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X-Flash of the Nude Dancer at Elazion

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Sunday Flash Fiction at Liquid Silver ~ February 21, 2010 ~ That’s taboo…I like it ~ by Jolie Cain
It’s time for Flash Fiction Sunday again. If you’re new to flashing (wink, wink), the rules are pretty simple. Just write a short (around 100 words) piece that relates to the theme of the day. Our theme today is The Forbidden. The Taboo. The Very, Very Naughty.

Moi’s mewsing ~

Omygawd!!! Hawt, hawt, hawt... Jolie, Gem and Juniper... I swear that rattlesnake shifter WIP I started is looking better all of a sudden.

Okay, I couldn't really come up with a taboo, since it wouldn't matter if it was taboo or not, I'd want my fantasy just as much... so I went with this...

Nude Dancer at Elazion

Drakur unfolded his large frame from his sleek black flyer and strode toward the intimate nightspot, the Elazion. She was supposed to dance tonight, the woman who occupied his thoughts so ferociously he’d turned into a bad-tempered bear. Private Detective to the wealthy and anyone who sought justice, he now spent his precious energy thinking of ways to entice her into his bed, instead of concentrating on his cases, and handling them with his usual competence and ease. Held in the highest esteem, the nude dancers were off limits, untouchable, unless they consented to being taken, or taken care of.

Shandryss watched herself in the crystalline mirror of her vanity. Languorously she swept the comb through her waist-length hair pleased with the sheen and silky heaviness. Physically and mentally, she prepared herself to dance as she most desired her performance. She danced only when inspired, only at her artistic pleasure, as did every nude dancer in the metropolis of Ovocha. Freeing her mind of thought, she gazed at her face. The indigo-tinted lighting luminesced her features, sharpening them, causing her to appear more exotic. She warmed inside to seductive, a woman who wished to please men with her carnal sensuality.

Drakur smoothed his hand downward, adjusting his double-breasted evening jacket. After a glance at the small empty stage, he lowered himself to the chair at his private table, centrally placed, yet not too close. He wanted a certain view of her as she revealed her naked body. He also wanted her know he was available, as his table indicated. Only so many men were allowed inside for each woman’s performance. Having no idea when ‘she’ would dance, he’d arrived early and paid a premium for this spot. She’d danced directly in front of him before, slinking atop his table once.

Shandryss allowed her thoughts to center on the ruggedly handsome Private Detective who’d attended all of her performances for the past half year. Rarely was she tempted by a man or how he could sexually please her in his bed. The art of the dance, the creative act of seduction, itself, is what lived inside her as a fierce and ever-driving passion. Yet, something about his strong presence, his dedicated persistence, the deep admiration and the bold desire glinting in his gaze... certainly, he’d spent a small fortune by now. Though, many men had devoted themselves to watching her dance.

Drakur tasted the drink he’d ordered. The potent anise flavor burned down his throat in the way he favored. For an instant, the smolder diverted his attention away from the pole his cock had become, already making a tent of his loose trousers. Other women had become his past, except for one, who demanded nothing more than a roll and a fuck from him. Lately, he’d cast her aside, having no desire to keep using her as a way to relieve his unrelenting appetite for Shandryss. Even her performance name taunted him, excited him and scorched the length of shaft.

Shandryss rose and propped her bare foot on the satin-covered stool. She caressed the gleaming lotion onto each of her legs, then gradually covered her entire body. Beneath the luminosity of the Elazion’s lights her flesh would glow provocatively with each movement of her unrehearsed dance. The dance would arrive from her innermost self, inspired by the music, by her mood, by the men who watched her. She practiced her art nearly everyday for the sheer love of it, for the euphoria of discovering what her body could do athletically and artistically. To learn how she wished to express herself.

Drakur endured the performances of the three dancers, sexually beautiful presentations of the Goddess. Yet, they weren’t the woman who’d staked a permanent claim on his loins. Yeah, permanent. He didn’t fool himself. Only the fact that he would be banned forever from the Elazion stopped him from possessing Shandryss with his touch. Stopped him from dragging her close and kissing her lush lips until she willingly clung to him, and wanted him enough to let him bed her. Knowing she was about to perform, he gulped down the last swallow of his drink, then surreptitiously observed the other men.

Shandryss glided to the center of the stage, merely a half-circle extension of the Elazion’s slick shimmering floor. Keeping her gaze lowered, she listened to the opening strains of the music she’d chosen. To the languishing soft-sweltering tempo she allowed her white satin robe to fall from her body and pool around her. Utter silence prevailed, except for the sultry rise of the music around her. Shandryss moved, her arms twining above her head. Sensually arranging her body in the demure invitation of a rain goddess, she danced, presenting a series of sinuous poses, then fluidly whirling among the tables.

Drakur sat like a statue, completely transfixed as the robe slipped from Shandryss. Her exquisitely formed body undulated, each curve beckoning him again and again. Enhanced to blue radiance by the lighting, she lissomely spun as if she truly danced on the glistening blue surface of a lake. His perfect goddess, she drowned him with her beauty, tormented his loins with her inspired dance, and made a tidal wave out of his most ruthless passions. Only for her. The gorgeous writhing of her body moved closer to every man until the crescendo of the music. She fled, a chased nymph.

Shandryss breathed rapidly from the exertion of her dance. And, she admitted for the man who had powerfully chased her every move with his gaze. Why not discover if he could please her passionate appetite? With the performances ended for the evening, she swayed toward his table before reason could stop her. The attack of his gaze, the hope blazing in his eyes, had her hips exaggerating their natural swing. Like a feline she launched on top of his table, then leaned forward on her elbows. Watching his hunger devour her, she touched her fingertip to his offered his fingertip.

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Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 420 ~

Sylva wiggled with impatience. “Go on. You’re telling a damn good story, but....” Her cowboy’s eyes twinkled. “Since her niece had arrived to find herself a husband,” he continued, “and had almost gotten herself into a heap o’ trouble with a no-good, Lulabelle’s aunt decided Bill would do. If nothing else, she figured her niece would be kept satisfied by Bill’s husbandly demands.” Sylva raised up, gazing at her own husband. “You mean, Lulabelle had gotten frisky, to say it one way?” Zeke nodded. “Yep, her womanly needs burned like wildfire. After a few weeks of proper courtin’, Bill proposed.”

Zeke surely enjoyed his woman’s avid little face. “Bet ole Bill was rootin’ and tootin’ for his marriage night.” Tangling his finger’s in his wife’s hair, Zeke tenderly gripped. “Rootin’ and tootin’ is a good way to say it. His private parts were certainly up to the job and lettin’ him know daily how much, even though, he was readying the ranch for the arrival of his future wife the best he could, and wearin’ himself out each day. Meanwhile, Lulabelle’s aunt was personally seein’ to the wedding and the celebration they planned to put on for relatives and friends.”
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