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2012 Truth, a year of learning...

Once upon a time, a wonderful lifetime as a mermaid shapeshifter...

Midnightish yowls, howls, and growls, 2012 surviving Big Cat Beauties... cold and basically sunny on the tame prairie... except for the damn effing chemtrails dirtying up the sky... a day of extremes for this Big Cat... bigtime trauma-drama and the beauties of nature... the Kougaress glimpsed a flock of woodpecker cuties this afternoon... and she managed to get more crucial penning done.

A raw, sorta venting confession: Admittedly, this lifetime sure has not been to the Kougaress's liking in a lot of ways, as she's yowled before... but, yeah, sure, it has to be all her fault... oh, wait, the term is 'responsibility'... according to the new age gurus... at this point, this Big Cat ain't buying it. Not anymore. Something's wrong. Very wrong.

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is getting ever so much closer to 'the end' of her WIP ~ HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS ~ Paragraph by paragraph, that is.



A New Path Dawns
by Solara

Jackson looked at the footprints left in the sand hours later.  The golden light of dawn illuminated the path many had trod the night before.  Remo and his wife decided to renew their wedding vows as part of their twenty-fifth anniversary.  Sandy and her hubby followed suite and renewed theirs as well.  As did many of Remoor Beach’s older couples.

As the line formed at the pier with each couple taking their turn walking down the makeshift aisle, Jackson found himself next to Abebi.


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

5:55 pm... 8:44 pm... 11:55... 12:12 am... secession ramps up behind the scenes...


2012 Truth, a year of learning...
the Kougaress realized today... like a smack to the forehead... as she was listening to Douglas Dietrich at Revolution Radio ~ ~ that she's learned more this year, than in all the previous years of her life combined. And this Big Cat has always loved learning.

There was and is an onslaught of truth on all fronts, from history to every paranormal subject -- from the spiritual to what's *really* going on in space that NASA [never a straight answer] denies and ridicules.

The ages-old, ongoing coverup of the real truth... the whole truth and nothing but the truth... is falling apart, slipping away... being intentionally revealed and unintentionally revealed... whistleblowers, thank the DIVINE for them, are coming out of the proverbial woodwork.

The TRUTH is out there. The TRUTH is here, right now, staring us in the face. Look, listen, learn. It will blow your mind!!!



 Why Did the Coverage Stop?

Lew Rockwell | Why did the insistent coverage of Sandy stop so suddenly?

Big Cat Note: Once again, FEMA fails, and the tragedy repeats. Lives are ruined and lost for no good reason whatsoever. Do not ever trust the corp-gov about anything, other than 'they' cannot be trusted, and are parasitic.



10,000 march in Dublin against next Irish budget AP



Living in Amerika: A propaganda video produced by the Kansas City Police Department unwittingly illustrates just how thoroughly militarized domestic law enforcement has become. ~ ~

Tulsa Police Set Up ‘Insurance Checkpoint,’ Issue $250 Tickets & Tow Cars En Masse

Information Liberation
November 22, 2012

Oklahoma motorists are guilty until proven innocent. Police in Tulsa set up a checkpoint to catch motorists who were driving without insurance, or even simply driving without proof of insurance. Those caught driving without insurance had their cars towed, while those without proof of insurance got fined a whopping $250 for not having their papers in order. Unfortunately, scams like these are popping up everywhere these days as police are desperate for cash and local governments are reluctant to raise taxes with the economy in the trash (incidentally, the economy is in the trash because of the very same government). ~ ~

Big Cat Note: Corruption reigns now. GET OUT OF THE MAJOR CITIES. This will only escalate at blast speed. 'They' will find any reason whatsoever to tax you, and fine you for any infraction they can makeup. As well, 'they' will set you up for crimes you DID NOT, COULD NOT have committed. It WILL NOT matter how innocent you are. IT WON'T matter if you can prove it. You are their prey.



 United Airlines Not Liable for Alleged 9/11 Security Lapse: Judge

Reuters | Still no word on why building 7 was pre-wired for demolition.



 Obama [aka Barry Soetoro] to Swear In for Second Term in Secret

Aaron Dykes | Meanwhile, crowds of supporters have been steadily dwindling.

Big Cat Note: With the so-called 'mistake' the first time Barry supposedly took the oath of office, then the subsequent swearing in that took place in the white house with 'God' left out, and no hand on the bible. No, there is no *real* president of the united states of America... but a designated president of what is called the incorporated United States. Further, this Big Cat has not a blessed clue who or what, or how many Barry Soetoro's there are running around. For all she knows there are several clones and/or androids of whatever genetic concoction Barry is???

Banker-Owned Obama [aka Barry Soetoro] Considers Corporate Sponsorship for Second Inauguration

Aaron Dykes | Blatant conflict of interest would at least bring ‘transparency’ to the president who cloaks himself in class warfare rhetoric while serving bankster agenda

Big Cat Sarcastic Note: Gee, what a colossal surprise. Who would ever have thunk it?



 Shipping Containers to Become Condos in Detroit

ABC News | About 25 million of these 20-by-40 feet multicolored boxes move through U.S. container ports a year.

Big Cat Note: Yes, the corp-gov wants good little drone workers. *Not* powerful and creative individuals who are about making the world work for everyone.



 Journalists Educate The TSA at Buffalo Airport

Infowars | During the Thanksgiving week “Opt Out And Film The TSA” campaign, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth and Ashley Jessica went to the Buffalo International airport to help raise awareness about the intrusive and invasive TSA procedures.



Maine farmers get second chance in court against giant Monsanto

Bangor Daily News | Oral arguments in the case brought by the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, which is based in Washington, Maine, against St. Louis-based Monsanto will be heard Jan. 10, 2013.



Food Banks in the U.S. Running Low on Supplies… Ominous Sign for 2013

Zero Hedge | This is a very interesting yet ominous article from Reuters about the current food bank situation in these United States.


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of November ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

'Once Upon a Time' Mermaid kisses from the Kougar...

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