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The GOODNESS of Life is So Precious!!!

The Angel Horse, a messenger of love to us ALL.

Late night yowls, howls, and growls, So-Precious Big Cat Beauties... another lovely warm day on the tame prairie... however, of course, the cold is coming... oh, big sighs... and, this Big Cat still has so much to get done to winterize her place... the moon is pure gorgeousness hanging in the inky black heavens tonight... and this afternoon the Kougaress heard a squirrel running on the roof, which hasn't happened for awhile.

Yep, so sad, one more trauma drama day in part... does it ever end? Probably not, especially in these times.


***Warning! Not for prime time: Gosh, darling kittens, the underbelly of the war machine, the corp-gov establishment, is so much... well, the more you learn about the truth of what's happened, and what is still satanically-pedophile going on... it's at least, a thousand times worse than the Kougaress could ever have believed -- not in a million effing years. Nor could she ever, ever have imagined this level of twisted evil. This ongoing nightmare is way beyond what most people would ever even guess at. What brought this on? The Kougaress was listening to Douglas Dietrich on Revolution Radio interview the wife of a man who is doing his best to speak up about the sheer horrors he's been through, and the horrors he's committed against others while under military orders.*** 

Given, there's an equal and opposite force to counter this, it must mean GOOD is triumphant in ways not always known or comprehended. This Big Cat sure hopes so.


Authoress news and mews ~

So, will she or won't she? The Kougar so hopes she gets to write her final chapter of her WIP ~ HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS ~


"Consider your dance card filled, Miss Katz."
By Savanna Kougar

Tuesday gratitude yowls and howls, shapeshifter lovers.

No, this is not a Thanksgiving themed flash scene. No wild turkey shapeshifters outwitting the hunters stalking them. Although, that would have been fun to write.

My Muse was particularly contrary all day, so I ended up continuing the flash scene from last week titled, Songstress at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub.

However, today's flash scene is from the hero's point of view.

"Consider your dance card filled, Miss Katz."

Barely aware of the grandeur surrounding him, Zayne stood on the fringes of the dance floor. He focused on Selene as if he pointed the flaming lightsword of his kind.

Zayne took a swallow of the old-fashioned punch, then cradled the crystal glassware in both hands, listening to her warble a song from that time. The lilac gown gracing her beauty, wasn't true to the period, but close enough.

Not that Zayne gave a real damn. Not at all. However, his expertise was not to be thwarted.

Thirstily, he drank in her intriguing features...


The Kougar finds it so incredibly SAD that so much of our true heritage, our real history/herstory has been HIDDEN from us. Here's one incredible example to check out, and no it's not religious per se.

The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio ...

The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley [Fritz Zimmerman] on *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. Did a race of ... ~ ~


The GOODNESS of Life is So Precious!!! ... the Kougaress experienced one of her deep knowings today... she's always been a fan of GOOD, of GOODNESS itself, to use the popular vernacular... just to live a good life seems like heaven to her, and this is not 'good' used a morality indicator... although her ideal includes the good side of morality, but not as a dogma. More, this is a goodness of heart, of being compassionate. It's about living life as an art, as a series of creative acts. It's about loving the beauty of life, being jazzed about the beauty and fierceness of art. It's zest and passion and living to the fullest. It's about appreciating the good things in life simply because they are good, and enhance our lives. Likely, this Big Cat could keep on waxing prose-poetic about why the GOODNESS of life is so precious. Yet, it's a soul-deep, spirit-fiery feeling. A soaring to the heavens feeling. It's about miracles and love and bringing forth GOOD... bringing forthe a wonderful life with ever-increasing Good.

But, that's not the way it is now. Because the psychopathic anti-humans, the soulless ones, the bankster gangster crowd, are spreading a blinding nightmare of darkness, and are constantly brutalizing you, all of us -- and ALL that is precious and good in our world.

That makes those who are GOOD, and do good acts -- it makes the GOODNESS of life all the more precious. In these times.


From ~

The Stars Play Tug-of-War

This week, the stars are embroiled in a game of tug-of-war that will leave you swirling. Fortunately, though, many of these tugs will pull you toward a positive outcome!

It all kicks into gear on November 21 as the Sun moves out of intense Scorpio and into playful Sagittarius. The spirited sign of the Archer wants to think big and go big, and you'll feel the same way! Whether you decide to return to school or plan your next great adventure, this pairing will certainly keep you on your toes.

Then, as if trying to make up for the Sun's departure, Venus takes its place in passionate Scorpio on November 22. Love will be hot and heavy ... but it could also turn possessive and jealous. Let your seductive powers run free, even as you keep an eye out for ulterior motives.

Also on November 22, Neptune forms a difficult alignment with the Sun and a more pleasant one with Venus. You'll feel low on energy and virtually empty of willpower, but your daydreams will keep you going.

Of course, Mars and Uranus don't have much use for dreamland, so as they square off against each other on November 23, they'll rip through the previous day's Neptunian haze and send you hurtling back to reality. Be on the lookout for surprises, upheavals, and absolutely no compromises!

Finally, Saturn, weary of all this back and forth, steps forward with Mars on November 24 to take control of the cosmic situation. Once this aspect takes shape, it's time to get things done!


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

1:11 am... 2:12 am... 2:22 am... 3:33 am... 4:44 am... 2:22 pm... 4:44 pm... 12:12 am... the Cobalt Blue Light of the star, Sirius... also the white and red rays from Sirius are assisting humanity at this time...



Mermaids & Dolphins ~

Date:     11-19-12
Host:     George Noory
Guests: Doreen Virtue, Whitley Strieber

Metaphysician and spiritual psychologist Doreen Virtue
talked about her study of mermaids and mer-people, as well as dolphins, and their possible connection to the star Sirius. Based on her research of both ancient texts and artifacts, as well as past life regressions she's conducted, she concluded that mer-people absolutely existed and were separate from manatees or dolphins. "These were real beings who used the gills that humans are always born with but that cover over as the embryo grows, and were able to consume the oxygen that was in the water," she said. Concurring with the lore of the Dogon tribe, she suggested that the mermaids-- or beings with fishtails, originated from Sirius, and brought the water with them. Further, according to her regression work, many humans that lived in Atlantis, had the ability to swim underwater like a mer-person.

Virtue said she takes people out on scuba-diving excursions, but instead of scuba gear they wear a tail or a "monofin" that gives them a mermaid-like experience, and "connects them to memories of Atlantis." She believes mer-people were once as common as dolphins, but were hunted to the point where they're now non-physical. "They're still with us but they are above the physical plane," she added. One theory is that dolphins and mer-people once worked together to fish, and like dolphins the mer-people would come up for air, but had gills, and very large lung capacity so they could stay underwater for long periods, she said.

She believes dolphins exceed humans in intelligence, but if we don't make changes they're on their way to extinction. There is much evidence that being around dolphins can be healing, she noted, but activities such as military sonar testing, and ocean dredging, as well as pollution is hurting them, though activists are speaking out. Virtue also talked about angelic communications. At seminars she conducts around the world, participants have been getting messages from their angels telling them to eat organic produce. "The reason is the angels are trying to get us off the toxic GMOs; so these guardians are trying to keep us safe, keep us healthy and not be victims of the depopulation scheme," she explained.

Superstorm Analysis

First hour guest, author Whitley Strieber talked about extreme weather, climate change, and solar flares. He noted how unusual Superstorm Sandy was-- a single coherent weather system that was 1,000 miles wide. What brought about the storm were changes in the Gulf Stream, which is moving further north later in the year, and this "opened a kind of gate to the tropical weather systems that enabled Sandy to track much farther north than it normally would have at this time of year," and then collide with and gain energy from winter storms that were in the area, he explained. Regarding the danger from solar flares, he noted that it isn't so much that the sun has changed, but that our dependency on electricity has increased over the years, and the power grids are vulnerable.

News segment guest: Christian Wilde



    Mermaids 101
    Mary, Queen of Angels
    Angel Therapy Handbook
    The Secret of Orenda
    The Coming Global Superstorm



What The Hell Is China Building Here?; STARGATES BEING BUILT THROUGH OUT CHINA! Google Chinese Pyramids to get feel for the Largest Pyramids in the world.

Big Cat Note: Yeah, only for the breakaway civilization, not for us peasants who foot the bill. Don't think this is only a Chinese thing. There are all sorts of black projects using and/or trying to use stargates.



Big Cat Comment: So, why a sudden ban on graffiti murals commissioned by the owner of buildings/properties in California? Gee, could it be because some of these murals were anti-GMO?



Dollar collapse: 7 of 10 Asian countries turn to yuan - The Peterson Institute for International Economics, or PIIE, said in its latest research that China has moved closer to its long-term goal for the renminbi to become a global reserve currency. Since the global financial crisis, the report said, more and more nations, especially emerging economies, see the yuan as the main reference currency when setting their exchange rate. And now seven out of 10 economies in the region - including South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand - track the renminbi more closely than they do the US dollar.



 Hunters Shoot Drone Out Of Sky: "Octocopter" Was Owned By Animal Rights Group - Nearly 6 months ago, Judge Andrew Napolitano went on record saying that the 1st American to shoot down a drone would be an instant hero. I get the feeling that this was not exactly what he was talking about, but a drone has been shot down nonetheless. Police are investigating an incident at a Berks County hunting club in which someone on the hunting grounds allegedly targeted a mechanical flying object rather than a living and breathing one.

Big Cat Note: the Kougaress is in full support of shooting at mechanical prey as opposed to living prey. You go, hunter guys!

Big Cat Note to Animal Rights Groups: If you really want to help animals GET RID of Monsanto and the factory farms first. The animals of Earth will love you for it.


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of November ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

GOODNESS of Life kisses from the Kougar...

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