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Flash Snippets ~ the Black Wolf and the Hellhound Twins

Synchronicity central, my adored and adorable Big Cats... that’s been the Kougaress’s world these past of couple of days... the current Full Moon is in Virgo... and the Virgo Moon Clan is the name for Duke’s Wolf Shifter clan in the story moi is rewriting and expanding ~ The Black Wolf’s Prophetess... this Full Moon is also traditionally known as the Snow Full Moon of the Hunger Full Moon... for the obvious reasons... it’s winter, and the animals are hungry.
Another absolutely tremendous synchronicity!!!
Robert Ghostwolf, who has since passed away, is a true shaman, in this Big Cat’s humble opinion, and one of those all-too-rare men who lived his truth and spoke it in a way that is easy to understand.
Last night the Kougaress heard an Art Bell: Somewhere in Time radio show via streamlink at
Coast to Coast am. Definitely give it a listen if you can, my Shaman Big Cats.

Robert Ghostwolf

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time journeyed back to May 27, 1998, when Native American expert Robert Ghostwolf joined Art to discuss his meetings with Hopi Indian elders about grim times ahead for planet Earth.

Website(s): ~
And! Monday, March 1st , the Kougar is posting at THE ROMANCE STUDIO blog ~ here’s the beginning ~

Hungry Like the Spring Wolf

March is my month, and my favorite month for many reasons. The best one, I’m a Spring baby and, yes, this is my birthday month.

The Kougar also talks about penning THE BLACK WOLF’S PROPHETESS ...and includes an unedited snippet from one scene ~ *posted here just for the Big Cats*

Behind him, the bullet ripped apart the night air. Duke lunged for the great trunk of the tree, still several feet away. Smelling the rich astringent bark, he dropped on his belly and crawled toward the scent.

Desperate to survive, now blind from exhaustion, he pulled himself along with his front paws. Staying on his belly, he shoved himself forward with the remaining strength of his back legs. His head broke through the underbrush at the forest’s edge. With his body begging him to stop, he pushed with his hind legs until he felt the back side of great tree’s trunk.

Knowing he was still an endangered species, Duke crawled deeper. The hellish agony of his wounds, and the pain from his body’s total depletion, felt like the devil’s pitchfork plunging inside him, over and over again.

Despite the fiery sting of his muscles, he inched along through the thick underbrush. Only when he heard his two pursuers pivot their horses away, did he stop.
Duke panted as quietly as he could, listening to them string raw curses together. The force of their violent emotions whirled around him as savagely as a tornado.

And! Guess what? More wolf howling goodness!!!
Pat Cunningham’s latest release,
A LONDON WEREWOLF IN AMERICA, will be available on March 2nd at BookStrand Publishing.
Tomorrow, the Kougar will feature the cover and the blurbie.


Featured at the Liquid Silver SEx blog ~ the Power of Two by mima

As I’m leading flash fic Sunday today, I’m choosing the theme of DOUBLES in honor of my release March 1st. Twins, pairs, reflections, mittens, anything related to dos, including my favorite Indigo Girls song, Power of Two. Come write your own 100 word moment with me!

From the Kougar’s WIP ~ Kandy Apple for Halloween

“Look at that.” His gaze riveted by her perky peach-shaped ass, covered only by a thin silky black material, Zin watched the witch slide down the mansion’s long curving bannister.
“An arousing sight, indeed, as proven by the extra tight fit of my pants.” Zol particularly appreciated the small witch’s legs as she athletically flung them, maneuvering off the bannister. “Gorgeous gams, slim and curvaceous.” He took a long sip of his extra dry martini to distract his raging ardor.
“She must be who they’re searching for.” Zin followed suit with his martini for the same reason as his twin.


Authoress news and mews ~

Featured at Serena Shay’s MY MIND WANDERS ~

I'm Crying Uncle...

I am soooo ready for Spring.

Blue skies, green grass, blooming flowers and no more snow. A sense that summer is truly on the way and winter is nothing but a long-gone dream.


Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 427 ~

Sylva decided her hand on Zeke’s chest felt entirely at home. “Pulled him?” she demanded. Her cowboy gave a quick grin. “Lulabelle pulled him toward her puckered lips. Bill puckered and they kissed for some time, making all sorts of smooching and smacking sounds. Well, ole Bill surely liked his bride’s rambunctious kisses, but he liked it even better when she told him she was going to go ensconce herself in their honeymoon bed and await his ‘nekkid’ arrival.” Sylva giggled. “Nekkid arrival. I suppose she was hoping for a look at his honeymoon equipment.” Her husband raised his brows.

Zeke slightly shook his head. “Now Lulabelle was anxious to finally know what a man riding between her womanly thighs felt like... darn anxious, her desires running rampant through her. Though, her maidenly modesty still had a good grip on her. She wasn’t looking when Bill ‘arrived’, and she’d pulled up the bedding covers.” His Sylva gazed at him dubiously. “Are you certain? I bet Lulabelle had an idea... watching farm animals breed. Wasn’t that common back then?” Zeke smiled at the turn his woman had taken his ‘extended’ joke. “It’s not common on your Earth?” He watched her shrug.
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ 426 ~ see the Kougar’s prior bloggies... or the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~ OR! Now available on The Romance Studio Forum, January through December 2009 flashes ~ ~ Click on the FORUMS, then Savanna Kougar ~ the Fantasy Lair ~

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Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Flash wild kiss from the Kougar...


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