Sunday, January 2, 2011

Courtship on Another Earth ~ Ring in the New Year, 2011

If you’re catching up on Sylva and Zeke’s love story... why, here ya go.

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

December 31, 2010

Part 733 ~

Sylva accepted the steamy mug of apple cider Ginger handed to her, then watched her give mugs to Marina and Grant. She lifted her own from the serving tray, and sipped. “We usually keep a pot brewing. Good for the innards.” With appreciation Sylva inhaled the cinnamony and gingery cider, then took a sip. “That is so good,” she praised. “How about a cup of joe?” Marina asked Grant. “I’ll go put on some fresh. It can percolate while we’re jawin’.” Grant beamed an intimate smile. “Could do with a cup, my prize filly. Gotta go make the rounds soon.”

Zeke scrutinized Sheriff Big Gun for several moments. “I’ll keep in contact. That is, if you got things handled here.” Big Gun studied him right back. “Reckon I got everything roped tight enough. The Center is waitin’ on my report. And your word on the matter.” Zeke gave a quick nod. “Think that’s the best place for ‘em right now. Whatever’s happenin’ around here won’t be solved in a day. We gotta smoke the sidewinders out, then take ‘em down.” Big Gun gazed into the distance. “Yep. Gotta agree. But, they ain’t operatin’ in my county.” Zeke appreciated his attitude.

January 1, 2011

Part 734 ~

Sylva felt comforted by the closeness she observed around her. Even though, she felt like the odd person out, still...she also felt accepted. With a flirtatious smile at Grant, Marina pivoted toward another area of the kitchen. “You know, I should probably go get dressed.” Sylva set the mug down and began to rise. “No, dear,” Ginger assured. “You’re just fine. I bet Zeke would like knowing you’re waitin’ here with us.” Sylva picked up her mug again. She knew in that instant, that while Ginger was being genuinely kind, she was also being ultra careful to keep Sylva protected.

Zeke motioned to Van. He stood at the ready, leaning against the Speeder. At Zeke’s signal, he looked relieved and hopped within. In moments, Van had the flight auto humming. “Got anything else on your mind, Sheriff?” Zeke asked. Big Gun gave him a bearish grin. “Got lots on my mind. But, it’ll keep for awhile. Tell Nevada I’ll be in contact once I get more of this Secret Circle mess sorted out.” Zeke nodded, his feet already itchin’ bad to run for the Speeder. “Oh, by the way, Zeke, your sister sent me an invitation to your marital barbecue.”

Courtship 2011 kisses from the Kougar...

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Courtship 2011 kisses from the Kougar...