Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clinging to Love and the Soul...

In these times, most darling Felines, clinging to love and the soul... or claw-holding onto those you love and your ability to give love and receive love... that is the true bedrock, the only bedrock that will serve your life and truly serves us all as the present becomes the future... that, and knowing your own soul, as well as ‘knowing’ the souls of others... there is so much *change* happening, so many lies being told and also being exposed, minute by minute in our world, that the entire foundation of our society, of our world is being challenged and will continue being challenged.
The 2010 Tiger of Truth is on the prowl, ripping away the myths of our lives, of our world.
Yesterday, the Kougaress had one of her deep ‘aha’ realizations... one of those that stabs directly into the soul, yet also arrives from the soul... What has been perceived as ‘overall’ reality for century upon century, most of it is, in actuality, just myth... not the good fun fictional kind of myth... but the kind that has been used to exploit humanity, to control us all into any number of belief systems, which have nothing to do with actual reality.
In truth, there has been a chess-masterful use of divide and conquer. An easy example is race. While prejudice has certainly been a problem for humanity to overcome, actual racism in its current form has been fostered intentionally by those who not only want to profit from war and conflict, but by those who want us to believe ‘race’ is a much larger problem than it actually is... or would have been, had it not been fueled over and over again.
Come on, if there’s a catastrophe, who cares what an individual’s race is... a helping hand is a helping hand... that’s how most of us would be living, by now, relying on and helping each other... just folks caring about folks in a community that looks out for itself. A community of individuals, of cultures, of kindness shown to one another.
That would be our world, if not for the Dark Forces, or think the Empire, as it’s depicted in the STAR WARS movies.
Love ~ all form, expression and manner of love... that is what we need to cling to... that, and our souls.


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Featured at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ What type of vacation or getaway would your favorite shifter like?

R & R for Shifters
by Paris Brandon

The other day my husband asked me what my ideal vacation would be. Since it was one of those what-if questions I really didn't have to think about it.
Intriguing to see moi’s bookies for sale in a so-called foreign country like India. The Kougar has seen two different sellers now. Here’s the latest via Googlie Alert. And, meow, the use of generic covers because obviously the cover art is too hot to handle in East Indian culture.
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Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 419 ~

Sylva could only glow inside happily with how Zeke had handled her emotional wound. At his pause, she impishly asked, “Did Bill already know the other available ladies in town? Is that why the fair Lulabelle caught his eye?” Her cowboy’s eyes glittered mischievously. “Yep, Bill had been thinkin’ on all the ladies he knew, and which one he should consider pursuin’. He’d done a lot of thinkin’ on all their assets, includin’ cooking abilities. Lulabelle’s cookin’ skills didn’t even enter his thoughts, though.” Sylva felt her seductive juices flow. “You weren’t thinking about cooking when you roped me, cowboy.”

Zeke nibbled his woman’s fingertips, first. “Nope. I was thinkin’ about my stud skills with you.” His Sylva undulated closer. “Darn good stud skills,” she breathlessly crooned. “Did Lulabelle’s aunt object to ole Bill?” With his cock wanting to act like a mounting stud, Zeke melted into the sultry turquoise eyes of his woman. “Lulabelle’s aunt had a dang good idea of who might be worthy of her niece, given she often helped her husband out behind the store’s counter. She knew the pickings were scarce for a really good husband, and Bill did meet the qualifications she’d already established...”
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~~~ Do not comply with the corporate Borg. Resistance is victory. ~~~
~~~ Remember, knowledge and truth make us unfit to be slaves. ~~~

Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Soul sweet smooches from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Savanna, I agree, whole-heartedly with your wise words. The soul needs love to flurish, to live and to be whole. To find ones mate, and/or a true friend is a blessing and a strengthening of our souls.

Beautiful blog, my friend. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ ah thank you! *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

Blimey, what a load of amateur crap! Get a life.

Savanna Kougar said...

Gosh... gollee... Mr. Cowardly Anonymous... perhaps your comment would rate a bit more merit if you dared to 'expose' who you are. As it is I will assume you are just one more of the mindless, mind-washe, poor, pathetic idiots out there in myth-landia, who have been so dumbed down by the system you actually believe you have something legitimate and important to impart to the rest of us. Hey, try getting a real soul, then try again.