Sunday, April 22, 2012

Writing is not a privilege... Writing is a God-given RIGHT!!!

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Sunday into Monday mews, my precious and playful Big Cats... a cool and cloudy day on the tame prairie... wow-sighs, kittens, the 2012 traumas just do not stop... yet, the Kougaress pads on doing what she has to do.

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Writing is not a privilege... Writing is a God-given RIGHT!!! So, what did the Kougaress see today on some well-meaning blurb meant to help writers... yeah, you guessed it: 'writing is a privilege'.

In all yowling-honesty, this Big Cat is fed up with this 'total lie' about what 'privilege' actually is, and is not. This false idea about 'oh, it's a privilege' has been burned into the minds of Americans by decades of on-purpose brainwashing.

Fundamentally, you as a human being or a sentient being HAVE THE RIGHT to write anytime, anywhere. Sometimes, you have a duty to write, as the founders of our country had that moral duty.

As well, *you* HAVE THE RIGHT TO PURSUE HAPPINESS. That is NOT a privilege, it's a right!!! A RIGHT! Not as simply stated in the Constitution, either. But because you are a human being it is your natural heritage, your divinely given right.

We have all been brainwashed into believing it's a privilege to drive, as an example. No, WE THE PEOPLE have a RIGHT to travel anywhere at anytime by any mode of transportation we desire. Only bodily harm to another changes this 'right'. Only an actual emergency situation may dictate otherwise temporarily. ONLY THAT!

Travel is an age-old right. Only slaves were required to get papers or be restricted in their travel. Only slaves or lesser citizens were taxed. We have all been trained to acquiesce, to go along to get along. So, now, everything becomes 'an effing privilege'. No, it's not! It's a RIGHT.

In these recent historical times, supposedly rights are granted by some form of government. No, that's the HUGE lie. The lie we've been conned into believing by 'those' who do not have our best interests at heart. 'Those' who despise humanity.

So, yeah, soon, and it's already happening, WE THE PEOPLE will be told it is a 'privilege' to breathe, to eat, to drink water. And only the government can grant you these so-called privileges.

However, the government is not God. It is not the Divine. Nor is it divine. There is no divine right of kings, or of governments -- except by using this falsehood against the people to control them.

In truth, government cannot grant rights that are already natural rights. Government cannot take away by any manner of law, code or decree, or by fraud, your natural rights. However, government can spew endless lies, arm itself to the teeth, and bully people into obedience. Because we let them get away with it.

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Serena Shay said...

Aaaah really? Writing is a breathing a privilege, as well?? Sheesh

~shaking my head and rolling my eyes~

Savanna Kougar said...

Definitely a head shaking and rolling eyes moment. Yeah, they have satellites that will be able to tell if you're breathing too deeply... not kidding. Unfortunately.