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Is Saudi-Owned McMaster Betraying Our President ... Now, the Fierce Light of TRUTH Answers

WATCH FOR IT... Late night screamy-yowls, most precious and primal-beautiful KitKats ... what a political-chaos day in the aftermath of the Syrian airbase strike, which is more and more proving to be a diabolical false flag ... yeah, a vid of all the supposed dead from the sarin gas attack, well darn, if several of them didn't move and raise their heads ... yowls, kinda hard to do if you're actually DEAD! ... actually it was grimly funny to see those blatant and subtle movements of the proclaimed dead coming to life beneath their white shrouds... so, WHAT IS TRUE??? it's been reported that Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, is both an Israeli and American citizen ... if that's TRUE, what the heck is he doing as an advisor? because he's OBVIOUSLY NOT AMERICA FIRST ... step down, Kushner, if you're not America First!!!

WORSE, MUCH WORSE, did McMaster skew intel so our president would take the military action he did? ... according to investigative journalist, Mike Cernovich, he's discovered that H. R. McMaster, National Security Advisor, has been paid the BIG BUCKS by none other than Saudi Arabia, which makes, in this Big Cat's opinion, McMaster a butt-boy for his Saudi masters, and thus, an OBVIOUS TRAITOR-ZOID ... Saudi Arabia is a main player in attacking Syria and Assad by funding Insane-McCain's jihadi terrorist army ... the Saudis want their deadly-disgusting brand of Islam to rule because for one thing they can get control of a major oil pipeline into Europe ... whatever, WE THE PEOPLE don't want such butt-boy, globalist betrayal, do we?




Speaking to RT, Ron Paul said that there is no proof of Damascus’ guilt that could trigger such a rash and violent response from the US



Senator says bombing will lead to "more death and more refugees”

 Rand Paul: "Stupidity" Of McCain And His Ilk Prevent Solution In Syria

Senator Rand Paul, who has been vocal in his opposition of the US missile strike on Syria, hit out at advocates of the action, including his long time rival John McCain, this past weekend, equating their support of military action with “stupidity”.
“Anybody who wants to talk to Putin about a political settlement and helping Assad go away, anybody who wants to talk about that, myself include, will be called by the McCains of this world a friend of Vladimir Putin.” Paul explained in a CNN appearance when asked if there was a political solution to the strife.
“So, as long as we have that kind of stupidity involved in the debate it makes it very hard to get to what many thinking people have said, that the answer in Syria is ultimately a political solution,” Paul told host Michael Smerconish.
Paul was also responding to comments made by McCain earlier in the week, when the long time Senator described Rand Paul as someone who doesn’t “have any real influence” in the Senate, and that “he’s wrong on every other issue that I know of that has to do with national security.”
McCain also said that to describe US involvement in Libya, Iraq and Syria as ‘disastrous’ is “a very different version of history.”
Elsewhere during his interview, Senator Paul doubled down on his belief that the US should not be intervening in Syria.
“As horrific as those attacks were, and as heart-rending as the pictures and the atrocity and the children dying are, I don’t believe that there was a national security interest of the United States,” Paul declared.
Paul said that without “a vote in Congress,” Trump’s missile strikes in Syria were an “inappropriate way to start a war.”
“We have to decide when we are going to intervene as a country, when we are going to put our young men and women, put their lives on the line. And we don’t, frankly, do it for every atrocity in the world,” Paul exclaimed.
“It doesn’t mean we don’t have great sympathy, but we have to debate when and where we go to war. That’s what our founding fathers asked us to do,” he added.
Paul also argued that anyone who argues that a post-9/11 environment gives the President the right to circumvent Congress is “dishonest” and “not intellectually serious.”
“I mean, the generation of 9/11 certainly shouldn’t bind us to a forever war in the Middle East. I think it’s absurd,” Paul added.
The Senator also argued that the situation in Syria is a complex one that cannot be solved by military intervention.
“There can be an endless supply of enemies.” Paul said, asking “who takes over next? Are they better than the current occupant? So are the radical Islamic rebels — the radical Islamic rebels in Syria — better than Assad?”
“There are also two million Christians … in Syria, being protected by Assad, and they fear the Islamic rebels taking over. So there’s a complicated decision-making process as to who are the good guys in the war,” Paul explained.
In a further interview on Fox News, Paul reiterated that Congressional authority for ‘acts of war’ must be sought and that the action in Syria will likely lead to “more death” and “more refugees.”
“War has caused these refugees to flee and has caused these deaths, so, will more war accelerating or accentuating the current war with our involvement, will there be less refugees and less death? I would say there will probably be more death and more refugees.” Paul asserted.


Troops massing as deep state plots regime change

The Trump administration is currently locked in a heated debate over whether to launch a full ground invasion of Syria, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers now massing.
According to White House sources who spoke to Infowars, Trump is reticent to see U.S. troops embroiled in yet another Middle East quagmire, but is under pressure from top neo-cons in his administration to prevent Russia from dominating the region as the fall of ISIS nears.
Trump has refused to agree to a no fly zone over Syria and does not want to directly attack Assad’s forces in Damascus. However, Assad is apparently backing away from a deal he made with the Pentagon four years ago to step down from power in order to prevent a U.S. military bombardment that Obama pushed for back in 2013.
The air strike ordered by Trump was apparently a reminder to Assad of the deal he struck to step down once jihadists had been defeated.
Troop numbers are now being massively escalated in western Iraq to reinforce this message, including the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, to back up and cover the flank for U.S. Army ground forces in case of possible attack by Assad.
Trump’s response to the alleged chemical weapons attack allowed him to look decisive and was a show of strength towards China and North Korea. It also served to temporarily silence the repeated accusations that he is in collusion with Russia.
Trump’s aim with the air strike was to destroy Syria’s remaining chemical weapons to make Assad follow through on the deal. If he didn’t act, Trump would have been eviscerated by his critics as being equally as weak as Obama.
However, increasingly prominent neo-cons within the administration, led by National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, are exploiting the circumstances to maneuver Trump into a position where he is pressured into green lighting a full scale ground war, an attack on Damascus and a confrontation with Russia.
If Trump allows himself to be manipulated in this way, it will undoubtedly destroy his presidency and leave him with a legacy on a par with George W. Bush.
As Mike Cernovich’s sources confirm, “McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to President Donald Trump” and is “plotting how to sell a massive ground war in Syria to President Trump with the help of disgraced former CIA director and convicted criminal David Petraeus.”
Trump sees resolving the Syrian civil war as imperative because Syria is a gateway into Turkey, whose Islamist government is exploiting the chaos to exacerbate the refugee crisis and force Europe into capitulation to Muslim colonization.
However, if neo-cons are able to assert their power and silence nationalist voices within the Trump administration like Steve Bannon, who opposes regime change in Syria, the consequences of toppling Assad will be completely disastrous for both Trump and the entire region.
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OKAY, HERE'S ANOTHER VIEWPOINT THAT CONDEMNS THE PRESIDENT ... Note: while the Kougar understands this view, and certainly the stated inherent truth, yet, she also contends WE THE PEOPLE need to know the real truth of what occurred behind the scenes, and why the strike on Syria's airbase was carried out ... really why. 


Donald Trump authorized an unjustified attack on a sovereign country

tditor’s note: This article was authored under a pseudonym by a high level source.
Donald Trump’s decision to launch cruise missile strikes on a Syrian Air Force Base was based on a lie. In the coming days the American people will learn that the Intelligence Community knew that Syria did not drop a military chemical weapon on innocent civilians in Idlib. Here is what happened:
1. The Russians briefed the United States on the proposed target. This is a process that started more than two months ago. There is a dedicated phone line that is being used to coordinate and deconflict (i.e., prevent US and Russian air assets from shooting at each other) the upcoming operation.
2. The United States was fully briefed on the fact that there was a target in Idlib that the Russians believes was a weapons/explosives depot for Islamic rebels.
3. The Syrian Air Force hit the target with conventional weapons. All involved expected to see a massive secondary explosion. That did not happen. Instead, smoke, chemical smoke, began billowing from the site. It turns out that the Islamic rebels used that site to store chemicals, not sarin, that were deadly. The chemicals included organic phosphates and chlorine and they followed the wind and killed civilians.
4. There was a strong wind blowing that day and the cloud was driven to a nearby village and caused casualties.
5. We know it was not sarin. How? Very simple. The so-called “first responders” handled the victims without gloves. If this had been sarin they would have died. Sarin on the skin will kill you. How do I know? I went through “Live Agent” training at Fort McClellan in Alabama.
There are members of the U.S. military who were aware this strike would occur and it was recorded. There is a film record. At least the Defense Intelligence Agency knows that this was not a chemical weapon attack. In fact, Syrian military chemical weapons were destroyed with the help of Russia.
This is Gulf of Tonkin 2. How ironic. Donald Trump correctly castigated George W. Bush for launching an unprovoked, unjustified attack on Iraq in 2003. Now we have President Donald Trump doing the same damn thing. Worse in fact. Because the intelligence community had information showing that there was no chemical weapon launched by the Syrian Air Force.
Here’s the good news. The Russians and Syrians were informed, or at least were aware, that the attack was coming. They were able to remove a large number of their assets. The base the United States hit was something of a backwater. Donald Trump gets to pretend that he is a tough guy. He is not. He is a fool.
This attack was violation of international law. Donald Trump authorized an unjustified attack on a sovereign country. What is even more disturbing is that people like Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and NSA Director General McMaster went along with this charade. Front line troops know the truth. These facts will eventually come out. Donald Trump will most likely not finish his term as President. He will be impeached, I believe, once Congress is presented with irrefutable proof that he ignored and rejected intelligence that did not support the myth that Syria attacked with chemical weapons.
It should also alarm American taxpayers that we launched $100 million dollars of missiles to blow up sand and camel shit. The Russians were aware that a strike was coming. I’m hoping that they and the Syrians withdrew their forces and aircraft from the base. Whatever hope I had that Donald Trump would be a new kind of President, that hope is extinguished. He is a child and a moron. He committed an act of war without justification. But the fault is not his alone. Those who sit atop the NSC, the DOD, the CIA, the Department of State should have resigned in protest. They did not. They are complicit in a war crime. 

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