Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paranormal and UFO Rising...

Copper Mountain Rainbow

John Koster shares this photo of a stunning rainbow at Copper Mountain, Colorado, about which he writes, "I looked for the gold but could not find, only to realize that seeing that image was the gold from God!"

Saturday into Sunday yowls, my Hep Cat lovelies... downright chilly last night and mild temps today on the Kougaress's beloved tame prairie... it was a beautiful day, weather-wise, and the early night sky is a gorgeous sight, but different than what this Big Cat remembers just seven years ago... the planet, Venus, is amazingly spectacular in brightness and in her presence.

Note: As was the forecast in the Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ the hero in the Kougar's WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS.

Paranormal and UFO Rising... despite the major offensive against THE PEOPLE for decade after decade by the black ops community to limit, control and coverup all manner of TRUTHS about what has been labeled as 'paranormal and UFO' subjects... despite that, at this time, there is an explosion of revelations taking place. Here's just 'one' example:


Friday April 20, 2012
An Abductee Gets Personal--and Goes Public!

Close encounter witnesses rarely state their names in public, but Suzanne Chancellor not only does that, she's got a blog and a radio show, and a phenomenal story to tell. Listen and be horrified, enthralled and amazed as Whitley Strieber questions her on what happened to her and why she has taken the unprecedented step of going public not only with her information, but with her name. Is it time for others to step forward, perhaps many of us, maybe hundreds or even thousands?

What if we all did it. If enough of us say we're sick of hiding and sick of being laughed at and demand respect and state our names, we might well change the world, or take a very long step toward doing that.

Think about it. It's time.

Listen to Suzanne's show on

Read her sharp, smart blog at

Authoress news and mews ~

Meow-yep, still happening, my kitkat lovelies, the LOVE A TREE Earth Day blog hop ~ April 20-22 ~ is happening at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. Here's the opening paragraph of the Kougar's flash ~

Their howls split the night air. Wyatt Silvertongue and his white wolf shapeshifter pack sang in tune with Mother Earth. They celebrated her time of Spring regrowth, and her time of celestial regeneration.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:12 am... the truth is out there and coming to an outlet near you...

BIG CAT MESSAGE to Blogger/Google... the new format design is just plain ugly... why does everything have to have a huge 'white screen'? Are you trying to ruin our eyes on purpose? Also, why are we inundated with that particular color scheme, endlessly tormented by UN light blue and orange? Aren't there any other colors that could be used -- remember the rainbow -- why not use colors that could actually be easily read, instead of colors that cause eyestrain? Again, are you trying to keep eye doctors in business? Plus, why aren't all the blogs the Kougar participates in showing up? What good does it do this Big Cat author not to have all the blogs listed as they in the old design? Look, if you want to catch this Big Cat even more in your insidious spider-spy web, and those like her, you could at least make it much more attractive and colorful. You could make it look alive, instead of AI-cyber dead. [btw, please take note of the pic above]

~~~The Really Bad News Brain-Drain Media seems to lose. Fast!~~~

One Nation Under Debt With Endless Debt Slavery For All

End of the American Dream | Debt is a “soft” form of slavery.

~ ~

L.A. Times | Legislation to give Homeland Security control of more than 50 national parks and forests within 100 miles of the U.S. borders.
~~~ | Roundup herbicide is now a ubiquitous contaminant in our air, rain, groundwater, and food.

100% Certainty of Total Catastrophic Failure of Entire Power Infrastructure Within 3 Years

Mac Slavo
April 21, 2012 ~

... Now, an alarming new documentary suggests that security problems with the inter-connected and seemingly convenient smart grid may be so serious that they could lead to a catastrophic failure of our nation’s entire power infrastructure.

In an interview for the upcoming documentary titled Take Back Your Power, Cyber defense expert David Chalk warns that our nation is in crisis. Not only are our smart power grids susceptible to hacking, but they may very well already be infected with Trojan viruses and back doors that will ultimately lead to disastrous consequences:

(Video interview follows excerpts)

The front door is open, and there is no lock to be had.

There is not a power meter or device on the grid that is protected from hacking, if not already infected with some sort of Trojan horse than can cause it to be shut down, damaged or completely annihilated.

We can’t take a massive outage all at once.

When we say ‘it goes down,’ we’re talking about generators burning out. We’re talking about coal plants being damaged. We’re talking about destruction of equipment. This isn’t just a matter of electrons going around and shutting off the moving data.

Physical equipment can be damaged… watch some of the videos of cyber attacks on generators and other devices. You’ll see they’re actually damaged. Multi million dollar machines are hacked into.

We look at corporations. We look at the very companies like Symantec that are there to protect us having been hacked, and their code is in the public domain.

Bring forward a technology and I will show you that it’s penetrable. I’ll do it on national TV, I’ll do it anywhere… I can guarantee you 100% that there is nothing out there today – nothing – that can’t be penetrated.

We need safety and security, and today that does not exist in the smart grid.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal awakening in April ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Copper Mountain Rainbow kisses from the Kougar...


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That is such a beautiful photo. Also I'm not digging the new redesign either...

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Hi Savannah, isn't it nature-gorgeous?

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