Monday, June 21, 2010

CATCHING UP WITH SYLVA AND ZEKE ~ Courtship on Another Earth

June 17, 2010

Part 536 ~

Sylva didn’t regret her out-of-body trip for the simple reason she knew it was crucial to Zeke’s Earth. Rolling on her back, hand on her brow, she did wonder if she’d ever get the standard eight hours of sleep again. Of course, not that she had during her old life. At least, not recently, with all her worries, and just trying to stay afloat. But then, to her knowledge, when she did sleep, she hadn’t been gallivanting around between dimensions in her astral body. Or, maybe, she had, but hadn’t been aware. Whatever. ‘Zeke’, she mentally called out to him.

Zeke halted, about to take another swallow of his coffee. ‘Zeke.’ There it was again, the whispery voice in his head. “What it is, son?” His dad switched the screen to more scenes from Coon’s dreaming mind. “Hold on.” Zeke cocked an ear, even though he knew his name wasn’t being spoken by anyone nearby. ‘Zeke, if you can hear me like this. I’m awake. It’s Sylva.’ Blinking with astonishment, he gazed at his Dad, then moved to set his mug down. “I can hear her. Telepathically. My wife.” His father frowned with obvious concern.”Don’t go lettin’ on to anyone.”

June 18, 2010

Part 537 ~

Sylva ‘knew’ Zeke came to her. It was as if she could almost see him. More, it was like she observed his energy body as he walked along the corridor. Suddenly, in a flash, another part of her mind opened. The sensation was that of a door flung open, of light flooding through. Sylva realized in that instant, her psi abilities or whatever her mind powers were, had always been a part of her, available to her... but had been suppressed... intentionally suppressed by how life was currently lived on her Earth. Her cowboy entered. “Sylva, darlin’, are you awake?”

Zeke leaped with a stallion’s savage joy at the sight of his woman waiting for him. “You did hear me, didn’t you?” Raising up, she shook her long loose hair and smiled slightly. “Surely, did.” Shedding everything except his pants, swift as he could, Zeke padded toward his Sylva. “Did I interrupt something important? I did, didn’t I?” Sitting on the edge of the bed, he angled toward her, his hand automatically seeking her cheek. “Yes, and no,” he answered, caressing the side of her face. “But I’m bettin’ you got something dang important to tell me, my beautiful woman.” ~~~~~~

June 19, 2010

Part 538 ~

Sylva stroked her hand over the hand her cowboy pressed to her cheek. “I think I do. I astral-traveled to my Earth... oh, how to say all this. I’ll just say it and you can ask me questions about whatever you don’t understand... anyway, I witnessed this horrific oil gusher... more like a volcano of oil spewing in the Gulf of Mexico, where BP was drilling. And,” she paused, “I felt Mother Earth. She... she communicated with me. BP, or ‘those’ behind the company were responsible for reprehensible reasons... reasons I could never fathom in a hundred years.” Zeke frowned.

Zeke cupped his woman’s chin, concerned on several levels for her. “BP caused crude oil to gush into the Gulf of Mexico?” She nodded and he witnessed the pain in her eyes. “The Mother is bleeding. I don’t think that’s even the worst part... I saw...saw these aquatic out-of-phase people in shark-looking pods healing her fissures.” Zeke scowled now. “In the Gulf here, there’s a huge area of natural gas. If that escapes, it would be a worse disaster than the oil. Even worse, if it builds and explodes, it could move the tectonic plates triggering catastrophic land changes.” ~~~~~~

Happy Courtship smooches from the Kougar...

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