Friday, April 9, 2010

The Power to do Good

Weekend purrs, fearsome and finicky Big Cats, is Spring treating you right? Sunshine and growing grass and lots of springtime posies? Right now, the Kougaress is seeing a gloriously bright planet in the northwestern sky, not far above the horizon... meows, she can’t tell if it’s Mercury or Venus, since they are supposed to both be there... however, the night sky on the tame prairie it utterly phenomenal in its starry beauty...
The power to do good... long, long ago this Big Cat, along with many in her American generation, went to see the movie phenome at the time, LOVE STORY. Remember the line that became part of our culture... love means never having to say you’re sorry...?
Okay, yowls of confession, the Kougaress bawled her way through that movie. Tears streamed down her cheeks and didn’t stop. She should have brought a box of tissues. Now, honestly, moi is not the weepy type... usually. Though, that vulnerable part of her nature has revealed itself more over the years. Yowls! that’s a whole other discussion.
Back to the topic at paw... in that movie the hero’s father played the heavy. He used his considerable power and wealth to keep his son from marrying the heroine. Or to this big cat’s mind, he used his power for a bad purpose instead of a good purpose. One of the few advantages of living as long as moi has, is the ability to look back, to discover patterns of thought and behavior that are labeled as dysfunctional. Or, in this case, losing the ability to be powerful and act powerfully in certain situations, and in the world at large.
Unfortunately... this is a tie-in... this Big Cat was raised during a time when girls were punished for being powerful in countless ways. By their parents because that’s how they were raised and they simply didn’t know any better. By sheer peer pressure. By the culture for reasons that would take pages to list and explain in a historical or herstorical context. Let’s just say, the dynamics of denying real power to women ruled. And, honestly, they still do. Though, that is another HUGE discussion and explanation.
Over the years... another tie-in... the Kougaress has had issues with being powerful, and with taking her power back... actually, that might be a good thing given the current climate of taking away everyone’s power... why stick out like a sore thumb to the evil powers that be?
Okay, to put this more meow-simplistically... after watching LOVE STORY, this Big Cat girl made a conscious decision *never* to be that powerful, so she could never hurt someone that badly.
Oops. Wrong decision.
Why? Because, then the POWER to do GOOD in the world is drastically reduced, not to mention it lessens the quality of one’s personal life.
Yet, with ALL of her cultural conditioning and with her own caring heart that was the natural outcome, the natural decision... at that time.
In our current world, a deception of massive proportions is being perpetrated against all of us. Women and Men, and whoever and whatever you are as a human being... the Kougaress is all-inclusive.
Every real rise in personal power, every good self-actualizing movement toward human beings becoming truly powerful, of becoming the real powerful creative beings we are... has been co-opted and is being co-opted... why? to keep us believing that we are becoming our most powerful selves, when in actuality we are not. At every turn, at this point in our culture, we are being denied power.
One example... the recent forced-through passage of the wrongly named health care bill. According the polls, above eighty percent of the American people DID NOT want it. They were in total opposition. They made their voices heard, flooding the congressional offices with phone calls, faxs, emails. There was a huge demonstration in Washington DC with folks angrily chanting, kill the bill, kill the bill... Congressman Cleaver intentionally walked through crowd to bait them, then claimed he’d been called the N word. It was a blatant out and out lie, as proven by all the video taken... later members of the police backed up the video, and the claims of the protestors. Yep, the race card was soullessly played.
That is a microcosm of how the world, not just our beloved country, truly works in this day and age.

The upstart to all of this, the Kougaress has made a commitment to her power, the depth beyond any previous commitment.
However her power shows up... however her power is expressed, that remains an open question, one to be constantly discovered, and one that will constantly be brought forth by Spirit.


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Did you know that police officers and law enforcement agencies across the nation are being visited by THOSE who demand they take an oath to serve the current administration instead of keeping their oath to the Constitution? This has been reported by those officers who want the truth to come out.
Be careful out there.

~~~ Do not comply with the corporate Borg. Resistance is victory. ~~~
~~~ Remember, knowledge and truth make us unfit to be slaves. ~~~
~~~ May the FDA burn in the hell it’s made for all of us, immediately!!! ~~~


Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Power to do good smooch from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

No Love Story for this emotional kitten. I cried through, Beaches, Terms of Enderment, Out of Africa, heck, I sobbed through Disney's UP. :(

The nice thing about being able to look back to our past is to find ways to change our futures... It's given me great insight on how I want to raise my own daughter and the things that can not continue. She will have choices, she will be supported and she will know whatever ways it finds her. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yeah, Terms of Endearment... Out of Africa... what a great film except for the ending...

Yes, so it will be, for your darling diva.

It's interesting how I have changed certain dynamics and how others have caught me in their unexpected trap. Still, I keep changing whenever and however I can. It does make a difference in the whole web of life.