Saturday, November 24, 2012

Destroying the Protectors

Age of Consumerism

The Kougaress needed something beautiful to look at...

Late night yowls, howls, and growls, soul-kissed Big Cat Beauties... yep, the cold weather moved onto the tame prairie... again, yuck! ... gosh, 2012 has been a mile-a-minute year of trauma-drama for this Big Cat... she was hoping it was winding down... well, not so much today... the universe doesn't seem to be inclined to give this Big Cat a break, and solutions simply don't exist, no matter how hard she's tried to find them, and put them in practice... at least, so far, no solutions exist, not to the Kougaress's knowledge, anyway. ~HUGE SAD SIGHS~

So, at the moment, it's somewhat peaceful... finally. What the Kougaress wouldn't give, only in a good way, of course -- for solutions that actually work.

Although, vibrationally, this is a time of non-stop chaos, confusion and a rending apart of what is, to bring about what could be. Paradise on Earth.


Authoress news and mews ~

Yes, the Kougar got some more crafting done on the last chapter of her WIP ~ HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS ~ Sometimes, the end is difficult to pen just right for what has taken place previously in the story.


Black Friday Deals...
by Serena Shay

Cami sipped from the cup in one hand, inwardly praising the Java Huts private stash of tea leaves and circled today’s purchase with the other.  She couldn’t believe yesterday was Thanksgiving and today, Black Friday.

“Ahhhh, thank Lupa,” Ziva moaned, gulping down the coffee waiting for her before even getting her ass in the chair.  “Now why the hell do you have me here so early, Cami?”

“Please, I know you’ve been up for at least an hour…it is Black Friday.”


Destroying the Protectors ... the Kougaress had one of those restless, semi-conscious periods of sleep, which she doesn't like... however, one of the things she remembered was thinking about those of us who have strong protector natures... during her lifetime, this Big Cat has been forced to act against her nature as a Protectress, or end up imprisoned... as so many of us have also, unfortunately, experienced.

For example, one reason the Kougaress chose NOT to have children was because she knew that if anyone harmed them, molested them in any way, the perpetrators would likely be dead. End of story. However, in this world, you don't dare protect your children in that way because you'll be the one thrown in prison, and, thus, your precious children WILL NOT be cared for, or raised by you.

In this culture, there is NO trusting the judicial system to 'do the right thing', to bring about any manner of real justice. In fact, there has been a concerted and monumental social-engineering program by the dark-siders, to bring about this sickening domesticity -- where parents are forced to stand down weakly, and watch their children by harmed, molested, and taken from them.

All under the guise that justice will prevail. Yeah, karmically, but usually not in any courtroom, not in these corrupt-beyond-corrupt times. But, yeah, what does karma have to say about fathers and mothers who fail to protect their children when it is within their power to do so?

Nowadays many parents will actually stand down, and let the system brutalize their children in a hundred different, immoral, and disgusting ways. We might as well be back in the days where children were sacrificed. Because, in truth, that is what's happening... only it looks different in these times.

Actually, this Big Cat hadn't meant to go down this particular path. What she meant to point out was THOSE of us who do have protector natures are being forced to go against who we are naturally. Thus, our lives, and the society, is much poorer for it. And the consequences down the line are horrific. After all, daily, children are being molested and injured by the TSA... and who is stopping it?

Because guaranteed! The corp-gov WILL NOT stop these heinous unconscionable crimes against not only children, but humanity. No, this is what *they* want to have happen, by design, to train us all to submit to their so-called authority. Yeah, it's Nazi Germany 2012, and the ovens and the camps are waiting.


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

1:11 am... 2:12 am... 4:44 am... 10:10 pm... 11:22 pm... 11:33 pm... 11:44 pm.. 11:55 pm... 12:12 am... shifting more into the Aquarian Age, time to move toward your soul job, your soul work/career...


Age of Consumerism ~ did you know that Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, was the mastermind behind the current age of insane consumerism? By design he assisted the gov in setting up the social-psychological parameters that would basically enslave people into becoming mindless consumers. After all, it's easier to control people who act out of their baser natures, rather than their higher natures.

This Big Cat has nothing against enjoying the good things in life, and having plenty. She believes in a healthy marketplace, and free commerce -- certainly not happening these days in any way, shape, or form.  She also loves a good deal, and has nothing against the idea of shopping for them.

However, there's a basic nasty insanity around consumerism evident in the behavior of some folks during Black Friday. And, really, driving around for three hours plus just find a parking spot??? To get in a line? Yeah, Mr. Bernays, your plan worked all too well. To the ultimate detriment of American society. Thank you so much. NOT!



Over 3,000 Leaks Found in Study of Boston's Natural Gas Pipelines




HEADLINE from ~ ~ More eruptions tipped as New Zealand volcano disrupts flights Mount Tongariro, in the centre of the North Island, erupted for the second time in four months

HEADLINE from ~ ~ Volcano Waiting to Explode in Philippine City


HEADLINE from ~ ~ Chile Shaken by 5.9 Quake – Stan's Quake Maps Forecast It as Early as Nov. 19

HEADLINE from ~ ~ Small Earthquake Shakes New Jersey

HEADLINE from ~ ~ Japan Should Prepare for Worst-Case Magnitude 10 Earthquake, Researcher


HEADLINE from ~ ~ Louisiana’s Bayou Corne Sinkhole Reaches Historic Proportions

HEADLINE from ~ ~ Increased Seismic Activity Recorded at Giant Louisiana Sinkhole

HEADLINE from ~ ~ Giant Sinkholes in Queens after Hurricane Sandy’ – ‘Alarm Street May Collapse’


HEADLINE from ~ ~ Sunspot AR1618 Could Unleash an X-class Flare


HEADLINE from ~ ~ 90-Year-Old Missing Feared Drowned in River as UK Is Lashed By 100 MPH Gales – More Coming This Weekend

HEADLINE from ~ ~ Woman Dies After Rogue Wave Capsizes Dive Boat



HEADLINE from ~ ~ The worst U.S. drought in more than half a century has weakened the safety net for the 50 million Americans who struggle to get enough to eat, and the nation's food banks are raising the alarm as the holiday season gets into full swing.

HEADLINE from ~ ~ Worst US Drought in Decades Deepens, Covers 60% of CONUS



Brazil raised its gold reserves for a second month in October to the highest level in more than 11 years as emerging nations from Kazakhstan to Russia boosted holdings by more than 40 metric tons.

2012: The Tipping Point - The Results are in - The Bankers Lost: Monetary easing will continue until the very end. Central bankers are trapped. The end game is now underway. BIG CAT NOTE: What this means exactly, she's not certain.

SEC Rocked By Lurid Sex-and-Corruption Lawsuit: Move over, adulterous generals. It might be time to make way for a new sexual rats'nest – at America's top financial police agency, the SEC.



HEADLINE from ~ ~ Saudi Arabia implements electronic tracking system for women



HEADLINE from ~ ~ After nearly 200 years, Mexico may make the name official-MEXICAN UNITED STATES!

HEADLINE from ~ ~ United Nations Wants to Use Drones


HEADLINE from ~ ~ That Other War The bloody conflict you didn't read about this week is in Congo, and it threatens to redraw the map of Africa.

HEADLINE from ~ ~ US: We Initiate Terrorism to Create Terrorists to Overthrow Governments



HEADLINE from ~ ~ Tr-iHealth fires 150 employees for not getting flu shots Company offered the shots for free: Pray for the 150 Employees for taking the Stand they did! BIG CAT NOTE: She's sending good vibes and her undying gratitude.

HEADLINE from ~ ~ EPA Testing Dangerous Pollutants on Human Beings


HEADLINE from ~ ~ Feds Want Obama's Internet Instructions Kept Quiet

HEADLINE from ~ ~ Stop the UN's Takeover of the Internet – What's at Stake, What You Can Do



Farmers Told to Buy Insurance If They Don’t Want to Get Sued By Corporations

Farmers Fight to Save Precious Wheat Crops

Mexico Officials: Allowing GM Corn Will Devastate Crops

GM Corn Variety 'Cannot Be Regarded as Safe': Author of Study Linking Food to Cancer Issues New Attack

GM Woes: No Water, No Birds, No Butterflies, and We’re Coughing at Harvest Time


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of November ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Soul-awakening kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Gads, consumerism is horrible these days...most especially on and around Black Friday. IMO there is absolutely no need for the slavering beasts we create with all of these "deals" People are dying world wide from bombings, wars and starvation and we are killing each other to buy the "best" gifts. :( It's shameful.

I agree, thank you, NOT, Mr. Bernays.

Savanna Kougar said...

I know, it's a shallow way to live that will never offer anything satisfying in the end. And, like you say stampeding like a herd of crazed beasts while others wrongly suffer. It's not the way I choose to live.

Sending good loving vibes your way!