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Flash of the Rancher Who Needs a Wife

Meows, my adorable adventurous Big Kittens, it’s been a busy penning day for the Kougar with writing miles to go.

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Trains, Planes, and Automobiles-oh, my
by Jolie Cain

Welcome to today’s edition of Sunday Flash Fiction. Transportation is our theme. Hotness is our goal.

Here’s moi’s flashie ~

From the Kougar’s WIP ~ Rancher Needs a Wife

“Come here, honey.”
His words were her only warning. Keely found herself hauled before him, the steering wheel pressed against her back. She straddled his thighs, her sex riding his engorged cock. Seizing her ponytail, he tugged forcefully. His mouth descended, his kiss completely capturing her lips.
Taken by surprise, Keely didn’t struggle. Instead, she waited to find out if he could kiss worth a damn. His mouth moved over hers powerfully, his kiss consuming her lips with raw need. Keely succumbed. In a dance that could only be described as fierce and wildly sensual, their lips explored each other.

Their passion spread like wildfire, their heads switching back and forth rapidly as their mouths clung, rubbed and tasted. God, Keely had never felt such incredible lips. She indulged her appetite for making out, and keeping her kisses in concert with his, she slid her arms around his neck, then hugged tightly.
Their tempo slowing as if they knew each other’s souls, they kissed with open mouths, their lips sensually moving. The slip and caress of their lips felt like erotic heaven to Keely, and she gave him what he wanted, full access to her mouth in whatever way he wanted.

He’d gotten to her.
She only hoped he didn’t go too far, taking something she didn’t want to give. Not yet. There was nothing worse than a man who stabbed his tongue down her throat as if he’d found a cache of gold, then was determined to dig it out. Unless his tongue probed her ear like he performed a crude medical exam.
He sealed his mouth with hers, then traced her inner lips with the tip of his tongue. With a talent she reveled in, he teased the corners of her mouth until she sighed and kissed him hard.

Their kisses changed. Savagely, they seized each other’s lips, their tongues darting and twining. Keely didn’t know when she’d begun rocking on his log of a cock, but she knew the moment he stroked his hands beneath her sweatshirt claiming her bare flesh as if she already belonged to him.
Course, he figured she already did. Hell, she wasn’t giving him any message, but the ‘go’ signal. Molding her ribcage and her back with caresses, he continued kissing her feverishly, fiercely, fast.
“God, honey,” he uttered against her swollen mouth.
She knew why. His hands swept over her naked breasts.

He captured the fullness of her breasts as if he held treasure. Their mouths still clung, exchanging delicious kisses. Molten with pleasure, Keely pressed into his hands, offering her breasts. Shaping her eager tits with his large hands, he stroked her.
“Damn, you’re talented,” she moaned, then nipped his mouth with her own.
Suddenly, he eased his hands from her. Panting harshly, he adjusted her sweatshirt, covering her again. Keely whimpered in frustration.
“God, you start something. It’s good...” She halted. “Dammit. Never mind. What am I saying?”
“Too much. I’ll have to kiss you again to shut you up.”

His hoarse voice sizzled her skin as if he touched her.
“If I didn’t hear your lust, I’d have to punch you.” Keely let eyes slide closed. “God help me, you’ve got a big cock.” She stopped herself from rubbing her crotch against him. “I guess I’d better not say, I hope you know how to use it.”
“Honey, I’d be using it. But now’s not the time or the place.”
“Only a bed man? Make that only a ‘do it in bed’ man.” What was going on with her? Her tongue had taken on a personality of its own.

“Nope. But I’m not puttin’ on a sex show here. And when I ‘use’ it, you’re gonna know I used it, honey.”
Keely eyed him, firming her lips so she didn’t egg him on anymore, or herself.
He eased back from her as much as the seat allowed. From beneath his heavy-lidded gaze, he studied her face. “I wanted you to know it’s going to be good.”
“Yeah? Well, now we’re both hot and bothered.” Keely practically hurled her sigh. “Sorry, you seem to inspire the sharper edge of my tongue.”
“A frisky wife sounds real good to me, honey.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what they all say. And it never turns out that way.” Keely carefully leaned on the steering wheel as she studied him. That’s all she needed, the horn blaring, a blatant announcement of her lust.
He flashed a lopsided grin, catching her off guard. “Don’t you worry. I’ll keep you plenty feisty and frisky. In bed, honey, and out of bed.”
“Oh, goody, goody.” She thrust her chin, swinging her ponytail several times.
“Sassy, too,” he drawled. “Well, that suits my nature just fine.”
Keely gave him a dubious look, not backing down from his steady gaze.

“Let me ease off this pole you’ve built in my jeans, then we’ll go inside. Settle down to some early breakfast.”
“Me sitting on it isn’t going to ease it.” Keely resisted her urge to ‘build’ his cock again.
“I like you sittin’ on it.”
She rolled her eyes. “Well, I’m getting off...”
“I was about to get off.”
The tease of his voice tickled her. Keely wasn’t about to let him know that, averting her face.
“You were riding the length of my cock like a rodeo queen,” he continued, his drawl exaggerated.
“I was not.” Her chin shot out.
“I swear you were about to bust it out of prison.” A twinkle entered his eyes.
“Is that so?” Keely made her move, attempting to swing off him.
He caught her, his hands spanning her waist. “Hold on, rodeo queen.”
“I thought you weren’t interested in putting on a sex show.”
She nodded toward his window, then folded her arms, difficult in the confined space, but she managed.
Two men sauntered in their direction. He took a quick look. A grin spread over his features. “You don’t think playin’ kissie face and engagin’ in the sex act are two different things?”

“Oh, for... whatever.” Keely rolled her eyes big time. “I’m in no mood to discuss the subtle differences between romance and screaming monkey sex.”
“Nope, honey, you’re right.” As if he’d won their exchange, he hoisted her off his lap, then placed her on the seat with an ease that shocked her. Who was he? Really? Straightening her sweatshirt, she watched him from the corner of her eye.
“I’ll get your door. You stay right there.”
He waited until she nodded her head, then launched out his door with a speed that had her sucking in a breath of surprise.


It’s *** COVER ART WEEK *** at Lindsay Townsend’s THE PINK BLOG and the Kougar is blogging Monday, the 19th ... here’s the beginning ~

Cover Art ~ I am the Troublemaker

Yep, when it comes to my cover art, I can be a troublemaker. Okay, I can be a troublemaker over anything I feel strongly about. That’s my nature and I’m sticking to it.


Authoress news and mews ~

Featured at Lindsay Townsend’s THE PINK BLOG ~ COVER ART WEEK

by Cheryl Pierson


Fire Eyes is always going to be the “book of my heart”—most special to me for several reasons.


Sultry Sunday- Heating up the weekend

The moment has can feel the anticipation...your bodies have become one.
He needed more.

NOTE: Now would be a good time to purchase Potassium Iodide, and use it regularly. The supplement protects against radiation poisoning of the thyroid. Check it out on the webbie or in a medical book.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 476 ~

Sylva took heart at her cowboy husband’s words. What else was there to do? “Landing?” she asked, “I didn’t even feel the flight.” His eyes lit up. The hint of whiskey-colored ornery she saw lightened her heart. “Nope. That’s the technology. Come on, darlin’.” He rose before her, offering his arms. The chair released her body as she stood. Sylva almost fell into his embrace because she hadn’t unexpected it. “Whoa there, little filly,” he teased. Gathering her close, he held her until the door panels slid open. White illumination flooded the interior as he guided her toward a ramp.

Zeke noted the bewildered expression on his Sylva’s face as she gazed around. “It’s like a little city... in here.” Bending down he pecked her sweet lips. “I’ll be right back, darlin’. Just going to get our cases. Stay here. You’ll be fine.” She gave an uncertain nod, then straightened her shoulders. Zeke strode for the transport. He understood her apprehension. It was better, though, if he gave her a chance to understand she could trust him as her husband. Snatching up their cases, he bounded toward her at the same time one of the managers approached. She shrank back.
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ 475 ~ see the Kougar’s prior bloggies... or the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~ OR! Now available on The Romance Studio Forum, January through December 2009 flashes ~ ~ Click on the FORUMS, then Savanna Kougar ~ the Fantasy Lair ~

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Serena Shay said...

~Whew - looking for a fan!~

Keely is going to be one lucky Ranchers wife!!

I think I'm going to whip out my time slowing power and send a bit of it your way! There are sooooo many Kougar Klassic, WIP I need to read! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena... lol! I need that time-slowing power. I used to have this weird fantasy a long time ago where I would think about stepping outside of time, long enough to write my story, then just step back in at the same point I left...
that would be kinda cool, wouldn't it?

Serena Shay said...

Oh man, that would be very cool!