Monday, November 5, 2012

However, the Dragon of Illusion reigns.

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Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #218

THE RISING OF NEW ATLANTIS is here. The time has come for the energies, the power of the pyramid culture, to come forth once again.

This will not be immediate, of course. The rising will be in fits and starts as the human race understands, once again, what the true potential is, and how it can be turned toward the GOOD.

In the meantime, for many, the following week will feel like an evil sorcerer has grabbed hold of the world, and is casting his wicked spell upon one and all.

To others, this week will be one that 'seems' to answer their prayers. They will believe their hopes and dreams are about to be realized, their lives improved.

However, the Dragon of Illusion reigns. Little will be as it seems during the next two weeks.

For, the truth will be obscured by the cold-hearted masters of manipulation. Only LOVE from the heart, given and received, will lift away this veil of darkness, and reveal what has been cruelly hidden from 'we the people'.

On the personal front, this week centers around each individual's personal life.  This is because there are fabulous spiritual vibrations assisting you, and allowing you to see, to know how to climb out of those situations that no longer serve you, or suit you. Take advantage.

This is also a great time to take notice of the sun. Soak in the solar vibes no matter the time of day, sunrise to sundown. Your soul and spirit will be revived and strengthened for the times ahead.

On the paranormal front, the UFO hot spots across the globe heat up. This is because many different races are gathering to watch and also participate in the GREAT AWAKENING, as has been stated t, TNT! Bang. It's dy-no-mite 'truth' time. Every level of society will feel the explosions at this time.

Also, as more of the 'truth' about the soulless ones is revealed, the world explodes in a rage of anger, frustration, and desperation. As always, beware, take care, and PREPARE!

On the war front, it's a mess. There are so many push-pulls between the dark-side factions that the global chessboard has been temporarily turned over. Several critical situations are in disarray. Thus, their 'planned' chaos no longer benefits the new world order crowd.

The WILL of the people for peace is also causing the unexpected to occur on the 'world war' stage. This mass consciousness will spread, and grow into a tsunami.

In opposition, the Controllers now fight back with sinister deeds. For, these evil ones will do anything to turn the tide against the human movement for real peace.

That said, there will likely be several catastrophic 'false flag' events during the next three months, and one 'could' strike at Christmas time. These 'false flags' will be designed to create class warfare and civil wars across the world.

Know too, that biological warfare is happening against all of us, courtesy of the dark-side Controllers. It is advisable to take care of your health as never before. 

On the AWAKENING front, the Dragon of the Universe writhes and weaves through the frequency fields of Earth. Many of us will be feeling this interaction deeply, and the sheer intensity will cause various reactions. Likely you will feel somewhat off kilter yet energized in a new way. 

Awakening message from the Being who is the Sun: Whether 'the people' know it or not, they are the stuff of goddesses and gods. The cosmic energies now inundating Mother Earth are triggering your genetic code, upgrading you so the human race moves toward your real 'heritage' -- as you were once originally created.

As well, there are cosmic waves disrupting all manner of communication at this point in time. Info could change from your mouth to the person's ear. Be patient if there are any breakdowns, and try explaining again. 

On the home front, the border wars, and the drug cartel wars, become even more vicious and out in the open, especially on the southern border. There will be more mass-death events, and an invading force will be stopped.

In the future, the upcoming week will be known as an 'astrological blackhole'  in our history.  

On the food front, the current 'activating' cosmic rays are creating variants of food plants, increasing their potency, and changing them to meet the needs of life on Mother Earth.

The dark-side force is aware of this, and is madly loosing franken-genetic plants to keep everyone's vitality crushed, and their intellect dumbed down. For, the cabal mafia would keep us all enslaved as an inferior race, addicted to their GM/GMO frankenfoods.

However, the Liberators, as they are known, are countering this utter madness. Their success depends on 'the people' rising up and continuing to say NO -- continuing to grow and collect heirloom seeds, and eat organic.

On the land changes front, more superstorms are forming worldwide, and will be lashing the coastlines. With the forthcoming lineup of celestial events, get ready for a rocky, 'rock 'n roll' ride on planet Earth, especially during the next three months.

Also, there will be weather extremes, an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity. And, as mentioned before, large asteroid showers could begin.

On the energy front, some of the advanced tech that has been withheld from humanity since ancient times, will be revealed to THOSE with the eyes to see, and the ears to listen, in the year, 2013.

THOSE already learning, and in the know -- 'those' who are humanitarians at heart -- will be making every effort to share, and to bring about working devices. If you are able, do all you can to assist them, and protect them from the dark powers-that-be.

On the really bad news front, 'cybersecurity' is now code for bringing in a brutal censorship that will negatively affect everyone on the internet. The new world order crowd wants ONLY their messages to reach the people -- to keep us all trapped and mesmerized.

From a prior forecast: "*innocents* and targeted groups of Americans who are innocent, will now be persecuted in the presstitute media on a massive scale. These 'innocents' will be demonized and used as fodder by the corp-gov to bring about a totalitarian regime. THEIR goal is to create chaos, and a civil war of biblical proportions. As always, the strategy is: DIVIDE and CONQUER *the people*."

On the good news front, the Visionaries arrive full force. Those who have incarnated at this time to bring in the harmony and freedom of the Aquarian Age, now speak out loudly -- offering the 'visions' of life we all desire.

This is also a time of GREAT MIRACLES. To many this will not be apparent, given the catastrophic situations unfolding before us, and happening to us.

However, more miracles than ever are gracing humanity, and will only soar in number from this point forward. Take heart, and know you are being embraced by the Divine.

On the freedom front, the rise of the mountain man/woman begins. These are people who know how to survive in wilderness conditions, and have developed the skills necessary to fend for themselves, and help others.

Also, while the demand for 'freedom' firestorms around the world, there are those in the background who are quietly pulling the levers of power -- doing their part to liberate 'the people'.

Trendwise, as has been stated before, drastic changes in society are just around the corner.  From a previous forecast: "what has been thought of as leadership from the top down continues to topple. Everyone will become leaders in their own way, and within their chosen circle of like-minded people. This will be crucial."

Further, at this time, many will now switch their focus to their local communities. For, they realize that is the seat of true power.

Now begins a long process of decentralization as many of 'the people' feel the pull of Mother Earth, and return to the land. The 'old ways' will once again become sacred. However, these traditional ways of connecting with the Earth and living on the land, will be blended with the new tech ways that currently serve humanity.

This week step out of the cultural drama going on around you, and pay attention to beauty, goodness -- and to what you LOVE.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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