Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini Monsoon and Huckleberries...

This Big Cat can't help but think of Huckleberry Hound... the good ole days of cartoons...

Sunset tired yawns, my weekender wild Pussycats... recently the sunset colors have been softly pastel, a wash of pink and purple and peach... but now, a luminous resplendent blaze of colors overlooks the tame prairie...

Yep, this Big Cat is hoping for a catnap so she can get some good writing done later.

Mini Monsoon... this weather event on the tame prairie was a first for this Big Cat... at about eight in the morning, she awakened and noticed it was overcast, and thought maybe that meant some much-needed rain... within moments a downpour hit that could only be described as buckets upon buckets of slashing rain... then the winds struck harder, and blew with a tornadic like force that became frightening in its power... fortunately, it probably lasted for only fifteen minutes... but, there had to be nearly four inches of rain given the amount in some containers outside... stray thundershowers had been predicted... however, no thunder was heard, and there was only a few small flashes of lightning.
Yep, anything with not much weight to it was blown, but because the winds were mostly circular, they weren’t carried much distance... the good news is there is very little damage overall... and the ground is soaked, mushy, when it had been cracked, hard and parched... some little bird lost its comfy nest, though, and the towering tree right outside the Kougaress’s fave window lost its new-growth leaves. However, it’s a tough ole tree, and just fine.

The Kougar was doing some authorly research today on ‘wild berries in Montana’ for a certain scene in one of her short stories, and found this cool article.

Eating Wild Montana: High-Country Huckleberry Hunting
Posted August 21st, 2009 by Antonia Malchik

Huckleberries on Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana. Often mistaken for a wild cousin of the insipid blueberry, huckleberries hide high in the Rocky Mountains and bring out devotees with buckets when they ripen every August. Montanans hunt huckleberries like the French hunt truffles, except the berries are much easier to find and we don’t use pigs. Come the first couple weeks of August, when the berries at lowest elevations are already plump and purple, we bump our cars up seldom-used roads to sniff out our favourite varieties: intensely-flavored large, deep blue berries; tiny, purple-black ones that have a hint of raspberry; and the dusky red berries, full of sweetness. Like greedy baby bears, we sit on pine needles, pawing the heavy bushes for berries.

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The Kougar is hopping to and fro on several stories in this Year of the Rabbit. Hopefully something will get finished soon. ~hope-hoppity-hope~



Talbot's Peak Choppers
by Serena Shay

“Hey buddy, you awake over there?”

Vin cracked an eyelid and thanked the fates to see the town of Talbot’s Peak coming up over the rise. The sooner he escaped from this cab of trucking hell the safer the loud mouthed, pig of a trucker would be.

“Yeah, sorry I dozed off on ya there, long night last night…we must be getting close.”

“Sure…check out that rich, snot-nosed, girly car driving fa…” Vin blocked out the rest of the ridiculous tirade spewing from the truckers mouth.


Welcome are cordially invited to our annual 'FUN IN THE SUN' Summer Bash on August 12th, 2011 here in the LRC Loop ~ ~

What does that mean for you, authors, publishers, readers? Lots of excerpts, contests and surprises. :)


I got print books, promo swag, tote bags, t-shirts and more to give away this day. If authors want to donate a prize, they are welcome to email me and we can talk.

So tell your friends, family and all your readers.....I am opening the LRC Cabana/Pool to celebrate summer in a BIG way. :)

Some ground rules for this day includes the following:

*Friday August 12th is for excerpts only. You will be allowed to put "PROMO/EXCERPT" in the subject line. Any heat rating, genres are welcome this day. From sweet/inspirational to so hot, it burns the fingertips.

*Please remember to follow our excerpt posting rules. You WILL be put on moderation and your post deleted if you do not follow the rules with no warning given. Make sure to read them before you post.

*Contests-authors/publishers are welcome to have their own contests this day but it isn't required. I will be having a few contests as well and more the merrier.

*If you have any questions, just please email me off the loop at

Please forward this to those who may enjoy it and hope to see you there.


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:12 pm... 4:44 pm... electric sliding while the world and the temps burn... hmmm, Nero reincarnated? One can only wonder...


North Korea: 30 dead, thousands homeless in flood AP - Fri, 05 Aug 2011 06:58:06 PDT

AP - Heavy rains late last month in North Korea caused flooding that killed about 30 people and left almost 16,000 homeless, state media said Friday.
Flooding still threat for Haiti after Emily wanes AP - Fri, 05 Aug 2011 06:37:09 PDT

AP - Farmers in Haiti's rural center are keeping a worried eye on rivers dangerously swollen by the heavy rains that fell even as Tropical Storm Emily dissipated, swirling over the mountains.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Happy Summer-escapin' in August ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Mini Monsoon kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Ooh, will there be some huckleberry hunts going on in Talbot's Peak?? That could be fun. ~wink~

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, there should be. Come to think about it that would be darn fun and the bear shifters would REALLY enjoy. In this case, I needed thickets to partly hide a Land Rover.