being murdered with unnecessary vaccinations??? WHY!!!??? ... then there's John-Insane McCain, who likely sinisterly orchestrated the chemical attack in Syria with the help of his jihadi buddies ... NO, IT WAS NOT ASSAD ... GET A REAL CLUE WHO YOUR TRAITOR-ENEMY IS, why don't you? That is, if you really care about the children.

Oh, and how is a nuke-flying war going to help save the children??? Here, and worldwide? Tell me that. Wanna make a real difference, get rid of the psycho-warmongers and the sicko pedophiles in your father's administration, in congress, and in the justice system... these creepazoids are also rife in the federal agencies, hurting and murdering children every minute of every day. You know, why not DRAIN THE SWAMP for the sake of the children, the beautiful babies in AMERICA.

Oh, and while we're at it, if your husband CAN'T BE ***AMERICA FIRST***, might I suggest you take appropriate action to save your own children.

And, ohgosh, and how about the *common core* educational system that is raping, pillaging, and murdering the minds, the souls of our children ... how about saving the minds and souls of our precious children? Yeah, how about that? Daughter of the President.

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