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The Un-Ape Bigfoot Lives

After midnight mews, bold and beautiful Big Cats... yes, it has turned hard-freeze cold in the tame prairie... however, milder temps are forecast later in the week... other than the cold, it was a nice-looking day... and fortunately, the Kougaress is still on the road to recovery from her latest health scare. ~sighs~

Darling kittens, if you're a happy choco-aholic -- and this Big Cat adores her herbal hot chocolate brews she concocts -- give this article a look. It's more good news for us chocolate lovers.
~ naturalnews.com/038092_hot_chocolate_superfood_health_benefits.html ~

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is hoping, despite all, she can pen her Tuesday flash scene for SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~


Last-Minute Switch
by Pat Cunningham

The blog I was planning to write all weekend didn’t want to get written, so here’s another one. I just finished a book and I’m floundering around trying to pick out the next one. One of the contenders is Rick and Nilambari’s story. This scene takes place shortly after Bari unexpectedly ducks out on her meeting with her promised husband, Ravi.

# # #

Ravi stalked the halls of his father’s mansion in a white-hot fury. Only minutes before he’d stood at the window to watch the delivery of his intended bride. A comely young woman, just out of her teens, older than he normally preferred. Still, he’d been assured she was virgin, and he’d been looking forward to schooling her in how to properly serve her new lord and master.


The Un-Ape Bigfoot Lives... so, here's the Kougaress's position, offered just for the sake of clarity. Over the past five years or so, she's heard so much evidence from so many different experts tracking Mr. & Ms. Big Foot, and their youngsters... plus, all of the people who have seen or interacted with Big Foot... and, not to mention the Native American knowledge that seems to be conveniently ignored by many... however, yes, Big Foot does indeed exist... in fact, there is the proverbial mountain of evidence in this Big Cat's opinion.

In truth, she hoped Big Foot would remain unknown, given the proclivity of some to capture or kill. Although, there are rumor/stories that black ops and the Russians have used Big Foot genetics. Very likely this is true. According to witness testimony, there have been human-big foot matings that produced children, some of whom lived in society.

So... here's some light in the great darkness of deception that's gone on for far too long. Because you can bet your bottom dollar the secret gov people all know about Big Foot and other similar beings.

From COAST TO COAST AM ~ coasttocoastam.com/show/2012/11/25

Bigfoot DNA

In the first hour, former lawman turned investigative journalist, David Paulides, detailed a potential breakthrough in Bigfoot DNA research. He explained that, as a result of a five year study, his colleague has been able to "unlock a method to get to the DNA itself and how to test for it" within possible Bigfoot hair samples. As a result of this development, Paulides said, the findings indicate that Bigfoot is a "very unique homo sapien" species and that part of the DNA is "nowhere in the billions of documented DNA ever seen." He stressed that this testing has eliminated the possibility that Bigfoot are either Neanderthals or large primates and actually reveals that they are "thinking, breathing, intellectual people that are quite different" from humans.

Website(s): nabigfootsearch.com


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:22 am... 3:33 am... 4:44 pm... stock up on comfort foods, it's time...



Cameras Inside Mannequins Spying on Shoppers ~infowars.com~

Paul Joseph Watson - Just when you thought it was impossible for surveillance to get any creepier, a company has announced it has created mannequins with cameras installed inside that can be used to spy on shoppers and record their conversations - and that they've already been rolled out at numerous fashion stores across the world.



Surprise: PA College Slashes Instructors' Hours to Avoid Obamacare

Breitbart - Pennsylvania's Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is slashing the hours of 400 adjunct instructors, support staff, and part-time instructors to dodge paying for Obamacare.

VIDEO: 30 Years of Breast Screening: 1.3 Million Wrongly Treated

Activist Post - The breast cancer industry's holy grail (that mammography is the primary weapon in the war against breast cancer) has been disproved. In fact, mammography appears to have CREATED 1.3 million cases of breast cancer in the U.S. population that were not there. 



HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ California Man Jailed Four Days for Recording Cops: But prosecutors have already dropped the charge against Saulmon as well as a few other minor citations relating to his bicycle such as not have proper reflectors on the pedals.

HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ CALIFORNIA COMMITS SUICIDE: Within a few short years California will be even more of a business wasteland with an even higher unemployment rate. It will become the perfect example of socialist government:

HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ Use of RFID Tracking Technology To Be Mandatory In US Food Stamp Program

Homeland Security Uses Local Police to Set Up Surveillance Buffer Zones

New American - In order to sweeten the pot of federalization, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is giving gifts of expensive gadgets to local police forces. Cops in North Jersey, for example, were showered with gifts from their would-be overseers. As reported by The Record.... The web of surveillance being woven by the Department of Homeland Security among local law enforcement agencies is part of the secretive effort known as the Buffer Zone Protection Program.... Local police who participate in the program will have access to a shockingly broad array of personal information of citizens.

HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ Obama's memo on -insider threats-This Presidential Memorandum, directs agency and department heads to establish a program to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security! NOTE MITIGATE = ASSASSINATE


ARE YOU ON THE KILL LIST? 'NEWS' ~ HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~

Kill List- rule book may be coming soon to the White House Situation Room

Killing by the books: Obama to produce manual to govern drone strikes RT - US President Barack Obama has fast-tracked the creation of a new rulebook on when it is 'legal' to use drones for targeted killings. Obama reportedly feared that drones would be abused in a potential new administration after the November elections. Two anonymous Obama administration officials claimed that explicit rules were being developed to establish clear standards and procedures for when "lethal action is acceptable," the New York Times reported. ~~~

Big Cat Note: wow, and rules were made to be broken... right?



HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ It’s Official! The UN Merging of Human and Veterinary Medicine: Image of a fire breathing snake is the logo with a wobbling earth axis.

Big Cat Note: Legally, this means humankind will be considered to be merely animals, and not in any way Divine. Thus, all *your* inalienable rights will be *nullified*.  Including the right to bear arms and the right to protect yourself against anything the UN decides to do to you.

HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ (IBD) Can House Stop U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gun Grab Threatening 2nd Amendment?:There is considerable cause for alarm regarding the U.N.'s renewed efforts to forge an Arms Trade Treaty that could trample the constitutional rights of Americans and serious...  



HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ JPMorgan Sanctioned for Energy Trade Manipulation

HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ Climate of Fraud, Negligence, Incompetence and JP Morgan

HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ Now Obama Wants Your 401(K)

 YouTube: The International Banking Cartel Exposed

Press TV - A look at the International Banking Cartel led by the Bank for International Settlement (in Basel, Switzerland) known as the bank of central banks (58 central banks) and The US Federal reserve System. Also a look at banking tycoons: from the Rothschild family in Europe to JP Morgan and others in the US. How banks not only control governments but also appoint politicians through huge campaign donations.



HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ Louisiana Sinkhole’s Explosive Potential Massively Understated!

HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ Monster Sinkhole Sparks Catastrophe Worries

Big Cat Note: Likely this 'sinkhole' event is going to get really, really bad at some point.

HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ TerraSAR-X image of the month - the Santorini volcano expands: Tour guides, who often visit the volcano with tourists on a daily basis, told me there was an increase in the quantity of strong smelling gas being released by the summit

HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ UK: We're at Saturation: Just When Britain Can't Take Any More Rain, Here Comes Another Deluge

HEADLINE from ~ stevequayle.com ~ World's rivers running on empty, paper finds

HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ Dunes That Saved NY Island from Sandy Are Now Gone



HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ Massive Number of Coffins Videotaped: What Are They Preparing For?



HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ LIPA Customers Who Spent Weeks Without Power Due to Sandy Get Zapped With Normal Electric Bills

HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ Sandy Victim Promised ‘Immediate Help’ by President Obama Still in the Cold – Obama Promised: "We Are Here for You"




HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ HARRP Status Map – Trouble for Western 1/3 of US



HEADLINE from ~ standeyo.com ~ U.S. Electrical Grid 'Inherently Vulnerable' – Threats Include Blackouts Over Large Regions for Weeks or Months

Big Cat Note: Congress can't be bothered to fund what is called *hardening* the electrical grid against CME [coronal mass ejection] and EMP attacks... and the corp-gov can't be bothered to spend funds on fixing and maintaining the grid, either. Don't believe this Big Cat? Then, check out what Michio Kaku says about his attempt to convince congress. But, hey, obviously, THEY *want* the people to be cold, hungry, and then dead.


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of November ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Happy choco-aholic kisses from the Kougar...

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