Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Truth... what if...

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Late afternoon meows, my Beautiful KitKats... colder on the tame prairie, and it looks like snow is on the way, along with frigid temps... no fun!

New Truth... what if... what if knowing the truth became as natural as breathing itself... and became a backdrop to our lives... that is, everyone of us simply knows the truth... all those truths the politicians, the gangster-banksters, the real power brokers DON’T want us to know, and won’t reveal.

Don’t fool yourself, however. Because, it takes a whole lot of courage to know such TRUTHS. To face those truths we’ve never been allowed to know. At least, initially.

But, what if it wasn’t a matter of what could be proven *or not proven*... but THE TRUTH lived as something everyone knew... like the back of their hand... that is, as far as the social and cultural fabric of our world, and NOT as an invasion of privacy on an individual’s personal thoughts, and feelings.

As far as this Big Cat is concerned... SO BE IT!!!

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ROMANCE AUTHORS, did you know that e-pirates could be translating your ebook into Spanish? There are currently loads of romance ebooks offered in various files at the 4shared site, that have been translated. What this means precisely, this Big Cat doesn’t know. Are translation programs being used exclusively? Or, are individuals actually doing the translations? Regardless, it’s just another way our precious books are being ripped off. ~le sigh~ It’s so DAMN DEPRESSING to work this hard at creating and crafting a book, just to have it repeatedly stolen. Even worse, in a way, is the total lack of respect. It’s as if THESE e-pirates actually believe they have the right to come into your home, and take whatever they want... whenever they want. I mean, if you had a stack of your print books, or your books on CD, would they have a right to sneak inside your home, and steal them? This Big Cat likes guns better each and everyday. While she has always supported the second amendment as fundamental to freedom and keeping the republic. Now, she has become a staunch advocate. And, will not waver.


More please, Sir.
by Solara

“Can I have some more---” Danny hesitated looking around. Spirit Bear sat at the opposite end of the table reading last week’s Guts and Butts Sunday Edition.

“Some more what, youngin’?” Spirit Bear looked over the top of the paper and his glasses. “More food? Sex? Tea? What?”

Sinful Saturday
by Mary Quast

Grandma always told me the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...
then she gave me this recipe Absolutely Sinful Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 741 ~

Sylva gazed expectantly at Nevada. Torn between wanting to know about the pyramids and ‘knowing’ Zeke arrived, she waited. “Pyramids funnel energy into the Earth when built at a low angle.” Nevada leaned forward, clasped his hands, then continued, “This torsion-field flow of energy helps stabilize the tectonic plates. In addition, Sylva, the land becomes more fertile. The growth of plants is accelerated.” Straightening upward, Sylva perched on the couch. “Wow. Are there other good affects?” Nevada nodded. “Surely are. We’re doin’ some testing now.” Sylva pulled her hands apart to keep herself from wringing them. “On horse genes, right?”

Zeke launched up his outside stairway, even though his gut told him what he’d find. His Sylva no longer slept in their bed. And, she was nowhere inside his suite of rooms. Not stopping to groom himself, Zeke jerked open his door and headed downstairs. Hearing his dad’s voice, he strode toward the kitchen. The fragrance of fresh brewed coffee filled his nostrils, as did his mother’s hot apple cider. Of course, given his long absence, his mother would make certain his wife remained protected. Hell, even if he smelled like an stable, his Sylva would have to hug him.
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Saturday January 8, 2011
Our Money is NOT Real

"Real money is not what we have in this country. Real money is issued by the state against the economic power of the country. What we have is monetized debt. Its purpose is to inject a level of profit into the system: the interest that government must pay to finance the debt. The one thing that congress will not debate is what we really need to do: return to state-issued money. This was true until the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. " –Joseph Farrell

Listen as Jim Marrs interviews Joseph Farrell about the hidden history of what Joseph Farrell calls "the banksters," the bank-gangsters who have been running our world since time immemorial. You will be deeply shocked by the extent to which we have been enslaved by these people. They have suppressed technologies that might free us from the burden of purchasing expensive and polluting fossil fuels. They have burdened us with what is essentially a false debt that insures that they will continue to profit and we will continue to pay down the halls of time.

Debt-loaded money creates social instability. Debt-free money can be inflation controlled and is intrinsically more stable. An example is the money of ancient Egypt, which was debt-free money and provided the foundation of the most stable
civilization the world has ever known.

Debt-loaded money needs occasional economic crises to support bank profits. Witness the current recession and the massive, immensely profitable "bailouts" the banks have enjoyed while the people have been left to lose their homes and jobs.

Thank you, banksters.

As Joseph Farrell puts it in his powerful new book, "It's high time to have done with them."

Joseph's website is

Jim Marrs' website is

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.


May you live the dreams of your heart...

New Truth kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Truth as natural as breathing...I like the concept, some truths may hurt, but in the end everyone, I'm thinking, would be happier for it. :)

Sexy pinup girl photo!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, in the end, yes. But, it would be really tough. Yet, then we would have true transparency.

Yeah, I like her!