Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer 2010 Forecast by Volcano

Summer Solstice greetings, my Beautiful Big Cats, the Kougar’s carnal cherub hero, Volcano, in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, has been doing weekly angelic forecasts for some time now, as well as a few other timely forecasts.

With the ‘2010 summer energies’ ramping up to a ramming speed not ever seen or felt before by most of us, Volcano decided to offer this timely forecast.

Summer 2010 Forecast by Volcano

Beloved Ones on Mother Earth,

The Summer Solstice of 2010 is a pivotal time and moment for all of humanity, and for every individual. For in the following days a ‘revealing’ will take place that is tantamount to the light of ten suns shining, at once, upon the surface of the Earth. What has been known by the ‘few’ will now be known by the ‘many’. And, out of that knowledge and from that wisdom, there will be decisions made, and actions taken, which will *forge* parts of the immediate future into existence, and, thus the long-range future.

For century upon century, WHO you are, fully, as a human being has been concealed from you. This was done by those of evil intent to gain control and keep their miserly control over world affairs. However, this age is now OVER. One culminating point that will expose and end this behind-the-scenes control is the current Gulf of Mexico catastrophe. For, as the Aquarian age gathers momentum, human beings will come into their own and discover more of their true hidden heritage. They will discover their inner strength, their inner magic.

This is especially true for those who are known as way-showers, or those who hyper-swiftly Ascend toward their true nature and will act as guides to others. On a personal level, there will be many ways to recognize your own fast and furious progress, all in accordance with the pattern of your soul.

For some precious individuals, there will be a major jump in intuition and/or psychic abilities and awareness. There will also be a significant heightening and sharpening of your current skills, talents and unique abilities, as if you’ve suddenly jumped to a mountaintop. Take advantage immediately and use this ‘jump’ to secure your life in those ways that work best for you, then be of assistance to others.

During this ‘summer’ window, extreme changes will take place and matters of the Spirit will become paramount. This occurs in concert with what has been termed the Soul Rising, or each of us profoundly connecting with our own soul as well as connecting to the soul of others, in order, to bring about the ‘new harmony’, the new sacred songs of humanity.

As well, a powerful magick is arriving, once again, and is available for those bold enough in vision to claim it. There will be individuals who will emerge as magicians, that is, the use of magick as it was practiced by the Wise Women and by those like Merlin. Before the Turning toward technology was allowed, as a method to circumvent the dark force, Magick reigned as the true and natural force on Earth.

Indeed, technology and Magick will begin to twine together, and complement each other, thus, opening up a vista of possibilities.

Another divine energy now blanketing the Earth, creates what is known as the ‘open heart’. This summer solstice begins the age of the OPEN HEART. It also brings forth the age of the JUDICIAL HEART. Offer an open heart to those who will receive your loving energies. At the same time, the judicial heart recognizes those who are not receptive and would cause harm. The wisdom is ancient. Do not cast your loving pearls before those who choose to remain ‘unloving’, who behave as brutish swine.

Only for those who are up to this mighty task, this summer of 2010 is the time to take all TRUTH to heart. For what has been un-embraceable, the dark hidden forces operating in this world, must now be embraced. That is, known and recognized at such a deep level of the soul, that the light of ten thousand suns is released to cleanse and purify, and then transform... an alchemy of transformation, as lead was once transmuted to gold.

The transmutation toward a golden world begins on this day of the summer solstice.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

Stay safe smooches from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Oh my, you know I would love to be on the receiving of some additional magick of my own... ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, wouldn't that be just too cool and so perfectly needed for these times.