Monday, August 15, 2011

Zombies Instead of Tonto... figures...

Pic from ~ ~ FILE - Actors Jay Silverheels, left, as Tonto, and Clayton Moore in the title role of "The Lone Ranger" are shown in a scene from the western television series in 1951. The Walt Disney Co. pulled the plug on the ``The Lone Ranger'' starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the masked man, according to reports Saturday Aug. 13, 2011. (AP Photo, File)

Sunday into Monday purrs, my hellaciously beautiful Big Cats... all quiet on the tame prairie for now, with proper summer weather gracing the land and skies... for now. However, with the strange celestial goings on, the plants are confused and not growing as robustly as last year... or, it could be other weird stuff... who can tell these days? Still, a bit of a respite, and the Kougaress watched a beautiful girl cardinal eat some pokeberries.

Zombies Instead of Tonto... figures... yep, and howdy, it so figures that, as it stands now, ZOMBIES will be released on December 21, 2012, cosmic end of the Mayan calendar, in some movie titled, “World War Z”, instead of “The Lone Ranger”, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto. Yeah, why have GOOD GUYS, who are about doing the right westerny thing, when you can have zombies terrorizing the world. Speaks volumes about the state of the dark force in today’s world, in this Big Cat’s opinion. Don’t believe the Kougaress... here ya go...

From ~

LOS ANGELES ( - One of the biggest films on Walt Disney Studios' slate -- starring perhaps its most important actor -- has come to a screeching halt, TheWrap has confirmed.

Disney has stopped pre-production on "The Lone Ranger," which was -- or is -- to star "Pirates of the Caribbean" topliner Johnny Depp as Tonto...

“The Lone Ranger" had been given a December 21, 2012, release date. But that date has suddenly grown more competitive. This week, Paramount announced that "World War Z," its giant zombie picture starring Brad Pitt, will be released that day.

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YAHOO... the Kougar finalized, then e-sent her August 31 blog at WILD AND WICKED COWBOYS ~ ~

You’re invited to participate in a Back-to-Smut Party

When: September 2-7
Where: Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

It’s been a long summer. The kids are antsy and the fathers crabby. The mothers have intervened, entertained, been sunburned and longed for the crisp smell of fall and new pencils. Well, it’s here! Back to school! Or in this case—Back to Smut.
Calling all erotic romance authors to join in the celebration. We’ll share smoldering
excerpts, ogle hot bodies and dish all things sex—all without the impressionable little twerps we adore.

How to sign up: contact me at em.petrova@ with the subject BTS party and I’ll send your name to Marissa Dobson, owner of Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. She’ll hook you up with a way to post.

What you’ll need: Blog posts, promo, links, dreamy pics, alpha heroes, sexy heroines and all the things you’d keep from your kids’ sight! And don’t forget to bring a prize or two to draw in readers.

Now sign up and put the call out to all your groups and friends on social media.
Hell, you can even call your mother-in-law…

*feel free to copy/paste, forward and whatever else you little darlings do*

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Serena Shay said...

Oooh, Johnny Depp as Tonto...I'd definitely have to check out the Lone Ranger action to see that. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, if they end up making the movie. It's on hold... supposedly.