Monday, April 5, 2010

Rabbit Time Traveler

After Easter greetings, my gamboling and Gorgeous Felines... still hunting those yummy chocolate bunnies? Paw-rolling those decorated eggs? The Kougaress’s mind is a mishmash of ideas, realizations and insights... especially after reading William Henry’s latest mystical investigative brilliance where he lays one big egg for the Kougar... the rabbit is considered to be a symbol for time travelers or time travel... well, why not? Meowsa! Why not write a rabbit shapeshifter time traveler story, erotic romance, of course? ~ ~ here’s the beginning ~

Dis-Cerning the God Particle

By William Henry

THE BURNING BUSH – Protons spinnin’ in a ring: smashin’, twangin’, sprayin’. Sparks flyin’ in the dark. It could be the perfect moment to run down the dream of reading the mind of God…

...or to get sucked into nothingness.

Something incredible is going on. Scientists on the wild edge of high energy physics at labs in Illinois and Geneva are racing to see who will be the first to enter the ‘Burning Bush’ and to de-cloak a fundamental, but elusive, sub atomic particle that is given cosmic or divine proportions by its, some say absurd, moniker, the God Particle (which particular god is unknown – let’s just pray it’s not that jealous one).


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Happy Easter!

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Let’s freeze that goat. By Hortense Powdermaker ~ Flashy Sunday is once again upon us! ~

To understand where, how and why the Kougar’s flash came to be, you’ll have to check out Hortense’s blog.

Goats singing, their hooves and horns ringing as they trot to the top of the greening hill for a Sunday morning blueberry thrill. What does it all mean? I have no clue, except it makes me scream. Not in delight, nor in fright. No, I could never dare to dream such a wild flinging, such an Alice-in-Wonderland magical pill of adventuring. Unless, perchance I rode astride the right enchanted goat for days of pan-fluting and extreme merry-making...for forest chases where maidens are unlaced, their breasts feasted upon as doves lyrically trill, their pleasures enjoyed through every night, until dawning.

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is blogging at THE ROMANCE STUDIO BLUE on Monday, April 5th ~ the title is ~ Branded and the Black Wolf... on the horizon...
The Kougar heard via a little Pat birdie that the cover of STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME is part of Siren-BookStrand’s ad in the Romantic Times magazine... moi hasn’t gotten that issue yet... however, she’s so looking forward to it!
Yes, it’s the strike of Synchronicity ~ as the Kougar penned on Duke’s love story... her black wolf has been rescued by the heroine and must sleep to recover fully... anyway, moi heard ‘Duke’ mentioned by Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast...yeah, because it’s basketball madness.

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 459 ~

Sylva decided she might as well make good use of her psychic abilities, that is, if Coon and Donald were telling the truth. So far, she hadn’t sensed outright lies. Still, she doubted they told everything. Not nearly everything. “You two tell everything you know and I might use my witch powers to help you.” There was a long moment of silence and Sylva thought maybe she’d overstepped her bounds in this world. “You could start by telling ‘all’ about that viper pistol.” The force of her husband’s voice chilled her bloodstream. “What my son says,” Nevada growled as powerfully.

Zeke wanted to kiss his wife for her bravery. At the same time, he wanted to scold her for putting herself in even more danger. Still, he trusted in how the Great Divine was bringing things to a good end. “You won’t appreciate my answer. Go by Snake now,” Donald weakly rasped. “Keep talking, Snake.” Nevada bent peering closely at his face. “Only I can handle it. Anyone else does, it explodes.” Again, silence ruled. “You didn’t tell me that,” Coon accused in the vacuum. “What good would it have done? Either we made it, or not,” Snake shot back.

Part 460 ~

Sylva quaked inside at the thought that Donald, or Snake, told the truth. “Pick it up.” Nevada’s commanding words to Snake shook her up even more. Still, to her utter surprise, something kept her feet glued to the floor and her hands shook minimally before she stopped them. Her aim hadn’t wavered that much. “Whatda gonna do? Put another hole in my head before I can use it?” Snake asked as he slowly rolled onto his side and reached for the strange pistol. “You’re going to disarm it,” Nevada cold-as-a-glacier instructed. “If you don’t, another hole in your noggin works for me.”

Zeke shared his father’s sentiments. “Two holes works for me,” he added, then moved a few steps closer. “I ain’t even sure I was given the correct way to shut that durn thing off.” Snake gripped the butt, then remained still. “As long as his hand is on it, I don’t think it will explode,” his Sylva quietly uttered. “That true, Snake? You got the magic grip?” his father demanded. Zeke flicked a glance at Coon. Satisfied, he focused on Snake. “Yeah, that’s what the polecat claimed. Said if I thumb-pressed on that orange dot, it would turn off the juice.”

Part 461 ~

Sylva heard alarm bells go off inside her. Screaming alarm bells. “Don’t press the orange dot!” she yelled. An instant ticked by. “Just keep your paw steady.” Nevada’s calm voice dominated the room. “Well, hell on a stake,” Coon burst out. “Guess, you’re just gonna have to trust me to keep hold.” Snake’s tone matched Nevada, except Sylva heard his pain. “Are you strong enough to hold onto it?” Nevada returned. “Still got enough strength, ‘specially if you got someone to tend to my holes.” Snake remained still, only keeping the pistol grasped. “You couldn’t whack though this tension with a hatchet.”

Zeke cast a swift glance at Coon after he spoke. The grizzled old-timer met his gaze, his eyes so brilliant Zeke wondered what magical ways he and his people practiced. “I can fix up yer holes,” Aunt Martha reluctantly snapped. “That is, if Nevada wants it that way. ‘Course, someone else will have to keep this rascal behavin’.” Zeke heard his precious wife shift her body. “Sit, Coon,” she ordered. “Now.” Glancing back at Coon, Zeke watched him hesitate, then sink down on his haunches. Coon eyed his bride warily, but with a respect that had Zeke damn sure curious.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 462 ~

Sylva figured this was her opportunity to find out more about any witch type of power she might have, that she didn’t know about. Taking full aim at Coon, she ordered, “Cross legged.” He stared at her, his over-bright eyes almost crossed. “Tell her to let go of my ear and I’ll do yer biddin’,” he wheedled. ‘You will sit cross-legged. Now,’ Sylva mind-directed her thought to his third eye. Reluctantly, he lowered himself, obeying. Sylva brought the image of a spark before her mind’s eye, then shot it at his knee. “Ow! Dang, witch, what was that for?”

Zeke watched his Sylva twitch in astonishment, but rapidly recover her calm stance. His own astonishment level skyrocketed. “That was a warning.” His bride glared. “I’ll do much worse if you try anything.” Deciding he’d best act like this was standard operatin’ procedure, Zeke swivelled his gaze back to Snake, asking, “You ready for those holes to be stitched up?” Snake groaned with pain. “Maybe, the witch could stitch ‘em up faster.” Zeke watched his father wave Aunt Martha over. “Nope. No use wastin’ my daughter-in-law’s power on healin’ your buzzard hide. Might need her special help fightin’ off our enemies.”
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Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
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Serena Shay said...

hehe, a time traveling rabbit shifter sounds wonderful! Savanna I just know you could do a hippity hoppity job on that story! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ hippity hoppity job... I'm adding that phrase somewhere in the story... if I ever get to pen it... but wouldn't it be fun?

Serena Shay said...

;) It would be a very fun story!