Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mostly Unused Broomstick

Boo-howls, my slinky sexy KitKats... less than a week a way... Halloween... All Hallows Eve... the time of Samhain... yep, the Kougaress is thinking about dusting off her mostly unused broomstick and taking to the skies, once again. Nothing like a flight through the heavens while the veil is thin. Nothing like swooping low over an inebriated group of adult-costumed humans.... hehehe... and watching them flee or stumble in fright... oh, oops! Watch out for that light pole... yowls, missed by a witchy whisker and tail...

Big Cat Commentary ~

Oh, my beloved Felines, the stresses of living in this world are showing themselves at jet speed. No surprise and here’s a bit of evidence. Last night as moi listened to nighttime radio, a host she’s listened to for, at least, twelve years now, went from happy dude to striking viper in a split second [not his usual style], simply because a caller, who was ‘not’ confrontational, brought up the topic of an impending civil war.

Heck, if a mainline magazine can bring up the possibility [Google Search: Time Magazine predicts Federal Reserve causing next Civil War?? - By Andrew Zarowny Will the Federal Reserve cause the next Civil war in America? Time Magazine seems to think it's a possibility.] why can’t a caller discuss it as a possibility?

And, after all, the Revolutionary War began with less provocation than what is currently happening to all of us. Is it so surprising that human beings want freedom? And that they’re willing to fight for it?

2:12 am... 10:10 pm... the Kougar is penning Volcano's Angelic Forecast...

Authoress news and mews ~

JUST INTERESTING ~ this posted lineup for names other than your birth name.

Alias, pen name, AKA, anonym, assumed name, handle*, moniker, nickname, nom de guerre, nom de plume, pen name, pseudonym, stage name, summer name (ahhh, this is interesting...)

In a way it’s similar to fantasy costuming. Yes, you can use another name as a disguise, but often pen names, etc. represent an aspect of the individual they want to express, even feel deeply compelled to express.

The Kougar will be guest blogging at Fang-tastic Books ~ ~ this coming Wednesday, the 24th. She’s spent a good deal of time penning a post about a UFO experience and the thinning of the veil.

There are several paranormal-fascinating blogs now, so click on over if you’re in an otherworldly mood. This Big Cat enjoyed pawing around immensely.

Roxanne Rhoads is the owner.
Freelance Writer, Erotic Romance Author, Poet, Book Reviewer

Sultry Sunday- Room 11- new release excerpt
By Dawne Prochilo

**Due to not feeling well this week, I have decided to make my Sultry Sunday post and easy one for me**
Here's an excerpt from my new release scheduled for February 11, 2011, called Room 11- I hope you enjoy

“Give me a second,” she said in between kisses. They parted slightly and she slithered out of her nylons. His lips were on hers immediately. He steered her backwards to the bed. When the back of her knees touched the bedspread he eased her down. She hiked up her skirt to her hips and scooted back on the bed to allow him room to stretch out his tall frame.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 665 ~

Sylva trembled inside, not the good impassioned type of trembling. No, she began quaking as if she was about to fall apart. She knew why. She’d come to the end of her endurance. Maybe, because she could now rest, everything came tumbling down inside her. In the past, she’d known when she needed to retreat from the world, and had usually managed to escape, and go within. “She’s looking pale, son, take your bride upstairs and tend to her.” Ginger’s voice penetrated. Zeke’s strong arm wrapped around her tightly. “This way, darlin’ Sylva.” Her feet moved and her body cooperated.

Zeke carefully escorted his woman up the stairway, and toward his suite of rooms. Ushering her within, he released her long enough to shut the door. With concern gnawing at him like a beaver felling a tree, he crooned, “Darlin’.” She gazed at him, her eyes unfocused. “Yeah, I think I’m in zombie mode.” Zeke cupped her chin, scrutinizing her eyes, her pallor. “I’m all done in,” she whispered. “If you could undress me, handsome, then pull the covers back... I need to crash.” Zeke frowned. “Crash?” She wanly smiled. “Sleep like the dead.” Zeke swooped her into his arms.
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ 664 ~ see the Kougar’s prior bloggies... or the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~ OR! Now available on The Romance Studio Forum, JANUARY 2009 through JUNE 2010 flashes ~ ~ Click on the FORUMS, then Savanna Kougar ~ the Fantasy Lair ~


Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Mostly Unused kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Yeah, there will be another revolt in this country, I just wonder when and how. And is there anyway to make a peaceful revolt effective??

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I so wish for a peaceful revolt. There is a way. There are ways. However, it requires a true commitment and enough folks on board with that commitment. ~sigh~